Movie Review: The Missing Link (2019)


Summary: Mr. Link recruits explorer Sir Lionel Frost to help find his long-lost relatives in the fabled valley of Shangri-La. Along with adventurer Adelina Fortnight, this trio of explorers travel the world to help their new friend.
Cast and Characters.
  • Zach Galifianakis as Mr. Link. He is the last Bigfoot in his respective area, and he’s reached out to Lionel to help him search for relatives. Mr. Link is very gentle and innocent and of course doesn’t understand certain human-isms even though he is very intelligent due to all the books he’s collected and read. His character is very sweet, and you root for him throughout the film. I mean, he’s harmless, which shows when he ends up having to fight right after his meeting with Lionel and his expression the entire time is like “umm, I’m a lover not a fighter” lol. I think Zach G. is funny most of the time and his unassuming voice fits this character and his comedic timing is good. I laughed quite a bit at him.
  • Hugh Jackman as Sir Lionel Frost. He’s a mixture of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones. He’s a bit self-involved as he searches for myths and monsters to prove his worth to a Monster Hunter Society, or something like that. He’s English so we get some nice British humor in there and he does say some narcissistic things that don’t always come off as obvious narcissism which made me laugh. I think Hugh Jackman was a great choice for this role, I could see him playing this role in live action… it was so weird lol.
  • Zoe Saldana as Adelina Fortnight. She has an old connection with Lionel, which is why he seeks her out, hoping their connection would work in his favor. But she is fierce and free-spirited and goes on the adventure with Mr. Link and Lionel. She often acts as Lionel’s conscience throughout the film. She never backs down from anything which makes her a good partner for Lionel and she really grows to care about Mr. Link that she often must put Lionel in his place. I also love her no-nonsense attitude. Zoe Saldana has great energy for the part, I was a little distracted by the fact that I could see her also playing this part in live-action and not the fact that her character was animated lol.
Supporting Characters. There are a lot of supporting characters we encounter in this little adventure. Honestly, all the voice acting is good. Stephen Fry as Lord Piggot-Dunceby. Timothy Olyphant as Willard Stenk (honestly, he was great, he got a lot of chuckles out of me). Emma Thompson as the Yeti Elder (She has great lines!)
It’s Funny. I laughed quite a bit through this movie. I was a little surprised honestly at how much I cackled. I think all three of our leads get great, humorous lines. I love a lot of Adelina’s lines and Zoe Saldana’s delivery. Jackson and Zach G. were also great. I think Timothy Oliphant’s character though made me laugh a lot because the voice, his look and the things he does, that always got me lol.
The Animation. I love Laika and their animation is always beautiful and unique to me. Each one of their movies: Coraline, ParaNorman, The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings) all have such great animation! It might be a little weird but it’s their style and I love it. That’s why I wanted to see this one because all their movies have been great and I think this one, while not their best, it’s still good and right in their realm. The stop motion puppetry is always handled with such care. First, the way Mr. Link looks, and moves is quite cool, not to mention, their action sequence at the end was animated in a great and fun fashion as well.
Has a Lot of Heart. This is a cute and fun adventure film but there is a lot of heart under all the shenanigans. All our main characters learn something over the course of the film. Some of the lessons learned are lessons that anyone can learn, and I think it’s handled in a simple way where it’s not so easy to learn but where it’s not beat in over the head throughout the film. That can get annoying. But I think it earns it in a sweet way in this film. It’s cute.
Might Be Boring. I don’t think younger kids would be interested in watching this. A lot of the humor might go over their heads. I mean, there’s physical humor so that might be okay, but the lines may not land for them. Plus, there’s a lot of traveling places and talking so I can imagine it not holding everyone’s attention. I do acknowledge that it did lose some of my attention a few times.
Overall, I liked this movie. It’s cute, it’s fun, the characters are funny. The voice acting is good, especially from our lead actors. I really thought that Jackman and Saldana particularly embodied their characters that the entire movie I was like “okay, this isn’t animated, this is real life lol”. Zach G. is also sweet and innocent in this film. The adventure is fun, and I like the lessons learned by each character by the end of the adventure. It has a lot of heart. Not to mention, the animation is so great! Laika has another beautifully animated film on their hands! My only big issue with this movie is that it might not keep your attention all the way through. I feel like kids may not quite enjoy it the way older kids or even adults would. A lot of the jokes might not quite land and while it’s fun it’s like a roller coaster, where it goes up and down with stuff happening and then characters talking. Otherwise, I think it’s a good addition to the Laika films.
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars. I know I only have one con for it but my score is because I liked it but it wasn’t one of the better Laika films so I can’t quite give it a 4.
Have you seen The Missing Link? What did you think about it?
Which Laika film is your favorite? For me, it’s Kubo and the Two Strings.
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Best Movies of 2017


So 2017 has ended… which means it’s time for the “Best of the Year” to be revealed. So many movies, and going back through, I watched a lot but I also feel like I missed a lot. Hopefully, I do better in 2018 with actually watching the movies I actually WANTED TO SEE IN THE FIRST PLACE! But this post will have a few treats for you.
First, I’m going to name a few honorable mentions that I heard were good but I didn’t see. I may see them before the 2018 Oscars, but I haven’t seen them as of this list.
Best Movies I Didn’t See (But wanted to):
War of the Planet of the Apes, Okja, Dunkirk, Lady Macbeth, The Breadwinner, The Shape of Water, Wind River, Your Name., Detroit, Mudbound, Marshall, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, All the Money in the World, I, Tonya, Molly Game’s, Blade Runner: 2049 (this one I won’t watch until I see the first one).
These next few movies were ones that I saw and loved, or really liked but they didn’t quite make the list. This does not mean they’re not as good as the ones actually on my list, it just means that they didn’t make it into the top 10. Click the titles and you can see my reviews for the movie.
Honorable Mentions:
Beauty and the Beast, Wonder, Hidden Figures, Girl’s Trip, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Red Turtle, Baby Driver, The Lego Batman Movie, John Wick: Chapter 2, Colossal.
Now without further ado, these are the movies that are my favorite of the year. This is my personal opinion and I’m sure everyone is not going to agree with me, but that’s okay. These movies were the ones that made a lasting impact on me and that I would consider my favorites and the best of the year. I reviewed all of the movies posted, so click the title and you can check out the reviews!
My Top 12 Best Movies of the Year:
I was gonna do just ten but then I forgot I saw Logan, and then I watched Call Me By Your Name and it was already hard enough to pick my list, so I decided to do 12. It’s my list. lol.
12. Sleight 
Now, I don’t think this movie is like the best thing ever, but I was so shocked while I watched it that I couldn’t stop talking about it after. Movies that I might consider the best, will also be movies that affected me in a way that I can’t stop thinking about it. Jacob Lattimore was fantastic here, and I think he has a bright future ahead of him. The story is one we’ve seen before, but it has combined elements that make it unique. I think it’s a great watch. I really enjoyed it!
11. Wonder Woman
This is a monumental movie for everyone. Seeing a female lead comic book movie, where the character is handled so well that she can stand on her, now that’s something special. Gal Gadot was very good as Diana, she had innocence, but she was strong and it was so cool watching the fight scenes. Chris Pine also stood out as Steve Trevor, he wasn’t just a love interest, he was a strong character who stood on his own as well. This movie is special and it was great watching it. The scene in No Man’s Land and in the little city were probably the best scenes in this film. Fantastic. It was also great seeing so many women kick ass on Themyscira.
10. Spider-Man: Homecoming
I had a lot of expectations to see Tom Holland take on this role in his own movie. In the 20 minutes that he was in Civil War, he was great and I was convinced. Seeing this movie, was like watching the animated cartoon or reading some of the comics. While I like the other two actors who have played this role, I think Holland manages to encapsulate the role with perfect balance of being both Peter and Spider-Man. This movie is also not about his origins, but more along the lines of how he became the hero we recognize. He is also a kid, so there is an innocence about him as well. Michael Keaton is also a great villain, he was an every man but he was scary. I very much enjoyed watching this movie and I can’t wait to see where they continue to go with this young character.
9. Split
I love James McAvoy, he is such a great actor. He plays five different characters that we actually see in this movie. Technically, I would have loved to see him play all of the personalities but I’ll take what I can get. There is a “twist” involved, and without the twist, it’s a fantastic movie, and I know for some, the twist will make or break the movie. The story is also very interesting in how it’s handled. Great movie.
8. The Disaster Artist
A surprising movie that doesn’t make fun of the worst movie in the world, but tells the story behind that movie. It could have easily been a parody of Tommy Wiseau and The Room, but instead it talks about life in Hollywood, and how hard it is to make it out there. It’s funny for everyone, especially those who enjoy the spectacle of the movie it talks about. This is probably James Franco’s best acting, he’s so natural and it’s obvious that he’s having so much fun in this role but he also keeps it from bordering on the “ridiculous” but instead the human.
7. Thor: Ragnarok
The best of the Thor franchise. It took a chance to not only have a serious nature, but to balance the comedic side of the Thor character. It allowed Chris Hemsworth to show that not only is he an actor star as this character, but that he is funny. We were introduced to Valkyrie who was great, Loki and Bruce Banner return as good and interesting characters. This is the first time we truly see Hulk living in the spotlight, even talking and having conversations. It’s big, it’s colorful and bold. This movie is a lot of fun and the music… oh man. Definitely the best of the Thor trilogy.
6. Logan
I almost forgot about this, but this is the Wolverine movie we all wanted. It was great to see Hugh Jackman’s swan song in this role. It was Rated R, brutal, beautiful and emotional. I cried watching this movie. Not only was Hugh Jackman the best he’s been in this role, but Patrick Stewart, who also has been Professor Xavier for the same amount of time, was also the best he’s been in his role. Dafne Keene, was X-23 was a standout and I hope she goes on to do great things. It was sad to see him go but Logan is a movie that is the bow to a great character.
5. Call Me By Your Name
I just watched this movie and my entire list imploded. This movie IS SO GOOD. Armie Hammer is definitely a standout in it, but Timothee Chalamet was also very good. The relationship that blossoms in this film, happens very organically, and it does touch on how it is to experience love for the first time. It was very realistic. I was glued to the screen. So good.
4. Get Out
A very surprising movie, taking a very interesting look at how black people are viewed. It does have a lot of interesting things to say, especially in the first two thirds of the film, and while I had my problems with the third act, I think this movie had some great acting, great direction by first time director Jordan Peele. and the imagery says a lot. This is definitely an experience that should be enjoyed by movie goers.
3. IT
I do not generally like scary movies, but this movie is fantastic and I had a great time watching it. The acting from the young actors is so good, that I cannot wait to see what else they do, the story is great and while it was scary to me, I enjoyed how the fears played into the character growth of the young people. I can’t wait for Chapter 2.
2. Coco
Pixar has done it again. A movie that celebrates a culture and family. Coco is an emotional roller coaster of a movie in which things are discovered, earned and lost. I cried watching this movie, the music is mostly memorable but the singing is all great.
1. Lady Bird
This movie felt like I was watching someone’s life. It felt so real and like a documentary that it can relate to anyone’s relationship with their mother. Now, I’m sure that everyone doesn’t have an exact copy of this relationship between mother and daughter, but there are parts that relate. An extraordinary movie, with fantastic acting.
I hope you enjoyed this list. Please let me know what you thought were some of the best movies of the year were down below!
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Movie Review: The Greatest Showman (2017)


Summary: Inspired by the imagination of P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.
Cast and Characters. So this movie has a lot of characters being that it’s a musical and each act is large in some ways. I’m only going over a few of them.
  • Hugh Jackman as P. T. Barnum. He is an imaginative person, ever since he was a kid, he’s had grand ideas. He is ambitious and an entrepreneur. He wants to make life better for his family and he sets his sights on impressing the world with his collection of oddities, but when that doesn’t work, he remembers the person who helped him as a child and decides to seek out people who are different and who society may have shunned. Barnum is a likable guy, he’s a bit of a con man but with a “heart of gold” however, he gets a bit too big for his britches and has a lot of learning to do. While this is a real person, the movie doesn’t really go into that, at least some of the more accurate details about this man, and I get while that might be an issue for some people but for what the movie is, it doesn’t bother me. I think Hugh Jackman is great, he is such a likable man who even if he was playing the darker aspects of Barnum’s character, I would probably still like him. Ugh. lol, he is having so much fun in this movie and I read this was something he’s been wanting to do for a long time and it shows that he loves what he’s doing.
  • Zac Efron as Phillip Carlyle. He is a young playwright and a socialite that Barnum recruits to become a partner. Phillip seems to be bored with his life, even though he reaps the benefits of it because of the money, so Barnum wants him to work with him so he can gain happiness. Phillip is against at first because not everyone is down for Barnum’s business. But he gives in lol. I like Zac Efron, I’ve never been a huge fan or anything, but he’s definitely likable, very earnest and I like watching him fall in love with Zendaya, it was really cute. Plus, he can sing and dance. I love the ending and his reaction to Hugh Jackman’s choice.
  • Michelle Williams as Charity Barnum. P.T.’s childhood love and his biggest fan. She loves him, encourages him and supports him. She is such a loyal wife, and she goes along for the ride each time. Michelle Williams is great, she had great chemistry with Hugh Jackman and she’s sweet. She’s likable too.
  • Zendaya as Anne Wheeler. She is an acrobat and trapeze artist. Anne is a bit quiet, she and her older brother W.D. work together and they both are worried about being in the show considering they are black but they’re both very good at what they do. She is featured more than her brother in that she has a subplot with Zac Efron. I think one of the main things about her is that she understands the time period and while there may be things she wants, she know she probably won’t be able to get them due to her skin color. It was a nice addition to her story that I will mention again later on. I read that Zendaya did all of her own stunt work, which is great and really cool! Zendaya is great, she’s awesome lol. She looks great in the movie, her character doesn’t get much to do at times other than looking subdued a lot of the time, but when she’s performing, that’s when she comes alive which is easy to tell she’s having fun. She also has a nice singing voice.
  • Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz. She is a bearded lady with a strong personality and an even stronger voice. Barnum hears about her and goes to meet her, but he hears her singing which draws him even closer to her. Lettie is of course withdrawn due to her beard, and she has a hard time at times, getting used to people seeing her full on, but she gains strength, and Lettie becomes like the strength and voice of the group of performers. I would say this is probably Keala Settle’s big movie, she was in two other things, but this is probably the one that has her in the front. She has a beautiful voice, she leads “This Is Me” and I think she was great in this role. The vulnerability she was able to have coupled with the resolve and courage, I thought was great. I’m glad she was a leading supporting character.
  • Other Characters. Sam Humphrey as Charles Stratton, who is a dwarf performer, he becomes known as General Tom Thumb. He’s funny, and I think his scene with Barnum at the beginning is a great heartfelt scene. Rebecca Ferguson as Jenny Lind, she is a famous Swedish singer, known as the Swedish Nightingale and Barnum meets her and wants to have her perform to give his show a bit of reality, since it’s been criticized as a fraud. Her performance was beautiful. I had chills. Rebecca Ferguson is a great actress and the emotional moments she is great in, plus I wondered if she actually sang. That’s impressive.
The Soundtrack. The music is by Pasek and Paul, a nice little duo. I love musicals and what makes or breaks them is the music in the film. How does it enhance the story, the characters? How do the actors sound while singing them? Do they flow or do they come out of nowhere. I think the music fits well into this film. It’s very catchy, I walked away humming “This Is Me”. I think all of the singing is good, I think in some songs its better than others but I liked all of the music. I think one of the standouts is “Never Enough” which is sung by Loren Allred (Rebecca Ferguson’s character) because her voice gave me chills. I also liked Keala Settle’s voice quite a bit too. The soundtrack is worth having or listening to.
Cinematography. Seamus McGarvey is the cinematographer and I think between his eye and the director Michael Gracey, the film looks really nice. Especially during the beginning when Ziv Zaifman is singing his song (well providing the singing voice for the young actor), and it turns into Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams, the film takes on this whimsical look, very imaginative and dreamy to reflect what is being sung about. As certain things happen, the atmosphere reflects that. Plus during all of the musical numbers, I think it’s very easy to see what’s going on, which characters are dancing, or are singing at the moment, the camera definitely follows the action clearly. Even when Zendaya’s character is flying through the air, you actually see her doing so.
The Spectacle. I think there is a lot that goes into this, and it’s a good thing. Sometimes “spectacle” can have negative connotations but here I mean it in a good way. The movie is larger than the life. It’s a musical. The musical numbers are grand and eye-catching, they make you feel good watching them. The opening scene starts the movie off with a bang, coupled with the song, and the effects… it’s so cool. Ellen Mirojnick does the costumes they’re all very nice, I love particularly the costumes of the performers in the circus (Anne’s acrobat costume and the bearded lady’s purple dress), I loved how Michelle Williams’ flowy dresses looked when she danced, especially in the beginning and Jenny Lind’s clothes were also fantastically beautiful. If this movie can do anything, it’s give you a show and it’s so much fun!
The Story Is Unfocused. Unfortunately, I think this movie suffers from not knowing exactly what story it wants to tell. It has a lot going on. There is a young P.T. Barnum who has a huge imagination and wants to do more with his life, even though he’s poor (Rags to riches obviously), then there’s the whole thing with Charity in which her parents don’t think he’s good enough for her. There is the whole losing his job and finding out what to do and how to give his family “everything”, then when it actually comes to having his museum (it doesn’t become a circus till later), he has to recruit unique people and then that whole “be who you are, let your freak flag fly” thing, and then the Barnum gets recognized after a very successful performance that he gets an ego and… I could go on. I mean, all of these things could work well together but the movie, doesn’t know how to juggle it all. Plus, there is the side plot with Zendaya and Zac Efron and the interracial romance thing, Efron has a reason to be in the film but outside of her interactions with him, she didn’t have to be in it, at least not for romantic reasons. I just don’t think it balances it all well.
Shallow. The movie wants to talk about embracing your imagination and being okay with who you are, but it never really addresses that seriously. The only time I can say it really addresses the “be who you are” is when Barnum first meets Charles Stratton and the little speech he gives him and then the “This is Me” moment. Otherwise, the movie gets lost in the spectacle more than it does the story unfortunately. It feels shallow where it tries to feel deep. I also feel like certain moments that happened aren’t earned so they feel lackluster, even though while watching the movie, it’s cute but it doesn’t leave a lasting mark or even a thought afterwards because it doesn’t feel serious in the film. I also think the characters, while interesting, aren’t all developed enough that make them feel like characters outside of being in Barnum’s world.
The Romance. So, it’s no secret that Zac Efron and Zendaya’s characters have a connection in the film. The trailers show that, and it’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but it’s completely random. Sure, he sees her while she’s performing and they have a little connection (they show the slow motion shot in the trailer) but it seems like he is way more smitten than she is. I get it. The time period, she’s black, he’s white and obviously there would be problems with that, and it does fit into that whole “be who you are” in that he shouldn’t be afraid to be seen with her but it’s kind of weird still because he gets that luxury where she wouldn’t and she talks about that, they have a song (cute song) but it’s so random to me. They hardly ever talked before. Again, it was cute and I didn’t mind it (I thought they had chemistry) but it was left field and not explored well enough to be a subplot.
Overall, I liked The Greatest Showman. It is definitely that feel good movie of the Christmas and holiday season. If you want to have a movie with good music, larger than life musical numbers, beautiful costumes and a good time, you’ll find it in this movie. I think it’s well acted, and the characters are interesting people. The music is fantastic and I think the soundtrack is worth having or just listening to. While the movie is a good time, I do think some of the more important things are lacking in the film, like the story. It’s not a bad story, but I don’t think it’s considered as important as the music or musical numbers were. I don’t have a problem with the inaccurate storytelling, though I know for some people that will be a huge problem, but I do think it’s unfocused. It also feels shallow, it talks about certain important social issues, but it doesn’t really go into it, nor does it feel like they care that much. I also think the romance side plot between Anne and Phillip doesn’t quite feel earned, nor as important to the story as it tries to be. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this movie!
Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars.
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