Movie Review: Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019)


Summary: The crypto-zoological agency Monarch faces off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah.


Good Acting. I think everyone in the movie was fine. I didn’t think anyone was bad, they did their job for this kind of movie. Kyle Chandler was a little yelly and annoying but that was his character lol. Vera Farmiga, I always think is good and Millie Bobby Brown was good too, I didn’t think she had a ton to do even though she was always in a scene. Then supporting actors were fine. I mean, you don’t come to this movie for the human aspect, but everyone does what is expected of them.

The Titans/Design. So, the best thing about this movie is the Titans, how they look and their interactions. I mean, Godzilla still looks cool and anytime he comes out of the water or uses his Blue Sonic Breath (not sure of the names) it just looks so cool! I think they might have changed his design a little bit in this one compared to the first one, which is cool. Not only is he cool, but you care and empathize with him. When he’s fighting Ghidorah, you really want him to win lol.

Rodan comes out of the volcano and I’m not sure if this shot was only in the trailer because I don’t remember seeing it in the movie.


But anyway, he looks so cool! It’s like his blood is lava because he always has this red volcanic glow to his body. He also really looks like a dinosaur. Whenever he flapped his wings, there was always a huge gust of wind and whenever he flew, he decimated everything below him with a wave of strong wind. It was amazing. I mean he’s a giant dinosaur bird lol.

Mothra was my favorite because she was beautiful! I don’t even like moths lol. When we first see her, she’s a larva, which is gross and then she cocoons herself in the waterfall and we don’t really see her again until the big climax at the end. But y’all, when she spreads her wings for the first time in that waterfall, literally my favorite shot of the entire movie.


It’s so beautiful. Oh, my goodness. She looks like a giant moth lol, she has longer legs though so she can fight because real moths just cling to things. She also has a stinger I think? lol Anyway, she shows up after Godzilla got hurt during a battle and she’s just pure light and you can’t really see her. Honestly, you don’t get a good look at her until she shows up for the fight at the end. But she comes through in the clutch and she was my favorite. I always thought she and Godzilla were enemies? Tell me in the comments.

King Ghidorah is a hydra with three heads and it’s an apex predator and Godzilla’s nemesis. So, of course humans are stupid and woke the giant three-headed dragon that harnesses lightning and cause category 6 storms just by flying… stupid humans. But he also had a GREAT ENTRANCE!


Each head clearly had its own brain because they did their own things. If one head got hurt, then the others would do something to help or try and make up for what the third head couldn’t do but the center head was clearly the leader. There are some snake qualities in there, there’s a scene where the heads lower and the slither across the ground like a snake and I was like “that’s awesome” lol. This dude is a serious jerk though lol and he just does his own thing but he’s a dictator.

We do see other Titans awake in the movie: Behemoth, Scylla, Methuselah and a MUTO. They all look cool. They do all have their own design and I think the Behemoth looked the coolest being a mixture of a mammoth and a gorilla.

The Action. Great action, when you can see it! I remember there being a lot of complaints about the first movie because they wouldn’t show Godzilla in his entirety for a lot of the movie but I thought that was an interesting choice because it was just adding to the tension of the reveal. Here, he’s front and center quite a lot. Whenever he’s on screen, we see him kicking ass. This battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah was everything and this is another one of my favorite shots.


Godzilla and Ghidorah face off twice and both times it’s a huge thing, the second time even more so and I liked the “new form” that Godzilla took in order to really get at him. The fight between Rodan and Mothra was also handled nicely and anytime any Titan was on screen going toe to toe with something else, it was great. I bet it would have been awesome to see in Dolby.

Musical Score. The musical score was beautiful. Whenever a Titan was being revealed, the music that played over their reveal was amazing. I have to say I loved the “Clair de Lune” and the “Over the Rainbow” they used in the trailers. I thought it really helped amp the scene if it was during a fight, or when it soft and somber because someone was hurt. It works really well.


Boring and/or Random Humans. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS! It’s the same issue I had with Dumbo (2019) that the humans were boring, and their drama was annoying and melodramatic and of course things happen because humans are stupid. You think because you have the ability to awake the Titans you should? You think you can control Gods of Nature? Yeah okay… and then you have Kyle Chandler’s character just angry and pissy at everyone. I get it, you suffered a tragedy, but you don’t have to remind me every five minutes. I remember. Then they would have people in the movie, who they make seem like a big thing but then they’re not. Like actress Zhang Zivi plays Dr. Chen and Dr. Ling but we see Dr. Ling briefly and she never talks and I’m like “what was the point? To show us she had a twin? She was going to show us that later anyway.” It was useless. Even Sally Hawkins’ character was throw away and Sam (Middleditch), take him out and combine his character with someone else… I mean there are a lot of people in this. I really didn’t care about the family issues. I didn’t care why Millie Bobby Brown’s character did what she did on that bridge because I thought it was stupid. Just ugh.

Lame Plot. There is so much going on this movie that I didn’t even care. I just want to see the monsters. The company has to face off against the Titans because you have people in the company who think they know what’s best for the world. They think they can do stuff and then control it… stuff we have seen so many times and then you add in the side plot of the family issues with Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga and Millie Bobby Brown and anytime we had to listen to them whine, I was like “ugh”. If the story was written better than I would be into it. Now, I liked all the stuff that dealt with uncovering the history of the Titans, and I wish the movie focused on that more. That was way more interesting than any of the boring human stuff.

Too Dark. This movie has this weird “blue film” quality to it where it just looks blue and grey and you can’t really see much. I hate when action movies like this, with big creatures and it’s hard to see things a lot of the time. It shouldn’t be that hard. There are some great shots obviously but there are also a ton of dark and grey shots. I want to see!

Overall, I enjoyed this movie because of the Titans. There are a lot of cool shots and the action is fun when you can see it. The designs of the Titans are some of my favorite bits of the movie because they just look so cool. I would watch a video of just the Titans coming out of their resting places and moving across the world lol. The acting in the movie by the actors is also just fine. However, the story was whack, the characters were annoying and it’s too dark to really enjoy the action as much as I would have liked too. The screen can still be dark and smoky but visible. I think it’s a fun movie, nothing too special unless you’re just here for the Titans, which I’m sure most viewers are.

Rating: 2.89 out of 5 stars.

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Movie Review: Monsters and Men (2019)


Summary: The aftermath of a police officer killing of a black man, told through the eyes of the bystander who filmed the act, an African-American police officer and a high-school baseball phenom inspired to take a stand.
This will be a short review.
Cast and Characters. We meet a few characters in this film but we follow three leads so I’m mostly going to talk about them.
  • John David Washington as Dennis Williams. He is a police officer who at the start of the film, gets pulled over by one of his own. It sets the precedent for the film and you can expect for it to be like this for the rest of it and it is. When we get to his section, we see that he cares about his community because he plays basketball with some of the teenage boys but he’s also at odds with his personal beliefs and his duty as a cop. I get it and I liked that we get to see that side because it’s hard to consider the cop, especially a black cop’s role and mindset when it comes to police brutality against people of color, especially black men. It’s clear to see that it affects him in ways, but he can’t help but to think with his cop mind… that probably sounds weird, but you know what I mean. I haven’t seen JD Washington in anything yet (yes, I have not seen BlackKKlansman yet) but I know that I like him. He’s very dynamic to watch and his role in this is very subtle and I honestly wish we got to see more of him.
  • Anthony Ramos as Manny Ortega. I love him. Once I found he was in this, I knew I had to watch it and bump it up on my list. He’s from Hamilton in case you don’t know lol and he’s on Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It and he was in A Star Is Born lol. But Manny is a young man who at the start of his part, is filling out an application for a job. He has a girlfriend… wife? (played by his real life wife Jasmine Cephas-Jones, who was also in Hamilton) and a daughter and he makes choices with the hopes of doing better for his family, but he does still hang out with his friends and do certain things that could get him into trouble, like buying “illegal” cigarettes and playing dice. He ends up filming the murder of Darius Larsen by the cops and he’s now faced with the choice of sharing what he witnessed once the stories circulate that Darius attacked the cop. I found it interesting that he had this choice, especially once he has a one-sided conversation with a pair of cops. This story line is probably the most interesting in the film. I liked seeing Anthony at the forefront in a dramatic role. I think he does very well, it honestly doesn’t even feel like he’s playing a role but more of an extension of himself which I think is impressive most of the time.
  • Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Zyrick. We see him first in Manny’s part, he gets referred to as “Jeter” due to his baseball playing. We see him again with Dennis while they play basketball, but then he gets his own part and this part must have been inspired by the short film “Stop” on the DVD. He’s a teenager who is working to get into college or whatever due to his baseball skills. He’s very good and he and his dad have a plan. He finds himself stopped by a pair of cops and randomly searched one evening and now his days have been messed up and now he’s wondering what he can do to help in the movement and protest. This part is very realistic because I’m sure a lot of young people started to wonder just what they can do to help take a stand against this issue, especially in the last two years with the rise police brutality seemed to take. I get that. This is the first film I’ve seen with him and I think he’s pretty good. His character is also subtle and in ways emotional, so he gets a lot of silent moments.
Powerful Story. I get what they were trying to do in this film. It starts out with Dennis Williams (Washington) driving along, listening to music and then he gets pulled over and pretty much his day is ruined. If you’ve been pulled over by a cop after you were doing your thing, jamming to music or whatever, I’m sure you can relate. But this moment sets the tone for the rest of the film. We then get to Manny (Ramos) and he’s doing his thing and then he witnesses the murder by cops of a friend. We also get a glimpse of Zyric (Harrison Jr.) through him and then we get a bit more of Dennis’s story and then we get Zyric’s story. I get how this was done and ideally, it would have been a strong choice, but I’ll get into this a bit more later. So, we see how each of these men deal with the whole issue of police brutality and how some officers take advantage of their power and how it affects each of their lives. That’s interesting stuff.
Interesting Storytelling. This goes hand in hand with the part before this. I get the idea of what they were doing with exploring three different sides of the same issue that happened with the death of Darius Larson. You get the side of the black policeman, the side of the young man who filmed it and then a young man who was a bit removed from the situation but affected by it afterwards. I totally get the reason and for the most part, it’s a smart choice.
Storytelling Choices. Okay, so I had to mention this here as well because while I get how the broke up the storytelling and exploring each person’s storyline, it feels more like a series of short films more than it feels like a coherent film. This is also evident once you watch the short film “STOP” on the DVD. It’s broken up into three parts and they have their connections, but they also feel disjointed which is the big problem I found. Plus, it leaves a very unsatisfying ending. Perhaps this would have fared better if it was a mini-series because it feels very episodic.
The Ending. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS ENDING! Literally, my friend and I looked at each other like WTF?? I get it! I mean, I really do, it’s not that I don’t get what the movie wanted to do but that doesn’t mean I have to like every choice it makes. I know what the implications of the ending means but it’s so abrupt that I was not expecting it to end, it seemed like there was so much more to be done. I did not like that at all.
Needed 20 More Minutes. This movie needed about 20 extra minutes and it’s only 95 minutes long! I mean what! That’s a mini-series! lol This could be fit into a good 7-episode mini-series on HBO or Netflix or something. I feel like it could have used the extra story to just give us a bit more with each character we’ve followed because once we move on from their part, we hardly ever see them again. Besides, I really think they should have done chapter titles or something to let us know we’re switching gears to a new perspective, similar to what Moonlight did which is a fantastic film.
Overall, Monsters and Men is a good movie with a very powerful story it wants to tackle, and I think it does do a good job in tackling different sides of similar and connected stories. The acting is very good from our three leads and the supporting characters as well. I get what they’re trying to do with how they story, and it works overall but I do think their choice of storytelling also prevents each story from getting the resolution it should get. Not to mention, the most interesting of the three just seems to be forgotten and I’m like “umm, well what happened with that character?” and it just moves on and it’s like… at least throw a line in there or something. I also did not like how abrupt the ending was. But considering how this movie is based on reality it’s worth the watch because it has a lot of strength and power behind it.
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars. 
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