TV Review: Shadowhunters (2016)


So, I watched this show when it first came out. Well, I watched like maybe the first two episodes lol but I watched it because of the movie. I thought the movie sucked donkey balls and I only watched the movie because of Aidan Turner (I love him lol) but I thought maybe the show would be better. It was, at least better than the movie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect but it’s a lot of fun and I think everyone is likable. So, why did I start watching it officially now? Well, I always told myself that someday I would go back and binge it since it’s kind of up my alley but it’s because of The New Legends of Monkey show that I decided to watch it. So I have this thing where if I liked an actor or actress, I’ll look to see what else they were in and generally watch their entire filmography if I can. So I liked Chai Hansen enough in The New Legends of Monkey that I wanted to watch other things he’s in which includes Shadowhunters. He’s in season three, so I was like *sighs* I wonder if I’ll be able to keep with the show just for him in season three and well… here we are lol.
Disclaimer: I have not read the books so this based solely on the TV show. This is a review of the show and not the books or the movie (I might review that snoozefest another time).
I’m also going to try to not spoil things but some things I can’t talk about without spoiling so I’ll let you know if there’s a spoiler in that section.
Summary: After her mother disappears, Clary must venture into the dark world of demon hunting, and embrace her new role among the Shadowhunters.
Cast and Characters. So we have a lot of characters in this show. I’m going to highlight the main cast and a few of the recurring characters, the ones that made the most impact on me and the show.
Katherine McNamara as Clarissa “Clary Fray” Fairchild
Backstory: So in the beginning Clary Fray has been accepted in the Brooklyn Academy of Arts and her life is going swell. While with her friends Simon and Maureen she gets bumped into by a mysterious blonde boy, who seems surprised that she can see him. She of course wants to prove to Simon and Maureen that there was indeed a boy there, so she goes into the club to find him thus beginning our adventure as she witnesses a fight between a group of young adults and some creatures. The three people tell her who they are, they are “Shadowhunters”, humans born with angelic blood who protects humans (mundanes) from demons. Later that night, Clary’s mother, Jocelyn, is abducted by a group of rogue Shadowhunters called the Circle. Their leader is Jocelyn’s ex-husband, Valentine Morgenstern. With her mother missing, Clary turns to Luke, a person she trusted, only to seemingly be betrayed. Clary joins up with a band of Shadowhunters to save her mother and discovers powers she never knew she possessed.
Character: So Clary is pretty much the typical “YA” female lead, the girl who doesn’t know about the supernatural but gets thrust in that world. The thing I do like about her though is that while she is learning about all of this, she still tries to be an active participant by actually doing things. She can be a bit narrow-minded in that she really wants to save her mother, so she does whatever she can to do it. Everyone else helps her and I think she just a bit, selfishly expects everyone to just help her. With that said, Clary also does what she can to help others as well, she doesn’t necessarily always make the smart decisions but she’ll try to do what she thinks is right. She is very headstrong and determined. I love the fact that we see she’s not a natural at being a Shadowhunter, she has to actually work at it, even with some of her other natural talents. As the series progresses, we see her evolve a bit, she matures and I think she becomes a stronger, less annoying character after the first season.
Acting: I think Katherine McNamara does well in the role. She does have some really annoying tics that she does and sometimes her emotional begging/pleading feels over the top but it works in the long run for the character. She has great chemistry with her cast mates, and I think as the series progressed, she got more into her character and she felt more like a human than a young adult “heroine”. She does really well in the season 3 mid-season finale and I think the moments where she gets that determined smirky look on her face is probably my favorite because it’s funny you know she’s about to do something interesting either way. Oh, and I’m glad they seemed to slightly darken her hair. I know McNamara is a natural redhead and from the research I did, Clary’s hair is kind of “carotty” but that’s not really appealing on-screen, personally. It was really kind of jarring in the first season, so while I like that her hair isn’t the typical red, I like the fact that they made it look more natural.

Dominic Sherwood as Jace Wayland


Spoilers ahead.
Backstory: Jace Wayland is a Shadowhunter living at the New York Institute with his adopted family. Jace’s legal name changes throughout the series, the poor kid has a hard time trying to even figure out who he is due to the fact he learns about his ancestry constantly and most times it’s lies. Jace has a lot of history that is learned, and a lot of things happen and I don’t want to spoil everything but I will have to spoil some things. So, one of the biggest things is that Jace spent his preteen and teenage years with the Lightwoods after his father, Michael Wayland died. So he became really close with Alec and Izzy, he even becomes Alec’s parabatai (it’s like this kind of intimate brotherly bond that allows their souls to be linked). Valentine tells Jace, that Jace is his son, which crushes him (since Valentine is also Clary’s father) but we end up learning a lot of other things as well.
Character: Jace is obviously the male lead of the show, since he and Clary kind of have a “meet-cute”, and he is immediately drawn to her, just as she is to him. He apparently is the best Shadowhunter, or at least the one with the best record. He is a little impulsive, and selfish in ways, but he really tries to help people. A lot of times, he does things for Clary, it’s what she wants, and he loves her, so obviously he’ll do it for her. He marches to the beat of his own drum, not always following the rules and he loves doing what he does. Being that he is a Shadowhunter, he doesn’t really understand human things, so whenever Simon or Clary make a pop culture reference or some kind of “mundane” thing, he doesn’t understand or he makes fun of it. Now, I do think Jace can be kind of mean and intimidating. It doesn’t work on everyone but he does come off that way and I believe there is something scary about him. I think he’s a very interesting and layered character, a lot has happened to him in this show, especially the first half of season 3, I hope nothing gets pushed to the side but is talked about and conquered.
Acting: I definitely thought that Jamie Campbell Bower in the film was a good Jace, very different, but a good one. However, I think Dominic Sherwood really shines as this character and I think he’s a standout in the show. Jace goes through an emotional roller coaster on this show, I mean this dude goes through a lot of things emotionally and I think Dominic does a great job. I very much enjoy him. I think Jace would easily be just a plain jerk, because he has his moments but I like the fact that Dominic plays him very subdued, you can see the makings of an unlikable character but Dominic prevents that even while still showing that Jace isn’t this perfect person. When he’s being sassy and snarky, I love it because he just smirks (and I love his lips) or he does a big smile like it’s nothing. I really do enjoy watching him. I also think Season 3 is some of his best acting so far, there is this scene with him, Alec and Izzy in a mental realm and it’s so heartbreaking and he does such a good job that I really felt for him.

Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis


Spoilers Ahead.
Backstory: Simon and Clary have been friends since they were young, they are best friends and pretty much inseparable. Simon has an obvious crush on Clary but he never actually got around to telling her. Simon has a love and passion for music but he feels pressure to become a CPA because that’s what his mom wants, since he’s her only son. When Clary disappeared on her 18th birthday, he is frantic with worry and manages to find her using a phone app and thus begins his introduction to the Shadow World. At first, he keeps being distracted by Isabelle, in order for Clary and Jace to try to discover some secrets, but he ends up being kidnapped by Raphael (a vampire) who would exchange him for the Mortal Cup. While captive, the leader of the Vampires Camille put Simon under her encanto charm to get him to tell her where the cup was, while doing this, she fed on him and offered him blood to drink until the others rescued him. So, long story short, he got all angsty and emotional (more than usual) and he eventually went back to Camille who killed him. Raphael gave him to Clary and the others, and ultimately Clary decided to bring him back as a vampire. He pretty much is around after that, living as a vampire. He and Clary get to have their chance, then he meets Maia who obviously likes him. He also is now a Daylighter because when he was kidnapped by Valentine, he slit his throat to make Clary come faster, so a disguised Jace, allowed Simon to feed on him in order to heal and I’m sure the angel blood, which they kind of talk about, allows Simon to be a Daylighter. Anyways, the Seelie Queen has a weird obsession with him and brands him with a mark, that pretty much harms anyone who tries to attack him.
Character: I like Simon for the most part, he’s sweet, kind and loyal to a fault but there are also times when he can be annoying. He is a nerd, he loves music, movies, very much into pop culture, or “vintage movies”. He’s someone who I would probably hang out with considering his positive energy but it would have to be in doses because he would probably drain me too. He is the first one to find humor in any situation, he’ll tell jokes to lighten the mood, or make a reference or something and I usually always chuckle or laugh at whatever he says. I like how he’s willing to stick by Clary’s side, I like that he tries to help in whatever way he can. Simon has morals, part of him hates being a vampire because he hates the idea of hurting or killing humans (mundanes), but he is also pretty resourceful when he needs to be. Now, I do think Simon is naive most times, he’s like a little lost puppy.
Acting: Alberto is really good in the role. I think Simon could very much be unlikable, I didn’t really care for him in the movie, but that might have been the actor, but Alberto keeps Simon grounded and human. I like how he plays Simon’s fast talking when he’s excited, nervous or pretty much anything lol. The way he looks at Clary or later looks at Maia is so sweet. Season 3 was also a lot of acting highlights for him, especially when it came to dealing with his family, it was so sad and I really think that was some of Alberto’s best acting on the show so far.
Matthew Daddario as Alec Lightwood
Backstory: Alec is the eldest child of Maryse and Robert Lightwood. He is the older brother of Isabelle and Max. Their mother is very distant and cold, so Alec grew up with a strong desire to prove himself worthy, to make his parents proud and bring honor to the family. He very much follows the rules and orders to the letter. When Jace was brought to live with them, they immediately hit it off and became parabatai. Alec realized he developed romantic feelings for Jace didn’t want to go through with the ceremony but Isabelle convinced to go through with the ceremony. While his parents are gone, he is often appointed the acting head of the Institute. When Clary becomes involved, Alec doesn’t like or trust her and he hates that Jace just goes along with her ideas on a whim. Plus, he was jealous. They meet Magnus Bane at a party, and Magnus immediately starts flirting with Alec every chance they meet. Long story short, a lot happens and Alec goes through a lot, emotionally, Isabelle is very good with being supportive and for him to just be himself. He and Magnus finally get together, Alec in ways, gets along with Clary, and he and Jace are still close, but without any romantic feelings. He is also currently the Head of the Institute.
Character: I like Alec a lot, in the beginning, I thought he was being a bit harsh but at the same time I understood. I mean, who does this girl think she is coming in here and just trying to change this good thing we’ve had going here. I definitely get that and a lot of times, I was on his side. Alec has a very cautious and by the book demeanor, which can also make it hard to get things done that require a little rule breaking since he’s so against it. Even when he lightens up, he still can be like NO. But even so, he’s very protective of his friends and family, and extremely loyal. He is actually the only one who really ever thanks Magnus when he helps them. He is also the one they usually send to ask for help in the first place. Even though he cares deeply for those he loves, he can be very harsh and mean. which crack me up. Alec is very self-deprecating, when things go wrong, he blames himself a lot of the time. He’s very interesting and most times I just want to give him a hug because I feel like he needs it most of the time.
Acting: In the beginning, I was a little unsure, but he grew on me. I think Matthew Daddario has this innocence about him, or at least with the way he plays Alec. When he first meets Magnus, his shock and nervousness whenever they had an encounter was super cute. Alec is the strong silent type, and I like that he’ll stand in the back and be very observant of what’s going on. He doesn’t get a ton of emotional scenes but when he does, I think Matthew handles it very well.
Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood
Backstory: Isabelle is the only girl in the Lightwood children, she does not have a good relationship with her mother. She often feels judged by her mother, or not looked at with the same pride that is shown to Alec and Max, even Jace. When she learns that their family is under scrutiny (thanks to them going off to help Clary without having their mission sanctioned), she decides to stop her old lifestyle and be more like her mother. While she was willing to do what she had to in order to help her family, she didn’t want Alec doing the same and forfeiting his happiness. She encourages Alec to be himself, to accept what he wants and she invites Magnus to Alec’s wedding, which helps Alec make the right choice. Valentine sent a demon to attack the Institute, causing Izzy to be harmed, Aldertree gives her Yin Fen (a serum made from Vampire venom) to help ease the pain and she gets addicted to it. She eventually goes straight to the source, to Raphael, and they begin a romance of sorts. That goes badly, because they get addicted to each other, since Shadowhunter blood is like part angel blood. She eventually tells Alec, who is supportive about her quitting her addiction. She ends up meeting Sebastian Verlac who helps her quit Yin Fen completely and she’s stronger for it.
Character: She is definitely a favorite character because she’s just so sweet and badass at the same time. She is apologetically beautiful and will use that to her advantage if she can. Now, I do think Isabelle can be a little naive in certain instances because she has gotten herself into some situations that I feel like she should have known better. She is loyal, and gives great advice, everyone generally goes to her whenever they need a confidence booster. Being the only girl of the Lightwood children, including Jace, she is often the one who keeps both Alec and Jace in check during tense situations. She is not afraid to speak her mind and can be very defiant and argue her points when necessary. Being that she is comfortable in her body, she has no problem wearing revealing outfits, or standing up to her mother’s strict rules. I think she is the moral compass of the show in a lot of ways and the backbone. I think without Isabelle a lot of stuff would not have happened or worked out the way they should. I
Acting: I think Emeraude is one of the consistently good actors on the show. I never have a moment where I doubt her abilities, or where I cringe during an emotional moment. She has this kind of high, sweet voice so whenever she’s being in charge, I’m like yasss, y’all better listen to her. When she was addicted to the vampire venom and Yin Fen, she did such a great job battling that, that while I was upset she was addicted and couldn’t shake it for a while, I really felt for her too. My favorite though, is probably when she confronted Raphael about what he was doing to this new vampire girl and when she saved Jace in his mind.
Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Garroway
Backstory: Luke used to be a Shadowhunter, he was Valentine’s parabatai when they were younger but drama ensued and that ended. Valentine is also the reason why Luke was bitten and turned into a werewolf. He was disowned by his family after he turned, and pretty much had to do things on his own, he kept in contact with Jocelyn Fairchild, as he was in love with her as a young man, and it remained so into adulthood. When all of the stuff hit the fan, he lost contact with Clary for a little while since she overheard him saying he didn’t care about her or her mother, but of course it wasn’t sure, it was just a ruse to get them off his back. They finally get back into contact and it’s a good thing since Clary really needed him. He’s been dealing with a lot on his own, having to be an Alpha to his pack, while also trying to keep Clary and Simon out of danger puts him in an awkward place. Right now, I think he’s lost the pack because they made him choose between them or Clary and Luke left, choosing Clary. I also think there will be a romance in the future for him, and I like it.
Character: I just want the best for Luke because he is such a nice guy. He likes to help whenever he can, he prefers to resolve issues by talking them through instead of conflict because he does not want to risk bloodshed. He also likes to thoroughly investigate before making rash decisions. However, piss him off by messing with his kids (he considers Clary his daughter and Simon is basically his son) and he’ll get you, he will not hesitate to punish those who cross a line. He is the Alpha of his pack, so he has an air of authority and control, and he has paternal instincts towards younger Downworlders, he tries to help them navigate their new lives. I find it hard sometimes, because he obviously loves Clary and he wants to help her whenever he can, but his pack gives him crap because of that. I think he’s in a hard place and it really affects him though he doesn’t always show it. He’s their father but he’s also the Alpha, so it’s like a rock and a hard place. His loyalty is unshakable though and he is fierce in his determination which are things I love about him.
Acting: I’ve only ever seen Isaiah Mustafa in the old spice commercials which cracks me up whenever I think about them. I also saw him in a Tyler Perry movie but this would technically be my first time seeing him in something where he is a lead role. I think he’s great though, whenever he’s angry and is about to turn into a wolf, I very much enjoy those moments. When he was in mourning, he couldn’t control his emotions and while he wasn’t really speaking, it was all over his face, which is a great ability if I do say so myself. He’s also great with being a leader, being authoritative and protective. I think this is a great role for him. I know in the book Luke is a bit different from how they portray him here, but I think him being an officer works for him and the show.
Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane
Backstory: Magnus has a long history since he’s hundreds of years old, so I’ll try to be brief. When he was a child, his mother discovered his cat eyes were the mark of a demon, making him a warlock. She couldn’t handle it so she committed suicide. His stepfather blamed him for his mother’s death, so Magnus killed him with fire. Jocelyn Fairchild often went to him to have Clary’s memories wiped as she didn’t want her daughter to know about the Shadow World until she was older. So they go back to him so he could restore her memories, and he basically ends up being heavily involved with the Shadowhunters and their shenanigans. He is immediately taken with Alec and he really tries to get Alec to open up and be true to himself, especially once Magnus found out that Alec was in love in Jace. They FINALLY get together and Magnus always tells Alec to not push him away when things get tough and they often lean on each other when things happen. When things got tough in the Shadow World, he took the side of the Seelie Queen which resulted in him losing his position as High Warlock of Brooklyn, so right now he’s been doing small jobs for a fee, but he definitely misses that role, especially since the guy who is now the High Warlock is a douche nozzle. When Jace was in serious trouble, he took the risk of going to someone for help and he makes a great sacrifice to help.
Character: He is my favorite character on the show. He is fierce, intelligent, cunning and wise. He also cares deeply and is very compassionate, and he understands people since he’s immortal and has lived for hundreds of years. He is very protective of his people and takes his role as high warlock very seriously, it takes priority over his own happiness most times. Magnus is usually distrusting of Shadowhunters due to their history with Downworlders but he is not against being friendly with them. He has helped other Downworlders navigate as well, he was a mentor figure to Raphael when he first turned. He is also very powerful. Magnus is known for his eccentric style and exquisite taste, which I love. His entire wardrobe is amazing and Harry Shum Jr. wears it so well. I think it’s easy to tell that Magnus is lonely, or has been for a long time, but he tries to fill it by helping others whenever they ask. In terms of romance, Magnus is openly bisexual, he’s been with men and women, and does not discriminate between kinds, since he’s been with Downworlders and mundanes. He’s currently with Alec, who is a Shadowhunter. He’s my favorite because he will do what he can to help people, they never really say thank you and he doesn’t wallow in that. Obviously, I want him to be thanked, or acknowledged for EVERYTHING HE DOES but it’s not like really needs it. The sacrifice he made in the season 3 mid finale… just wow.
Acting: Harry Shum Jr. is amazing in this role. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in anything before but he’s great. His sarcastic responses are always on point, the facial expressions he makes and the way he carries himself in the role is just fantastic. His interactions with Alec are always so sweet, and you can tell that it’s really bothering him whenever they have a disagreement or an argument. I could really watch a TV series that details Magnus’ life before the timeline of the show because I think Harry Shum Jr. is amazing and I love Magnus to pieces.
Alisha Wainwright as Maia Roberts
ALISHA WAINWRIGHTtumblr_ota56saaxd1vfe7mlo5_40025754b81ff7e9e6d8f26f15ffaa90b71
Backstory: We learn that Maia grew up with a brother, who was clearly the favorite. When he died, her relationship with her parents got worse, so she ran away. She ended up meeting Jordan, and they hit it off and started to date. Later, he got weird and then it was learned that he was a werewolf and that he scratched her which turned her into a werewolf. There was no one to guide her through her transitions so she had no idea what was going on, until Luke found her and helped her into controlling her transitions. Jace was a target after one of her friends was abducted by The Circle, and Maia, along with other wolves, actively pursued Jace. Luke made them stop though, since Jace wasn’t responsible. Maia and Simon ended up hitting it off and became fast friends, it was obvious that she liked him and he liked her, but his feelings for Clary were too important that they were put on a back burner. They are currently dating now and they’re super cute. Also, Jordan has entered the picture again and they had a great scene in a church.
Character: At first, I didn’t really like her, she grew on me. We first meet her because Jace wanders into her bar and she’s a little sassy and sarcastic, which I usually like, and I didn’t mind that she thought he was responsible for her friend, I got all of that. What annoyed me in the beginning was how she kept arguing with Luke about helping the Shadowhunters and trying to make him choose between the pack and his children. It was really annoying. However, seeing her with Simon and how she was with him, she grew on me and I felt bad for her in ways as well, due to her past. She’s strong, determined and stubborn, but it works for her because she fights for what she thinks is right. It’s clear she has trust issues but I think being with Simon and being around Luke has really helped that.
Acting: I don’t know why but the actress reminds me of Zoe Kravitz, or maybe in my mind, Zoe Kravitz would be a good choice to play this role if they did a better movie. Anyway, I think she’s good in her role, I love her voice, and I like how when she’s emotional, it comes from a real place, or at least she can just cry very well lol. I love when she’s kicking butt because she’s enjoying it and I think watching her get angry and almost turning, and reacting to the pain of the beginning transitions is really cool too. Also, I love her chemistry with Alberto.
Recurring Characters

Alan van Sprang as Valentine Morgenstern


I don’t really want to go into his backstory, so I’m not gonna lol.
Character: He is obviously very intelligent, cunning, manipulative and charming, sometimes. It’s because of these traits that he’s able to gain so many followers and people who believe in his cause. He will kill anyone who gets in his way without even thinking twice about it. I do believe that he cares about his children in a weird way, but ultimately it’s because of whatever his goals are. He really manipulated Jace, being that he’s a vulnerable person, Valentine was really able to get his poisoned claws in him. It was great to watch though.
Acting: In terms of him being a giant dick, and horrible father, I think Alan van Sprang was great because boy did I hate this guy. He was very manipulative and kind of charming, I think the main missing was the charm, Jonathan Rhys Meyers played him in the movie, and I don’t know in terms of physicality, but I thought he had the manic charm that seemed to fit this character. I don’t think van Sprang really has that. When he’s trying to get his kids on his side, I don’t think they actually believe him, they only go along with him or whatever because the script said so. I definitely have to give him props though, there was an episode where Valentine and Magnus switched bodies and he did SUCH a good job portraying Magnus.
Will Tudor as Sebastian Verlac
Character: So in the beginning, he helped Izzy kick her Yin Fen addiction which made her trust him and bring him into the Institute. He told her this story about how he left his Institute since he was addicted for a time as well. When he gets in there, he gets close to everyone, but we also learn that this is not actually the real Sebastian Verlac, it’s someone else using a rune to make themselves look like Sebastian. I didn’t trust him regardless because he has beady little eyes that look shifty and I knew he was up to something.
Acting: I knew the actor looked familiar so I googled it and it turns out he was in Game of Thrones lol, everybody be in GOT. Anyway, he’s fine, I do think he overacts a little when he’s being all yelly and stuff, I know his character is perpetually angry but I can’t help but wonder during those scenes if Will Tudor ever hurt himself doing all of that, his face turns red, his veins become pronounced, I mean yesh. Otherwise, I very much enjoy him being quietly angry, I think that’s better because he kind of has an innocent face so it works in his favor.
Anna Hopkins as Lilith
Character: She is soft-spoken and eerily calm. Lilith carries herself with an air of supreme authority and power, but she also couples that with innocence so no one thinks she’s a threat until it’s too late. She hardly shows great emotion unless she’s talking about her “son” or her hatred for his killers. She also has a fixation on children since she cannot have children. It’s funny because she does actually care for her “subjects” because they serve a purpose but she won’t hesitate to get rid of them if they’re no longer useful. She only really cares for her son. She is the reason why Jace struggles a lot during the first half of the third season. Lilith does, or orchestrates stuff to happen so she can get what she wants, which is to revive her son, which might have been successful, don’t know yet.
Acting: So ever since I saw her in After the Ball I get excited whenever I see her because I thoroughly enjoyed her in that movie. I like her and I really liked her here. She is able to keep up this creepy calm personality she has going on and I love it. She never raises her voice, unless something happened to her subjects, or unless someone talks or threatens her son. She’ll get personally offended and the faces Anna Hopkins makes are just pure gold. I very much enjoyed watching her whenever she was on screen.
Chai Hansen as Jordan Kyle
And here we are to the reason I started watching this show. Well, gave me an extra push to finally catch up. He’s so cute lol.
Character: So we meet him when he runs into Simon on the street as Simon is looking for a new apartment. He’s going by Kyle, and he just so happens to have a nice apartment, where his roommate just moved out. So he and Simon hit it off, and turns out that he is actually Maia’s ex-boyfriend, the one who turned her, we get some backstory about them. He’s very remorseful at what he did, I don’t think he knew what he was doing exactly, but he did know what he was doing when he left her there. So it’s hard to get a true read on his personality, because I don’t think he’s a mean guy, at least where he is now. He is a werewolf, and he’s working for this organization who sent him to protect Simon, after the whole Seelie Queen thing. He’s still in love with Maia and I hope he doesn’t try to get in there and split Simon and her up because that will make me upset, no matter how cute I think he is. He really wants to help and while Simon seems wary of him since he knows what happened in the past, they get along pretty well. I hope for positive things in the future.
Acting: I never doubted Chai Hansen’s ability in this show, I was curious to see what he would be doing. We don’t know a ton about his character yet, nor have we seen a lot of him, but what we have seen is enough for me to talk about lol. He’s wonderful at being a nice guy, a clumsy and slightly awkward nice guy but he’s also great at playing angry since the first time we see him change it’s because he’s angry.
The Friendships. So I like the fact that even though they’re family, Alec, Izzy and Jace are so close. They’re friends too. Alec and Jace have a slightly different bond because of the whole parabatai thing, which I do think is interesting. I also love the friendship between Simon and Clary, I do think she asks a lot of him, but he loves her. I also love that they’ve all become friends in their own right. Jace and Simon don’t really get along, but there are some moments between them that are pretty great.
The Romances. So obviously there are a lot of them. The Alec/Magnus stuff is adorable and I think the two actors have great chemistry. There are only a few times where I don’t think it always work and I think that’s more on Matthew Daddario in that I think his acting isn’t always the best. But regardless, I love Alec/Magnus because it took a moment to happen, we saw the slow burn and it was satisfying when it finally happened. Same with Clary and Jace. It was clear in the beginning that they were instantly into each other, but it was thwarted when they thought they were siblings thanks to Valentine’s lies but even after they found out they weren’t, they didn’t jump right into it right away. I liked that as well because Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood have really good chemistry, probably some of the best on the show and the tension that builds up between Clary and Jace is just so annoying sometimes that I’m like JUST KISS. Simon and Maia are also a great couple, I very much enjoy watching them because they are just sincere with each other and she challenges him in ways that he’s never been challenged.
The Action/Fights. The choreography for the fight scenes are handled very well. Izzy is supposed to be one of their best and I think it shows with how she fights, same with Jace, since I think he’s supposed to be one of the best too. The choreography in the mid-season finale was fantastic, probably some of the best action in the entire show.
Mature Themes/Storylines. I actually thought the show was surprisingly mature. Sure, a lot of these “teen shows” do have mature themes and storylines. The whole thing with Izzy’s addiction and how that was handled, I thought that was mature and real. Also Maia’s backstory was also handled really well, it’s sad, but it was a good one and her scene with Jordan in the church was pretty great. Also all of the stuff with Jace and his identity crisis and the stuff with Valentine. I think the show handles it all well, it doesn’t seem to trivialize anything.
Emotionally Fueled. I think one of the strongest aspects of this show is the ability to be emotional. I don’t necessarily mean that I’ll cry while watching it, but the characters really get into some stick situations, that while I know most of them will come out at least alive, you don’t really know what the consequences might be, or even what they should be. Season 2 especially dealt with a lot of that as we got to see Jace deal with his identity crisis and the others having to deal with traitors, and their livelihood changing, the whole story with the Lightwoods, Clary and dealing with what she learns about her family and her mother’s death… there’s a lot that happens in season 2 that it’s kind of amazing how these people have not lost their minds in the long run.
Inconsistent Acting. While I did praise everyone in the “pros” section, it’s not always consistent. I think Katherine McNamara has some moments, mostly in the first season, where she does some annoying ticks, or that she’s trying too hard, especially in emotional scenes. I think by the third season, she has gotten into Clary’s skin a lot better. Matthew Daddario also is a culprit of this, I like him overall, but when he has to be emotional, I don’t always believe him because I don’t think he’s that good consistently. Season 3 seems to be particularly hard on him, I don’t know why but it does, maybe he’s over it? lol, who knows, we’ll see what happens in the second half of season 3. I also didn’t think that Alan van Sprang was that good at being charming and his character was supposed to be, he tried it sometimes but I was like meh, you have to work on that.
Selfish Characters. I mean human nature is human nature but literally everyone in this show is selfish except for Magnus Bane. There are definitely levels to the selfishness, and sometimes they have great speeches that kind of mask just how selfish they are, which is fine but whenever I’m watching, I’m like “Does no one say THANK YOU!? around here?” the amount of times people ask Magnus to help them, they just expect him too and NO ONE THANKS HIM. I think Clary is the most guilty of this but unfortunately this is how it is when it comes to YA heroes, they’re usually selfish in some forms, but it’s really noticeable in this show. Like IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!!
The Fantasy Aspect. So this show is technically a fantasy show with all of the fantasy elements it has, but my main thing is, they don’t really focus on that aspect of the show. It’s mostly drama. I like it don’t get me wrong, but in the first episode, we get introduced to so much stuff, not only is it overwhelming but it’s also underwhelming. We meet vampires, but we don’t really see them do anything but wear suits and talk, we’ve seen the werewolves but we’ve never really seen them do anything, unless one of them gets mad and loses control over personal reasons. We don’t really get to see anyone be a vampire or be a werewolf, or anything else. We learn things that Shadowhunters can do, and now that Jace and Clary have extra abilities due to their pure angel blood, we should see more of that. I think for a fantasy show, it misses a lot of that. Shadowhunters should relish in the world they’ve set up.
Stupid Decisions. The amount of stupidity in this show is crazy. Characters make really naive and stupid choices, I mean you HAVE to know that’s not going to work. One of the more notorious is when Clary and Jace were going to visit the Seelie Queen and Clary lets Simon come along. I knew that wasn’t going to end well (great scene though) but if she would have just told him NO! and then even left his ass somewhere, none of that would have happened. I mean, for drama and story sake it had to but it was so dumb. Also, whenever people act impulsively, and it turns out badly, I’m like “well what did you think was going to happen?” it happens so much that I just want to double slap everyone, literally everyone. Even Magnus who is my favorite makes dumb decisions but usually at the behest of someone else or the biggest thing I thought was ridiculous, was when Lilith went to him for a potion, I think it was clear he kind of doubted it but he still made it for her. I thought it was a little careless of him and stupid. It happens a lot with people being careless and stupid.
So Dramatic/Cheesy. THIS SHOW IS SO DRAMATIC AND CHEESY it hurts. I don’t know what else to say about it but it is lol and I love it.
Overall, look this show is so cheesy and a lot of times it just bad, however, I very much enjoy it. I like all of the characters, there is no main character that I don’t like. I think they’re all interesting, the actors play them well and I think they’re acting is good for the most part. Emeraude Toubia and Dominic Sherwood I think are standouts, especially in season two, they both did such a good job and Sherwood has been doing really well in season three. I think the show has a lot of emotional moments for the characters and that it handles those moment and the mature storylines pretty well. You get invested. I think the action and fight scenes are well choreographed and look pretty realistic, especially after the first season. All of the relationships, the friendships and romances happen in a slow burn way, I don’t feel that any of them were rushed into, or forced or unrealistic, this is the first time in a show like this, that I don’t hate at least one character, or that I don’t hate one romantic relationship in the show, it’s very surprising to me. On the other hand, the show is very cheesy and dramatic that it can get a little ridiculous but that’s part of the charm in ways. I do think some of the acting is very inconsistent and that it’s not always believable. Also, characters can be really selfish and dumb to the point where I curse them (But not hate them), there needs to be a lot of people saying “thank you” going forward in this show because some people go out of their way to help our main heroes and no one thanks them. That’s so selfish that it drives me insane. Also, people are so dumb sometimes, UGH!! I want to slap everyone but I still like them lol. I also think the fantasy aspect of the show is very lacking, I think it’s very underwhelming when it should feel like a gigantic part of the story but it really just feels like conventional additions. But listen, I very much enjoyed the show, I binged way faster than I thought would. I started watching the show to really watch an actor I enjoyed who shows up in season three but I ended up falling into the characters and the story, I even kind of want to read the books because I enjoy the show but I’m still iffy on that because I feel like the show improves on mediocre books since apparently the movie was closer to the book and the movie was terrible… but we’ll see. I can’t really comment on the books… yet. I can’t wait for the rest of season three.
Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars.
P.S. I also just have to say, I was on Tumblr (which is dangerous) and I saw a lot of negativity towards Jace’s character. I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know how he is written but in the show, I think he’s likable, not always, but he is. I just started watching the show so I haven’t followed everything the actor has done, but I have read some things and while I don’t condone it, I don’t think that really should affect how people view the character. Jace is a tragic figure, and I do think the show focuses a lot on him but I don’t think it does it in a way that is detrimental to the other characters. I think Alec and Jace do have a strong brothership and the parabatai thing allows their relationship to be a bit more intimate but not in any other way than brothers. Alec and Magnus are sweet together and I don’t think that Alec would ever think negatively about Jace in a way that’s just mean. I’m sure they get on each other’s nerves and say things they don’t really mean but I don’t think Alec would make any choices that would cause the death of Jace or Magnus, or anyone he loves. He would rather die himself. At least that’s what I see from the show. I also don’t think that Jace would be offended if Alec did choose Magnus over him because he understands the pain Alec has gone through trying to be true to himself, plus Jace can take care of himself. In terms of the end of the finale, when Jace says “I’m going to get Clary”, I don’t think that was him completely ignoring what he did to Alec while under the influence of Lilith. He knew that Alec was good hands with Magnus and he trusts Magnus and in that moment, he was just thrown back into his body after being trapped in it for a long time, and Clary needed help. What was he going to do? Not help? Plus, I’m sure he was angry at what happened to him. I don’t think that constitutes being selfish. Anyway, I just had a lot to say about that and I wanted to get it off my chest because I think it’s a little ridiculous.
Have you seen Shadowhunters? What do you think about the show? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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My Thoughts: Not Every Young Adult Novel Needs to be a Movie

I just read another article about the unfortunate news that the second part of the last book in the Divergent series is now being shuttled off to television. Hehehe it’s kind of funny. But at the same time, disappointing. It’s sad to see something that could have had potential be squandered away and ruined. I liked the first book and the first movie, with a few things that could have been handled better in the film, they both were pretty solid. I think it was easy to tell though that Veronica Roth is new author with how the series was handled, perhaps she got a bit lost in her own story. But onto what I really want to talk about.
So the Young Adult genre has a lot of rich stories in there. A lot of them overlap in terms of how they’re handled etc but there are very interesting and unique ones. While that’s true, not all of them need to be a movie. I don’t have every YA adaptation at my disposal but I think it’s important to note that there are a lot, mainly series that were turned into films, that probably could have done better as a tv show, or maybe even a TV Movie as the big theatrical release wasn’t good or necessary. It’s also important to note what is considered “YA”. I also haven’t seen every film adaptation IE: The Book Thief, The Maze Runner nor have I read every book counterpart, so some of these on the list will feature movies I have seen and I will talk about why the film should have been a show, not how it compares to the book but I probably will mention book elements.
Eragon (2006)
Failed as a movie: So, it’s been years since I read the first two books and watched the film, but I remember enjoying the books and I was so excited for the movie aaand I was so disappointed. Everything was wrong, minus how the dragon looked and some of the actors but everything, the characterizations, their appearances, ages, how stuff looks… UGH! So annoying.
Reasons to be a Show: You would think the nature of these books would make for a great franchise with films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings as it’s predecessors but perhaps that was it’s undoing. These books could have been given a Game of Thrones type treatment (I haven’t watched the show but I get the idea)
  • The Characters– There are so many characters in the first book alone, this short movie did not do enough justice for the viewers to get to know them. Especially since they weren’t handled well at all. I understand the need for cutting out certain characters, but when characters that are in the first book are not introduced in the first film it kind of puts a damper on them in the second film as their roles are larger in the second book.
    • Murtagh– my favorite character, has a large role when he’s introduced and while I enjoyed Garrett Hedlund’s portrayal of him, he was butchered. We should have been able to really like and connect with him. He’s like the opposite of Eragon in ways and he’s just cooler.
    • Brom– Jeremy Irons was a perfect choice and one of the better portions of the film but Irons could have really chewed up that role had it been in a better movie, or if it was a mini series or something on HBO or BBC.
  • The Action/Magic– I didn’t finish the series but there was a lot of action, wars, battles, and magic involved. I mean dragons and what not, but for some reason, the movie muted a lot of that down. Eragon had to learn how to wield a sword and it was packed in there, along with everything else that needed to be accomplished that it felt so stale. We should have been there with him learning it, a tv show would have allowed the viewers to feel his pain in learning, to watch him each episode grow in strength and knowledge. It would have been awesome. Plus, if given the GOT treatment, the battles could have been grand. There’s still time I guess.
  • The History- A lot of history for these characters, motivations, how things are built, etc a show would have allowed so much for that. It didn’t always need to be linear but flashbacks work better in shows. Gives for more time.
  • The Future- There are four books, which means there was still a lot of story to tell. I only got to book two as it was the only out at the time, so I will reread but there’s so much that needed to be set up. The first itself, could have filled two seasons. If done correctly, this series could have at least two season per book, so about 8 seasons. Unfortunate.
Possible Networks: HBO, Starz, BBC America
The Seventh Son (2015)
Failed as a movie: I’ve never read the books but there are 50 million books in this series. But the movie was boring. If you read my “Sequel Baiting” piece, I talk about this one in there. The characters could have been interesting but there was apparently too many of them to really be given enough story. While the cast had some great actors, the lead definitely needed to be recast. Nothing against Ben Barnes but meh. The action was boring, the special effects were subpar and I didn’t really care about the story.
Reasons to be a show: Another fantasy type show that could have benefitted from a GOT treatment. Could have been useful on HBO, Showtime whatever but it needed flesh. The movie was a boring skeleton. The characters needed more time, we were supposed to root for the lead but he was boring, perhaps it really was the lead actor, but still. Jeff Bridges was cool in his role and perhaps could have done better with a better script but that character definitely could have been better on tv. Julianne Moore had a great character, probably the most interesting but again needed a tv show treatment and then whatever was going on with Alicia Vikander’s character… plus they added in romance. It really needed a show.
Possible Networks: HBO, Starz, FX, The CW
The Divergent Series (2014-2016)
Failed as a movie: Well, like I said before, the first one was pretty solid but could have benefitted from a show. The second movie is really forgettable and adds a lot of stuff that wasn’t in the book. The third movie, continues down that deviating path which didn’t do it any favors. Unfortunately the characters weren’t very interesting, nor were they very distinguishable outside of Tris and Four, and Christina being that she was Zoe Kravitz. A lot of plot points were rushed, characters that are important in the series were cut out from the films, which prevents a chance for emotional weight later. Plus, it wasn’t handled well enough that they’re already going to do a tv movie for the last part, which didn’t need to have two parts anyway.
Reasons to be a show: Now, as this is a trilogy, each book could have had two seasons. The entire series could have been called “Divergent” and in season 1A could have dealt with Tris being in her own faction, for us to understand why she felt she was out of place, seeing her in her tests, interactions with her family, then depending on how they play it, seeing her choose her faction and going through learning how to be Dauntless, it could have a midseason finale with Al’s death or something.
  • Characters– So many characters that are pretty important in their roles. From Tris, to Tobias (which I was always kind of miffed they never stopped calling him ‘Four’ in the films, that was a big piece of character development for him) but everyone else? Meh. Just to point out a few.
    • Christina– She is Tris’ best friend and while we see them interact, it’s never really enough for us to really get invested in their friendship. Especially to even understand why Christina was so upset with Tris for lying to her about killing Will.
    • Peter– Outside of Miles Teller playing a douche very well, nothing else about Peter is really interesting which he is a pretty interesting and ruthless character. He stabs a guy in the eye with a plastic or butter knife because he was leading in the Dauntless trials. I mean come on. I get why that would have been risqué but that’s a big part and tv shows these days show a lot so put that in there!
      • By extension, they tried to add the eye stabbed kid in the sequel but he was just a henchman, when he reappears in season 2b, it would have held more weight because it’d be like “revenge!” due to what Peter did to him.
    • Will– blonde smartypants (in the movie, Peter, Will and Al all looked alike for some reason) and he’s really smart. Outside of a few moments here and there, we wouldn’t really know that in the film. With an entire season leading up to his death, we would have seen that, his friendship with Christina grow into a would be romance, and his friendship with Tris as to why it was so hard and emotional when she killed him.
    • The Story– definitely needed time to develop, it was rushed. Considering how there are a lot of plot holes in the films and a lot of stuff that needed to be explained, it would have benefitted from a show. The whole Divergent storyline, the side plots with Tobias and his family, Jeanine’s whole thing, the whole Evelyn storyline… yeah all of that was necessary.
    • The Drama– Needed time to be fleshed out more, Tobias’ attraction to Tris (let’s also not make her too short because I really hated her description in the books about being “childlike” it to creepy), the relationships, the friendships… the hatred of other characters, the emotional weight… yes. Tv show. It could be on ABC, Freeform would probably be best for this type of show though.
Possible Networks: Freeform, ABC, The CW
Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)
Now, I don’t think this failed as a movie. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it so maybe if I watch it again now it’ll be different, but I think this should have been a show because being that it’s also a book series, it probably wanted to have a franchise which it didn’t succeed in doing.
Reasons to be a Show: Without going all into details on this one as it’s been a while but all of the characters could have used a bit of flesh. The three children were interesting on their own and together they were funny, I would say they played off each other well but considering how Freddie Highmore played twins lol, but get some young teenaged kids (maybe try to find twins), really spend some time building up the bad guy, only get a glimpse of him at the end of the first season. Also could have been helpful for us to really learn Arthur Spiderwick’s fascination with these other creatures etc… it’s hard to choose a network for this particular show as it’s more for older kids, but the scary elements could be make it work on Freeform or maybe The CW.
Possible Networks: ABC, AMC, Freeform, The CW.
Percy Jackson (2010-2013)
Why It Fails as a Movie: I haven’t read these either but as films, they were both boring and bland. I enjoyed them but they were just… mindless fun which I doubt the author had that in mind when he wrote the series. I’m not sure how old Percy is in the first book, but Logan Lerman seemed to be too old to play the role, especially as there are like five books. Alexandra Daddario definitely was too old for her character. I enjoyed Brandon T. Jackson though lol. Anyway, his reveal of being a demi god was too fast, the whole Camp thing was too fast… the movie was too fast.
Reasons to be a show: The idea behind the films are good and interesting. It also would have given viewers enough to really get into these characters and the lore. Greek lore is interesting but the movie never really allows the viewer to sink into it, for us to really connect these characters in their lives, their anger at their parents, the disconnection.
  • Characters– The characters were all interesting enough, but get younger actors so there is time for physical growth (or young enough looking actors that if the story jump 5 years in time, they don’t look 10 years older).
    • Percy Jackson– Allow us to know who Percy is before he finds out he’s a demi god, because that’s what makes characters like him interesting, they may be special but they hold on to their humanity and values.
    • Annabeth Chase– She’s the daughter of Athena, which is pretty cool and she seems to be one of the best in the camp. Then she decides to go with Percy and Grover on a “quest” and meh, definitely would have liked to gotten to know her more. Especially to see why Percy likes her other than her being pretty.
    • Grover Underwood– I liked him the most, he’s funny, but he’s our exposition for a lot of the film. Didn’t need to be but a lot of plots he has in the movie (both of them) would have been better fleshed out.
Possible Network: The CW, Freeform, AMC, FX
I Am Number Four (2011)
Why It Fails as a Movie: I enjoy this movie too, but again boring. The most interesting character is number 6 and she’s not in the movie very long. I remember thinking she was awesome in the trailer. It has some fun moments, but again same problem, too much is going on, too much is being set up in such a short amount of time, it’s really hard to care for anything or anyone. When Timothy Olyphant’s character dies, it’s sad but you probably don’t really care unless you’ve read the book. The action seemed really subdued and the romance was ugh oh so forced. I didn’t find Diana Agron to be a very good actress and she did not make her character interesting at all. The lead was also boring and bland. I like Alex Pettyfer for the most part but he did not bring any charisma to this character. The plot was convoluted and anytime they tried to explain it, it sounded dumb.
Reasons to be a Show: Not going to go into detail here either, but the characters and their developments would have gained a lot, we could actually believe John and Sarah’s romance outside of it being weird. We could understand the relationship between John and Henri better and why John was so rebellious towards him. Learn more about why these people were being hunted down. See more glimpses of number 6 so that when she shows up, it’s even more awesome. The fight scenes would also have a chance to really be good and not feel ridiculously stupid and rushed.
Possible Network: The CW, Freeform
Beautiful Creatures (2013)
High definition wallpaper
Why it fails as a movie: I watched this movie once and again it was another movie I enjoyed but I don’t think I got it. I also don’t remember much minus a few cool moments and Emmy Rossum being awesome. It was also really long and gave me a headache lol. However, TV show. I appreciate the slow build up to the romance, but a lot of dragged out that I was thinking “jeez, get it together!”, there’s a lot of backstory, a lot of history between characters and while some of the characters did get some flesh it was really slow. There was a LOT of build up but the payoff was weak. Plus, it’s very very forgettable. I have no idea who any of these characters are. I literally only remember one scene and it’s with Emmy Rossum.
Reasons to be a show: With a slow buildup, the show would have allowed for a better payoff because we’ve would have had to wait a week to get a new update. Got to experience the history in a longer run/arc etc. It’s pretty much the same as everything else… would have allowed for more time to understand everything and since there are like three books in this series and then like a spin off or something series, this show could be a long one.
Possible Networks: The CW (seems like the best network).
Inkheart (2008)
Why it failed as a movie: SO BORING! You would think this type of thing would be awesome which in some parts it was but overall it was a messy boring pile of a movie. It had potential, it had heart and it some good stuff in it but meh. I wanted to know more about where this particular power came from, bringing stories to life, that’s cool, but there’s a price, also interesting. The villain is interesting and Dustfinger (a fire twirler) was the most interesting in the story and he also has a backstory that we only get in flashbacks. So annoying.
Reasons to be a show: Now because I’ve only seen this movie once and haven’t read the books, which I do want to, I think this series would be best as a series. The books are pretty thick, I’m sure there is plenty of flesh in there to make a long running fantasy adventure series. Mo and Meggie were both kind of boring in the films, so I’m sure with episodes instead of an hour and a half movie, would allow for character development. Including their pain with the mom disappearing. We would also get a chance to learn over time more about Dustfinger as he’s so cool! I feel like there was so much about him that was ignored or cut out due to film time restraints. We’d also probably get to see more of what happened to Meggie’s mom from her end, an actual episode that would focus on it. The first book could probably fill two seasons.
Possible Networks: The CW, Freeform, ABC, HBO
The Host (2013)
Why It Failed as a Movie: SOOOOO boring! I remember enjoying the book enough, a lot more than Twilight but this movie was a missed opportunity. I like Soairse Ronan but I think she was too young for this role, all of main actors were personally. I pictured all of these characters older than what they were portrayed as in the film. This movie was so long and nothing was happening.
Reasons to be a show: Because the movie was so long with nothing going on, this would have been perfect for a series with perhaps a chance at two or three seasons. Or maybe a miniseries. As there is only one book, they would really have to be smart at how they played the episodes out in order to get enough out of one book. But season 1A could focus on Melanie, Jared and Jamie and how the earth was overtaken by the aliens, their family, how Melanie and Jared met instead of being flashbacks, show us how strong their romantic relationship was, how strong her relationship was with her brother and the fear of being caught by the aliens. Season 1B could have started with Melanie waking up realizing she is now inhabited by an alien named “Wanda”. Or the lead up to all of that could have been one season and bring the actual alien in habitation in the second season. It’s easy to see how this could all work out. It would have worked out better. Season 2 would be about Wanda being with the humans and falling in love with Ian. It would have been amazing! Definitely not as boring.
Possible Network: The CW, FX, AMC, Freeform
Mortal Instruments (2013)
Why it failed as a movie: Oh gosh, so boring, so boring. SO BORING! Lily Collins is also not a leading lady and Clary in the film was annoying. Jace was probably the most interesting out of everyone but he seemed to be like a broody prick, Alec and Isabelle could have been removed, everything dealing with Simon later on was just silly, Luke was interesting (plus I love Aidan Turner) but meh, and obviously there was a set up for a sequel considering what happened with Clary’s mom but ya know how that ended up.
Reasons to be a show: It’s already a show on Freeform lol. Which is good, I saw maybe five or six episodes and I enjoyed it for the most part. So that’s all.
Alex Rider Series (2006)
Why it failed as a movie: ARGH! It could have been amazing because I loved the series, I got up to Ark Angel before I fell off due to school and losing contact with getting my hands on the next ones. Anyway, I think I was so obsessed with this movie that I watched the trailer 50 million times. I thought Alex Pettyfer was perfect for Alex Rider’s casting, and everyone else was fine since I had no idea who any of those people were in that movie (haha) and I own the movie. Anyway, the movie moves way to fast, Stormbreaker the book isn’t a thick book, none of them really are, but his training sequence goes so fast it’s almost like it happens in one day. That part of his life could have at least been three or four episodes. In the film, his uncle dies so fast, I think we should have at least seen Alex be with his uncle in order to get why he was so affected by his death because in the movie, it happens in the first 15 minutes of the movie that it’s like “umm okay.” Jack was also interesting in the book and we get a nice bit of her in the movie but not only should she have been a redhead (I mean come Alicia Silverstone could have dyed her hair red) but we should have been able to see the three of them, as Alex considered them family. Not to mention his entire crush on Sabine… which I can’t remember if she was all that important in the first book as they made her in the movie. Also the villain, wow, Mickey Rourke is a great actor but SOOO wrong for the part. The whole mission was opened and closed so fast. Meh.
Reasons to be a show: First of all, so many books, so much time to really dig into these characters and these missions.
  • Characters– Alex, Jack, Mrs. Jones, all of these people would have been allowed their chances to be interesting. While I thought at the time Alex Pettyfer was perfect for the role, physically he was, but he was a bit too… broody. It’s hard to connect to a lead character who is robotic.
  • The Missions/Story– Since this is a series, this allows for many seasons, especially if each episode is not the typical “mission of the day” but maybe a mission lasts half a season or something, with a few other things sprinkled in there. The Stormbreaker mission could have filled up the second half of the first season. But the movie was an 1hr and 33 minutes long which with Alex finding out his uncle is dead, being recruited by MI6, going through special agent training, learning about the case, going undercover and everything after it… to fit all of that in this short movie… meh.
Possible Networks: Freeform, BBC America, ABC.
So those are the movies, so far, I think should have been television shows. The movies didn’t do well, no matter if I enjoyed them, they weren’t very good. As television shows they might have had chances to being successful. It’s because of this that I think a lot of YA adapted films fail. Those involved don’t understand how to handle the story as a film so why not just make it a show? Most of these might have had a longer running time if given that chance. Mortal Instruments already has gotten that treatment, which is good because the story was interesting but the movie was so bad that my interest in reading the series was shot. Still is to be honest. But some YA novels don’t need to movies, some honestly don’t need to be adapted at all but if they are going to be, then consider television.
If you want to adapt a YA novel/series into something, call me and I’ll help make it a TV show!
What YA novels do you think could be a successful TV show? What YA adapted novel into film do you think could have been better as a show that I missed? Please let me know in the comments below!