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I’m Alyx Reid.
I am 28 years old. I am an Aries. I am number two of six kids and we all have creative abilities. I am one of the writers.
I graduated with my Masters in Library and Information Studies in December 2018! WHOO!
I’ve always been a creative person. I remember getting excited in elementary school when we had to do free writes, specifically the ones that required imagination instead of logic. I specifically remember a writing test asking us to choose a story we love and to bring those characters into our present world. I chose The Wizard of Oz and brought Dorothy Gale into my world. That’s the first written piece I remember.
I graduated from Bennett College (Belles do it well) in 2014 earning a Bachelor of Arts in English (EMU!!). After graduation, I went natural (three years strong) and got a job as a Library Aide in the Public Library system. I have been working there for three years. I have learned much from being there. I also went to pursue a Masters in Creative Writing but I was miserable and after a semester I withdrew. After talking with my mom and the lessons I learned from the library, I decided to pursue a Masters in Library Science. I am excited to continue my time in the library system. I have lots of creative ideas pertaining to that that I can’t wait to get started. I’m sure it’ll be challenge but I know it’s one I can take head on.
I’ve always been able to make up stories, but I first put pen to paper to actually create a story in the 6th grade. My first story Andy and Me was about 24 pages which to a 12-year-old at the time was quite a bit for me to have a beginning, middle, and end. After that, a floodgate opened and I began writing without limitation. To this day, I have eight completed stories: Andy and Me, 1 of a Kind, Start of Something New, One Chance, The Sapphire Link, Leah and Matt: The Freedom Paper, Leah and Matt: The Double Plot, and Switched. Unfortunately, the original Andy and Me was lost years ago which allows me to recreate it from what I remember and being that it was only 24 pages, it’s quite a feat. Seeing as I pushed my writing to the back while in college, I feel this need to get back to it. So, I’ve been revisiting these to comb through and edit, revisiting ones I started but didn’t finish, and contemplating my ideas for short stories and I can’t wait to continue. I just wish there were more of me!
I also love movies. I’m not an expert though my coworkers have teased me about my knowledge of movies, actors etc. and how many movies I have seen (which honestly has not been a lot), I just love to watch them and also know how they work. If there is a movie I must have on DVD or Blu-Ray, it has to have a good amount of Special Features otherwise I’ll pass until I find a version that has those. Movies are also important to me and in a perfect world, I’ll write a movie script lol.
Overall, this bit is about me, enjoy getting a peek into my heart and mind! Enjoy this blog, read it, share it, leave comments, and ask questions. Enjoy!
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