Movie Review: Zombieland 2 Double Tap (2019)


Summary: Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies, fellow survivors, and the growing pains of the snarky makeshift family.
There is a mid-credits scene and an end credits scene.
Cast and Characters.
  • Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee. He is basically the dad in the group lol, he does his own thing. He loves cars, guns, killing zombies and in this movie ELVIS. His relationship with Columbus is the same, they’re a bit antagonistic, mostly Tall to Columbus they trust each other. They are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work well together. He gets a lot of chances in this movie to be funny, to show how awesome he is, and Woody Harrelson is great! He’s so likable even when he’s being rude.
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus. Of course, you can say that Eisenberg always plays himself and maybe he does but it works for him and I like it. It was great seeing him in a movie where he’s just having fun. Columbus is a bit neurotic, but it works for him. He’s stayed alive all this time! In this, they’re all living in the white house and he and Wichita are still together. He has ideas and plans for the future and is a little upset and sarcastic when things don’t go his way, but he has every right to be how he is lol. I totally get him. I love Columbus because he’s just awkward, sweet and weird but just like everyone else, very capable.
  • Abigail Breslin as Little Rock. Wichita’s rebellious younger sister and she’s the reason why the movie happens pretty much. Her and Wichita run off and then she runs off from her sister and is just stupid lol. She’s a young adult and wants everyone to know she’s not a little kid anymore and wants to find people her own age, she feels trapped in the “kid” role and she doesn’t want that. She also is sick of the Zombieland life. Whenever we see her, she’s with Berkeley and she’s enamored because he’s cute and her age and finally! Other people who aren’t zombies! She was a little annoying and kind of stupid, but she pulls through at the end. I think her relationship with Tallahassee is cute and I totally get her reasonings but come on man, you’re in a Zombieland. Can’t be stupid.
  • Emma Stone as Wichita. Emma Stone is always a win. Wichita is the same as she was in the first one, a bit hardened and sarcastic and she still has an issue with commitment or feeling trapped in a role. She knows how to handle herself but is very protective of her younger sister as well. Her and Columbus have a cute relationship and it’s funny because he’s so weird and she’s so cool. They also have great chemistry. I like her interactions with Madison because they are so different, but I think it’s clear Emma Watson just has fun in this role, she gets to be sassy, as per usual, but she’s more of a rude sassy than her quirky sassy lol.
  • Rosario Dawson as Nevada. She joins the movie a little later, but she runs the Hound Dog Elvis motel and she’s awesome. Rosario is always awesome. She is very similar to Tallahassee in her personality but she’s much cooler than him. She’s badass and comes through in the clutch later in the film.
  • Zoey Deutch as Madison. We meet Madison at a mall and Columbus almost shoots her because she just appeared out of nowhere. But she’s a dumb blonde and that’s her joke throughout the movie and I’m perfectly fine with that. It’s hilarious to me. I’ve never seen Deutch play a role like this before and I quite enjoyed it. It worked for her, she’s funny.
Supporting Characters. We have some supporting characters we meet, some last throughout the movie and others are just cameos. Avan Jogia as Berkeley, Luke Wilson as Albuquerque and Thomas Middleditch as Flagstaff. Avan Jogia was basically a hippie type character. He was pretty annoying lol, but it worked for him. He still cute. Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch are basically the same, of Columbus and Tallahassee in how they look and act. It’s supposed to be a funny interaction and I think it was. It worked for me.
For Fans of the First One. I think it’s a given that if you loved the first one then you’ll probably love this one. This one manages to be a continuation of the cult classic Zombieland but also managing to remain fresh and feel like seeing the first one for the first time again. The characters have returned and are as we left them, just older with different people problems, not to mention, new people and zombie problems.
It’s funny. I laughed throughout the movie. Humor is subjective, as I always say whenever I mention the humor in a movie, but I laughed a lot. I also had a nice crowd in my theater so there was a lot of laughter. I think the line delivery really works for a lot of the sarcasm and these actors have a knack for being funny without trying to come off funny. Zoey Deutch’s Madison really was a scene-stealer whenever she was on screen and I really enjoyed her. It was my first time seeing her like that and she got a lot of laughs from me and the audience. Of course, Harrelson, Eisenberg and Stone work well together. Not to mention, the cameo from Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch was great too. Great funny scene. Also, Tallahassee’s entire Black Foot thing, like bruh what? lol
Awesome action sequences. Just like in the first, this one has great action scenes with the zombies. Of course, we get an opening narration with Columbus narrating and we get a nice introduction to our characters and the zombies at the White House. Great scene. Then later, the scene near the RV was awesome. Shows just how badass Wichita and Tallahassee are. The scene in the Hound Dog Hotel was great! And of course, the battle at the end had some high moments too.
High Stakes. I think this movie really showcases some high stakes in that Little Rock runs off with some Hippie and everyone is worried about her, not to mention, the zombies have evolved and are better hunters and harder to kill. Plus, people are turning around them left and right lol, I was stressed out watching this movie because I was worried about how many people were going to make it to the end. I think the movie does a good job in making those stakes feel important and make you think that they’re going to kill people you care about. The entire last act of the film was one big tense but awesome sequence.
A Real Story? Meh. In ways, the first one is kind of like this, but it feels like a series of events more than a singular movie. I know that Zombieland was supposed to be a television series before the movie and after the movie but never seemed to make it there.  I think even here, it seems like it could have been a show with how much it feels like characters go from place to place, meet new people and things happen. I find this to be very noticeable and it breaks up the flow of the film a bit.
Ending Battle. I think overall, it was okay. The entire movie is leading up to this final battle where our main four must show they’re awesome and save a bunch of other people and while the first part of the battle was great, the monster truck stuff was great, it didn’t end with the same tension or awesomeness as the first part.
Overall, I loved the first one, so I had hopes that while this one won’t be as good, I’ll love it too and true words. It’s great! It’s almost just as good as the first one because it has the same energy and feeling as the first one did, we’re just more comfortable in this world since we’ve already been introduced to it. I think it allows for viewers to just dive right back in and you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything. All the characters are still great, the returning ones we know and love, are still hilarious and work so well as a family even with their issues. The actors are having fun and they’re all great. The new characters, no matter how small or large the roles, also are great. There isn’t anyone we meet that I dislike, who are important characters. What we learn about zombie evolution is super cool and the movie is funny and it’s a fun adventure with high stakes. However, there isn’t much of a story, I mean it’s there but it’s not a focal point. Also, the end battle was underwhelming. With everything else we got beforehand, the climax fizzles. But the movie fun and if you like the first one, I’d imagine you’d also like this one.
Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars. Honestly, I would give this a higher score for pure entertainment value, but I think this is fair.
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Movie Review: La La Land (2016)

Summary: A jazz pianist falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.
Cast and Characters. There are many characters we come into contact with in the film but it’s mostly Mia and Sebastian’s story so I’m only going to mention them, at least by name and give my thoughts on them.
  • Emma Stone as Mia. I love Emma Stone and I really loved her character. She works as a barista on a studio lot. She wants to be an actress but has a hard time getting roles and it does start to take an emotional toll on her. She meets Sebastian in a restaurant after hearing him play and is mesmerized. After that, the story continues and they have this great relationship and Mia is supportive of Sebastian. She doesn’t like the music he plays but after spending time with him and his passion, it grows on her and she’s so in tune with Sebastian than she can tell when he’s not doing something he wants to actually do. I loved that about her. That she tried to be supportive in all that he did while also wanting him to stick with his passionate plan.  I also loved that it showed how her failing in auditions affected her emotionally and self consciously. I think Emma Stone was a great casting choice, she is so likable in this role (as she always is really). She played this role with passion, stability and such emotion. When Mia feels down and out, I almost cried a couple of times because Emma is so tremendous. Plus, her scene at the end where she sings her song… oh yeah.
  • Ryan Gosling as Sebastian. He’s almost unlikable but they don’t cross that line with him, it could definitely happen but personally it doesn’t tip over. Sebastian comes off a bit cynical, he loves Jazz music and wants to bring it back, but he’s very much a traditionalist in that genre. Seeing his rude attitude towards people was pretty funny, but you also understand him in a way. He’s so passionate about Jazz that when Mia tells him she doesn’t like it, his reaction to it, it’s so great. His character has an interesting arc as well. I can’t spoil anything though sorry. Ryan Gosling was great in this role, he’s very charismatic that I think if he was played by someone else, it might have been easier to hate him. His pain, his love for Mia, his passion for Jazz, his wariness of certain choices that are presented to him… it’s all so interesting. Gosling also has this thing where he comes off kind of scary or intimidating. He does this thing with his eyes… *chills*
The Music. I need this soundtrack. The moments outside of words actually being sung, it’s so beautiful, dreamy, emotional and sometimes a bit sad. There are two version of “City of Stars”, the first time we hear it, both Ryan and Emma sing it and it’s really cute and the second time… wow. I don’t doubt that someone will be singing the lyrics but the score by Justin Hurwitz (who also did Whiplash) is so amazing! Just to say, I don’t know how much Ryan Gosling played the piano but that piano playing was amazing! Whoever did that! WOW!
Singing/Dancing. This is a musical, however, it’s not completely always singing and dancing. The opening scene is a musical scene, but then there are three or four songs that are actual sung in the film. There are times where a character may kind of sing a word in dialogue but it’s not constant. But when it’s there, they’re moments the characters share together, whether it’s getting ready for a party, or a tender moment at a piano. I knew Emma Stone had some type of voice due to her being in a musical somewhere, or something, but I was pleasantly surprised by her here. She has a song towards the end of the movie, and I don’t know if it was sung live but her acting while singing through that song… wow. I thought it was nice. Not strong but I didn’t think it had to be for her part. Ryan Gosling also has a nice voice, again, not strong but “folky” I guess. He really only sings “City of Stars” and it’s definitely nice.
The dancing is also cute and fun to watch. The first scene has some great dancing. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling do really well, I don’t know if they have any dancing backgrounds but what they do looked nice. We really only see them dance twice, and the first time is probably the real “musical like” dance scene, tap dancing etc. So cute. Good job.
The Cinematography. Oh my goodness, the way this film looks is so beautiful. Linus Sandgren (Joy, American Hustle) did the cinematography and it’s so beautiful. The way it looks is so crisp, the colors aren’t washed out, and it almost has this old feel to it that makes it seem like the movie is set in the 1970s or something but it’s a current film. It has this dreamy look to it.
The Relationship between Sebastian and Mia. THEY HAVE GREAT CHEMISTRY ARGH!!! It starts off interesting because, they first see each other in traffic but obviously you don’t really remember someone from an encounter on the highway unless you are an elephant. But as we see them grow and progress, it’s sweet and they’re so easy to root for and you want them to succeed together, with their dreams, it’s just so great. In terms of their interactions with each other, I thought it was very realistic in terms of how it progressed and their arguments with each other, their love for each other. I think it was nice to see.
The Costumes. Mary Zophres (Interstellar, Fargo) does the costumes and I loved all of Mia’s clothes. Everything she wore was beautiful. Stand outs have to be the black dress she wears at the end and the yellow dress shown on the usual banners for the film. The clothes at times, look old so you can’t necessarily pinpoint the time period but it works because you don’t really need to know the time period. Everything Mia wears is pretty colorful whereas Sebastian kind of sticks to a few colors and he usually wears suit like clothing.
The Opening Scene. Right off the bat, you know what kind of film this is going to be because of that opening scene. It makes you smile, my friend leaned over and said “I want to be in this movie” in which I agreed. It was cute, awesome and it helps set the tone for the film.
The Humor. The movie isn’t like hilarious the entire way through. It’s funny but it’s not funny like it’s trying to be funny, more like there are funny things people say. Emma Stone is naturally funny which helps her character as she more light hearted than Sebastian is, whereas Ryan Gosling is a bit more on the serious side and when his characters does funny things (such as honk the car horn for a long period of time, or jump every time someone “scares” him) and his reactions to things are funny, or the way he talks about things are funny. Together, they are a great couple lol.
Loose Ends. There are a couple of things brought up that are never mentioned again or followed through with. At least not noticeably. Seb’s sister in the beginning mentions two people, 1) some girl she wants Sebastian to meet, who doesn’t like jazz which later hints that it could be Mia she was talking about, but we never really see anything that indicates that. There’s a scene where Mia and Seb are with the sister, there’s no dialogue but Mia and Laura don’t necessarily seem familiar with each other. OR Laura also mentions some guy who did Seb dirty, that indicates another character we meet and outside of a line here or there, it’s never really addressed. Maybe that’s just me but I kind of wish there was confirmation.
The ending. This isn’t a hit against the movie at all, it’s a personal thing. I was so UPSET! But it’s still beautiful and bittersweet.
Overall, I really loved this film. I wanted to see it from the jump but I am so glad I watched it. It’s a movie I think that after many watches, gets better over time as well as holding up. It has this feel to it that makes you think it could be set in earlier times but it also feels current. Mia and Sebastian are well written characters, with great chemistry (especially thanks to the actors). The musical score is glorious and the singing and dancing is incorporated so well that I don’t think it would be annoying, unless you just don’t like singing and dancing in films. Go see this one. It’s worth it.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I actually knocked the score down a bit after thinking of a con that bothered me throughout the film, but upon deliberation, I decided that this film is still ultimately perfect so boom (I mean ya know, way more good than bad lol)! Perfect score lol.
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