Pink Elephants on Parade

Daily Word Post “Tart”
Okay first… who remembers this movie? If you’ve never seen it (what’s wrong with you??) you might have heard of it. It is one of Disney’s classics.
Summary: Ridiculed because of his enormous ears, a young circus elephant is assisted by a mouse to achieve his full potential.
So this isn’t really a review, that will be saved for when I do my Disney Marathon segment, I just wanted to talk about it. I used to watch this film all the time as a kid, it was one of my favorites, apparently I used to cry watching it every time too (according to my mom). I’m not sure what happened to our VHS tape but I feel like it somehow got destroyed… by a person. But ya know, conspiracies and all that.
But I’m watching this movie, and I’m already enthralled once again. The scene with the storks delivering the animal babies to the circus is one of my favorites, I love how each baby reacts to their parent (or not react as the Hippo baby goes right to sleep next to it’s momma lol), or the fact that Mrs. Jumbo is looking expectantly, she is the only animal who seemed to be nervously awake for the arrival of her child. It’s just so cute I can’t stand it.
So finally, on the train the next morning, the one talking stork manages to find Mrs. Jumbo on the train and there is another cute scene of him delivering the baby. There’s a service and everything that she must wait before opening her sack. He sings and Dumbo’s name is actually “Jumbo Jr.”, you’d be surprised how many people did not know that. I was on tumblr while watching the film and someone actually posted they never realized his name was not actually Dumbo but Jumbo Jr. but anyway, haha, all of the other elephants gush over him until he sneezes and his adorably, gigantic ears are shown. I don’t know why everyone found it funny because he’s so cute.
f79da26a-c253-422c-b948-06bc567afeae I mean look at him! He’s precious. So the Golden Girls talk about him, makes fun of his ears and Mrs. Jumbo knocks the leader’s trunk out of the way, that old tart, and they’re all appalled at her audacity, but Mrs. Jumbo closes their little window and rocks her son. I can’t even. He’s so cute. So to just skip through the movie as this is not a review but more of a reaction… Mrs. Jumbo spanks some kids after they tease her son, she attacks the circus people and is ultimately locked up. After Jumbo Jr. (now labeled Dumbo) fails to participate correctly in a circus stunt, he is made a clown, which apparently in the Circus world is the worst thing to become… and I agree. I really dislike clowns. You’re not funny. But my poor baby elephant looks so scared to be involved with the clowns, having to jump off flaming buildings and what not, then after that, his new friend Timothy Mouse cleans the clown off of him and they go see his mother in her cage and when I tell you that I bawl like a baby during this scene. I was trying to stop it, I really was. But as soon as Dumbo goes up to the barred window and sticks his trunk through the bars searching for his momma… it’s a done deal. She turns to see him but the chains won’t go that far so she can only use her trunk. *cries uncontrollably*
So all she can do, is gently caress him and rock him and “Baby Mine” is playing and I’m crying at 1:45 in the morning watching this movie. This scene just tears me apart every time, it’s been some years since I’ve seen the movie in it’s entirety. I did a slight movie marathon back in college and I did watch Dumbo and I cried back then too, it’s been about four years and the reaction is still the same. THIS MOVIE WILL ALWAYS MAKE ME CRY LIKE A BABY… and I don’t necessarily have a problem with it lol. So now onto the main reason why I wanted to write this reaction piece. After another clown session, Dumbo and Tim manage to drink some alcohol, they get drunk and start blowing bubbles.
This part is a Big Lipped Alligator moment. Just like Nostalgia Chick said, “big lipped alligator” moments are moments in film that randomly happen and are never talked about again.
Examples: YouTube these scenes if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
  • The Singing Alligator in All Dogs Go To Heaven
  • The Singing Lizard in Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
  • Singing alley cats in Tom and Jerry: The Movie
  • The Singing babies in Rugrats: The Movie (you know the part I’m talking about lol)
  • The tunnel scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
SO basically now we have this alcohol induced “wtf” scene in the film. I mean I get it lol, but it was so random. Just watch this.
I mean what???? lol, what the heck is this?? Someone actually pitched this scene, someone actually liked and approved it, someone else actually sketched it out, someone colored and animated it!! Then someone actually made a song and people actually sang it!! I mean what??? So either that happened or someone managed to get all of this done and snuck it into the movie and the director saw it and went “meh, we’ll just leave it in there. It makes no sense but it doesn’t matter.”
tumblr_o7f01nj8151spdt2jo5_500What is this thing?? Someone actually drew this! lol so if you watched the video, you’ll see at the end, there is massive chaos, then elephants explode into each other then turn into pink clouds as the scene transitions. lol I can’t even… this whole scene is so random that when I watched it again for the first time in years, I was completely shocked. Of course I have never really forgotten this scene because it’s not one to forget but just the fact that it comes out of left field in the movie, then just goes away. Timothy Mouse never brings it up again, Dumbo never references it… just BOOM PINK ELEPHANTS then nothing. I just watched that scene again on YouTube and still I’m just like… wow.
So if I did not just give you nightmares, just to continue, the movie is almost over now. Dumbo and Tim wake up after hearing some loud crows… which I’m not even going to go into right now.
But I’m sure you know what I mean. I couldn’t help but to think about the crows in The Wiz. Dumbo came first before both the film and the Broadway show, so I can’t help but wonder if the creator of the The Wiz show was inspired by Dumbo’s crows when writing the crows in the show.
So anyway, they figure out that Dumbo used his magnificent ears and Tim decides to encourage Dumbo to use it to his advantage, even by pretending it’s a magic crow feather that gives him the ability to fly. Later, he’s doing the clown thing again, jumps off the fiery building, the feather escapes and Tim pleads with Dumbo to believe in himself and he flies. I’m like WHOO! Look at my baby elephant flying! I loved how he flew over those Golden Girls elephants.
So basically Dumbo becomes famous because he’s a flying elephant, I’m just surprised that his ears can support his body weight… ya know? He catches the train with his mother at the end waiting for him and the movie ends.
I still love this movie, even after years of not seeing it, sure, it’s not one of Disney’s greatest, but it’s one of their most emotional films… personally. The whole connection with Dumbo and his mother is so beautiful. I love Dumbo’s friendship with Tim, I still dislike those Golden Girls elephants… even though I felt slightly bad when they all got hurt but at the same time, karma. The Pink Elephants on Parade sequence will always be a “WTF” moment no matter how many times I see it, it’s brand new every time.
Definitely check out Dumbo if you’ve never seen it, or haven’t seen it in a long time. You might be surprised by your reactions.
In the future, I Do plan on doing a Disney animated marathon so I will actually review this movie when that happens. I want to do it in December but we’ll see how life goes.
It’s just so beautiful. *Cries*


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