August Speciality: Sharon M. Draper

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted but ya know, life is busy. Definitely trying to get back together so to jump back in, I have a few things planned. I’m going to see Nerve (2016) tomorrow so there will be a movie review, some creative writing posts for the Daily Post word prompts AND August is my favorite author Sharon M. Draper‘s birthday month.


I first read her in middle school, I’m not sure which I read first, I think it was Romiette and Julio and I was in love with her writing ever since. She also inspired me to start writing creatively, to actually do it. Even to this day, I adore her young adult novels. I always recommend her to black teenagers when they come searching for books with protagonists that look like them in the library.
Most of the time they end up loving the books. I haven’t met anyone who has read them and didn’t like them. Maybe not all of them but the ones they’ve read, they’ve liked. My youngest sister wasn’t much of a reader but when I started working at the library I made sure she read. She was twelve, I started her off with Sharon M. Draper’s books and she loved them. Now she checks out at least 6 books at a time. So, once again, Ms. Draper has inspired.
So in honor of her, I’m going to spend this month, reading as many books written by her as I can and review them. There’s not going to be an order or anything unless it’s a series/trilogy or something then those will be read in order.
I look forward to my first “speciality” event. I hope everyone enjoys and stays tuned.

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