Movie Review: Us (2019)

Film Title: Us

Summary: A family’s serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgangers appear and begin to terrorize them.
There will be spoilers at the very end of this review. The initial review is spoiler free. Also, I don’t like horror films and while this one will probably be classified as “horror”, I did not find it scary.
I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED THIS REVIEW!! I’ve been trying to finish this thing forever!
Cast and Characters. We pretty much stick with the family in this one. As they play two characters I’m going to try not to go overboard with talking about each character.
  • Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson/Red. So, Adelaide is a quiet woman, she says she has a hard time talking and that’s evident a little early in the film. She had a traumatic experience as a child and returning to her childhood home has her on edge as she sees coincidences that remind her of what happened before. When the day ends she tells her husband that she’s just worried that something will happen, and she finally tells him what happened when she was a little girl. Then of course, things happen. So, she goes on the journey in this movie trying to run from the horrors of her past while also trying to protect her family. She doesn’t particularly care about the world because it’s not her problem but she’s hellbent on protecting her family. Now, Red is Adelaide’s “shadow” and she has returned with her shadow family for her reasons I won’t spoil here. She’s terrifying in how she moves, her expressions, how she talks, and you can’t help but be transfixed by her. Lupita is amazing in this movie. Even if this movie wasn’t good in my eyes, I would still think Lupita is amazing in it. She’s so good. I think as Adelaide she plays the strength she needs, the fear, the anger, all of it so well. For Red, it’s such a different performance and it’s so haunting. It’s so good.
    • Madison Curry as Young Adelaide/Young Red. We see this young actress in the flashback portions of the movie and we spend enough time with her to see how she differentiates between the two characters as well. I thought she did very well, especially since most of her acting is physical and, in her face, as she doesn’t say much.
  • Winston Duke as Gabe Wilson/Abraham. It’s M’BAKU! lol But Gabe is that type to want to keep up with the Joneses because he does things in this movie, at the beginning to try and match up with their friends who seem to be rich. He buys a boat, he wants to go to the beach and talk about the things they have and are getting. He also doesn’t seem to take a lot of things as serious as he should. When Adelaide tells him of her fears, he’s joking about it and almost dismissive of her worry and fear. When the Shadow family first appears, he’s like “Um okay, y’all need to leave” but it doesn’t get serious for him in terms of the stakes until Abraham snatches his glasses from him lol. Even when they’re talking in the living room, he keeps talking and it’s like, bruh shut up lol. Now as Abraham, he’s big and imposing and he doesn’t talk so you’re not sure what he’s going to do at all. Winston Duke plays the two characters who are also so different and it’s like night and day. I thought he did a great job at being kind of goofy as Gabe and then imposing as Abraham.
  • Shahadi Wright Joseph as Zora Wilson/Umbrae. Zora is their teenage daughter, she ran track prior to their summer and has decides she doesn’t want to run anymore. She’s always on her phone and she does get into it with Jason but it’s not like how they usually show brother/sister relationships where it’s antagonistic. Zora seems to think quickly on her toes as the film gets going, and she’s probably like 13 so she wants to drive but her parents are like “nah”. But she manages to handle the situation like a pro. Now Umbrae doesn’t talk either, but she just smirks and giggles the entire time. It’s great and I found her the most unsettling. Being that she’s Zora’s shadow, she’s a runner and she also seems to be the most brutal as well. Shahadi did such a great job as both characters. For her to just keep that smirk on her face and giggle and be so unsettling is a win.
  • Evan Alex as Jason Wilson/Pluto. He is the youngest child and he’s a little strange. He seems to keep to himself and loves magic tricks. Jason seems to know different hiding spots in the house and he utilizes them when he needs to. He’s very observant and a lot of times it’s worth watching his expression for clues and realizations because he’s clearly figured it out before you. He’s a sweet boy though and I like his and Zora’s relationship gets stronger as the movie goes on and that he’s also willing to do what he needs to. As Pluto, he’s little monster who wears a skin-tight mask over his face and who likes fire. He’s a scary little monster lol. Evan Alex does a good job as both characters. He of course cannot talk as Pluto, but he makes little grunting noise and sounds like an animal. I think that was in line with what he was in Red’s eyes lol.
The Story. The story is interesting and fully in spoiler territory, so I’ll be brief about this. So, basically Adelaide experienced something traumatic as a child and she has now returned to her childhood home where she begins to see all kinds of coincidences that make her think of what happened before. Just as she finally expresses what happened to her husband, a family shows up and begins to terrorize them. We learn this family is a shadow of our current family and the ride never stops from there. I think this story is a dig at a lot of things. What you take from it I think will be different from person to person. It’s a commentary on identity in ways but also on the government. Not to mention, on how people deal with their choices and the implications of that. That is all I will say here.
The Horror/Thriller Aspect. While I don’t think the movie is scary overall, it does have horror elements. Jordan Peele sets up scenes that are meant to leave you tense and trying to prepare for what’s about to happen. Not to mention, this movie doesn’t seem completely far-fetched. You can’t help but to wonder. Not to mention, what would you do in this situation? How would you react? It’s thoughts like that that linger that makes this scary. Also, the performances are unsettling and the whole idea of what the doppelgangers are trying to do… it’s a lot for the senses but it’s not scary! At least not in the traditional sense!
Musical Score. The music is beautiful in this movie. Particularly the scene during the opening credits with the rabbits. It was so haunting! The music really helps elevate parts of the film.
All the Signs. I watched this movie twice and on the second viewing, it really helped put things into perspective now that I knew what I could expect at the end. I really liked how they were used to foreshadow what was coming, what we were going to learn about the characters and the story. I thought it was clever. I think it’s easy to notice on the first go around, but there’s nothing like watching and experiencing it again once you’ve already seen it and now know the truth.
Not Enough Answered Questions. I talked with my brother-in-law and older sister about this movie briefly and we had a nice discussion. However, I still think there were a lot of questions that were raised in the movie and not enough were answered. I know movies can be left up to interpretation but when the movie itself poses questions or poses situations and doesn’t answer them or give clarity to what it’s presenting us. For example, we get a ton of information when we first meet Red, which poses some questions and gives a bit of answers. Then later, we get more information that gives us even more questions, but nothing is truly answered. It’s just frustrating because when those questions arise, it’s hard to ignore them.
Weak Last Act. I think the story remains interesting but compared to the set up, I think the last act is weak in how it’s portrayed to the audience. So, we get a lot of information in the last act which raises a ton of questions, but it’s delivered to us in a “villain’s monologue” and the information is not only a lot to take in, but it leaves a bit of head scratching. Sure, sure, you can argue that it was meant to be taken how the audience takes it but you’re clearly setting up a narrative and while it’s crazy, like don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the reveal, it doesn’t hold a clear weight.
The Other Family. I know why they were there, I know why they were included in the movie, but I would have rather just spent the entire movie with the Wilsons without spending the 10 minutes we do with that other family. Other than to show us Gabe’s whole thing of “keeping up with the Joneses” they could have been left out. It wasn’t a necessity personally.
Overall, I really liked Us. I don’t think it’s as good or tight as Get Out is but Us manages to find its way through some of its weaker and confusing aspects and still provide a thrilling experience. The acting is good all around, the Wilson family are all interesting people and I would love to just spend a day with them that doesn’t revolve around their doppelgangers coming to visit. The story is interesting and provides a lot of metaphors and allegory that can be interpreted in different ways by different people. The music is fantastic and adds to the creep factor. The horror aspect, while it’s not a scary film, works as it provides tension. Plus, all the signs that foreshadow what’s to come are handled so well that on the second watch, you find yourself taking note of them all. Now, I did have a few minor problems. I think the film has a weak last act compared to the first two. It also raises too many questions and not answering enough of them. It doesn’t come off smart but confusing and irritating. I also think the other family could have been cut from the film or at least not given an entire sequence by themselves later, who really cared about them? ANYWAYS, great movie, I really liked it and I think it’s worth the watch, especially to see what Jordan Peele thought up.
Rating: 4.0 out 5 stars.
Spoilers Below This Warning.
So, I knew I wasn’t going to do a spoiler review for this film. I could but I don’t think I want too. So, at the end, we find out that Adelaide who we’ve been hanging out with the entire movie is actually one of the Tethered. At the end, once they “win”, she has a flashback where she remembers what happened the night she got lost. As a little girl, she went into the hall of mirrors and found her shadow. So, Adelaide choked the real Adelaide and switched places with her. So Red in the movie, is the REAL Adelaide.
 I hope that’s understandable lol. But I was like damn that’s a good twist because it was. I didn’t see it coming, at least not till the end when I wondered if they switched places as children after Adelaide killed Red. So, Adelaide went back to the beach after Red took Jason. She went into the hall of mirrors and went back to the place where she first saw her shadow as a child. She goes down into the tunnels (which I wondered just how she knew the door was there, she didn’t act to me like she was trying to see if there was a secret but like she knew it was there even if it was subconsciously), anyway, she goes down and again, I wonder just how she knew where to go. But she finds Red. They have a confrontation and a fight and Red slashes and stabs her a lot. Finally, they go into one of the bedrooms and Adelaide ends up stabbing Red with the poker. She was dying but then started to whistle “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and Adelaide uses the handcuff chains to break her neck.
During this entire sequence, Adelaide does a lot of screaming, frustrated noises, grunts etc. When she drops Adelaide down to the ground, she makes some other weird carnal/animal noises. My friend said, “Did they just fuse together or something?” and I was like “Nooooo” because then I started to think they must have switched places at some point because what she just did was very animal like and we never saw Red make any of those noises outside of telling her family how to go after Adelaide’s family. It was just so interesting to me so how that all worked out in the end.
She finds Jason and he looks at her all weird and she tells him “it’s her, he’ll be safe, and things will be like they were before” and he is just giving her this weird look. When they’re in the car driving away, Adelaide is remembering that she is not the real Adelaide and Jason gives her this look and then she smiles at him and he puts his mask on.
So, with the ending, I know there are a lot of theories floating around about it and I wanted to add in my two cents. One is that Jason and Pluto got switched at some point. I don’t buy that because when would they have been able to switch him? It doesn’t seem like the visit their summer house all the time and how would they not notice that suddenly Jason is different? Was he different? I mean there’s too many holes with that. Young Adelaide couldn’t even speak when she first switched, her parents thought her trauma affected her speech. Plus, the tethered can’t speak, at least not human language, so why can Jason (who may still be odd) speak clearly but Pluto, cannot, plus he moves like an animal most times and his face is badly burned. So, I just wanted to put my two cents in that theory.
The other theory that Jason and Chris from Get Out, are the same people is also ridiculous. Just because Chris doesn’t like talking about his mom doesn’t mean he wouldn’t talk about his sister and dad? Plus, why would Jason change his name to Chris? AND even more so, why would he forget the trauma that he witnessed as a kid with the tethered and then go off to some backwoods house with his girlfriend? I would be so cautious if that happened to me, I would never go anywhere with anyone. NOT to mention, didn’t we learn that his mother died in a car accident or something? Something where he felt like he killed her? Idk.
 The other theory that Get Out and Us exist in the same universe. Meh, maybe but how far apart do they exist?
So, I have a few questions. These are some of the questions that were raised, that I can remember right now that I don’t think the movie did anything to answer, or at least do it well enough.
  •  Where did Red get all those red jumpsuits, gloves and scissors? Obviously, she was inspired by Michael Jackson, as his t-shirt was the last thing she wore before the switch.
  • It’s implied that her dancing is the reason why the tethered looked at her like she was different. I did seem like at the end with the confrontation with Red and Adelaide that Red had better control of her body, even though Adelaide was hurt… it got wilder whereas Red remained tight in her movements. Sooo, during that dance scene, who was really controlling who in that scene?
  • How did Red get all the tethered to meet and understand her plan? How far do those tunnels go? Was it just California or was its other places?
  • What was her plan after the tethered took over? Were they just going to stay with their hand in hand? She said to Jason and Pluto when she sent them to play “Don’t damage our house” so I would assume they were just going to live out their lives up top but how long was the holding hands last?
  • What about the tethered finding their husbands and wives like the ones up top? Because they were revealed to be clones of the surface people instead of actual “shadows”, how does that work?
These are just some things I thought of while writing this review and when watching the movie.

Movie Review: Don’t Breathe (2016)


Summary: Hoping to walk away with a massive fortune, a trio of thieves break into the house of a blind man who isn’t as helpless as he seems.
**As this movie came out last year, I’m probably going to spoil it. Maybe not throughout but in the cons, I will be spoiling the twist and ending. So be aware if you haven’t seen this movie and don’t want to be spoiled. I will put another warning when it comes up so you can skip it if you like.
Cast and Characters.
  • Stephen Lang as The Blind Man. So this man is a blind war vet. He has a large sum of money in his house after his daughter was killed in a car accident. He seems very melancholy and sad about her death, which is understandable. However, when he realizes that people are in his house, he defends his house like a predator. He is scary regardless of the fact that he’s blind. He’s so scary but he is also brutal. He knows his house and he hunts down these kids. I’ve only seen Stephen Lang in Avatar and of course being the villain in that film he is very scary and he can totally see in that. I think he played this part very well, in being sad, a hunter, a victim and being very scary.
  • Jane Levy as Rocky. She is really the lead of the film, Rocky lives with her younger sister, mom and her mom’s alcoholic boyfriend and she’s using the items they steal to try and get money to go out to California. She seems to be a survivor and a fighter but that’s all that’s really distinguishing about her. She cares about her sister and she has a thing for ladybugs. This is the first time I’ve seen Jane Levy in a role, I thought she was good for her part, the moments when she’s scared, I believed she was, the great scene in the basement where it’s completely dark, I believed her fear and desperate need to get out. The times where she had to fight, same thing. She was good.
  • Dylan Minnette as Alex. He seemed like he was a lot younger than the other two, and he seemed like a good kid. I definitely wanted to know how he got mixed up in robbing houses with them, if it was only because he had a thing for Rocky, but he may not have had a good relationship with his dad (but we don’t really know that) but he was also smart. He was against robbing the blind man when he learned that he was a war vet and I was like “YES, my name sake, you better be the smart one. We don’t rob blind war veterans” but of course he caves. Alex was a smart kid, but obviously someone who likes to be a hero as he had a few chances to go but he stuck around for the girl. I really like Dylan Minnette, he is always likable even when he’s being stupid or kind of mean, I wanted to see this movie because he was in it anyway.
  • Daniel Zovatto as Money. He is kind of stereotypical in how he acts. He has his little braids, his tattoos and his attitude. He seems like he’s the leader of their trio, he’s crass, in your face and impulsive. I mean, Daniel Zovatto was fine in his part, I didn’t get attached to him because he’s that character that I went “oh he’s gonna be the first to go”. He’s just… that guy that got them to the house and was stupid.
The Direction. With suspense and thriller movies, it definitely helps when the direction is used in a way that makes the viewer fill like their involved in the movie. When the three characters first break into the blind man’s house, the camera follows each of them as they search the house, it follows from Money, out of the room, to Rocky, out of the room to Alex and around and back where you don’t know if there is someone there or not. When Money gets into the blind man’s bedroom, the camera goes under the bed (to show the gun) and comes out the other side… it’s so intense.
The Tension/Music. If there is something this movie does extremely well, it’s building the tension and using the music to do so. This movie is best when all of the lights are off, I don’t consider it scary (especially since I don’t like scary movies anyway) but it definitely can make the viewer be tense the entire time. There are points in this film where it’s silent and all you can hear are the characters breathing in fear, or trying not to breathe and it’s completely dark (at least to them) and we can only see them grappling around in the dark. It was so much that I felt my heart pounding as I wanted them to find ways to get out. This movie builds the tension so well. The music alongside it helps set the mood.
The Story. So the first half to the story is very simple. These kids want to leave Detroit to a better life, so they break and enter into people’s houses, so when they find out about a house that holds a lot of money, that is owned by a blind man, it seems like an easy hit. Turns out they were wrong as they quickly become the hunted. That’s fine and simple because the movie didn’t really need more than that. The movie is a survival movie without the usual gore and blood that these types of movies may have. I think that’s important to note.
Character Motivations. Outside of Rocky, I don’t think any of the main three really had clear motivations as to why they were doing what they were doing. Money might have just wanted to get money for it, but he never really said, same can be said for Alex. Yeah, Money made the dig that Alex was doing it because he was “in love” with Rocky, but sure, that’s motivation enough to go and rob houses… to please the girl you love but aren’t sure they feel the same about you. The Blind Man has a secret that while I get it, I mean… it’s like but why? That’s so weird and just ridiculous.
The Story/Twist. There will be spoilers in this part, so skip over this if you don’t want to be spoiled. So, like I said in the “pros” the simple part of the story with the kids is fine and it helps that it’s not over the top and that it’s straight forward. Now, there is an extra story that is revealed in the film about halfway through. Alex and Rocky discover a girl tied up in the basement of the man’s house, she’s harnessed to a padded area and her mouth covered with like a leather thing. It turns out she is the girl who allegedly killed the blind man’s daughter. So, Rocky and Alex try to bring her with them to escape, she can barely walk (I mean, I would have left her because obviously he wants her for some reason and set off the alarm or left an anonymous tip or something) and the blind man shows up and shoots her, killing her. When he finds out she’s dead, he cries out “my baby” and when he thinks he killed Alex after beating him bloody, he captured Rocky and tied her in the padded room. He tells her that since they robbed him of the girl, and his baby, that now Rocky would give him his baby. He is going to artificially inseminate her with a turkey baster and of course she fights. While I got it, it’s also just weird and I felt that the movie didn’t need that part. In terms of how it ended, with Rocky getting away with the money and the blind man surviving after having killed both Alex and Money, he bought her silence about the truth and she gets the money and California with her sister. I get it, I just thought it was weird. Plus, he says “I never forced myself on her” but it’s still rape and it just felt weird.
Spoiler over.
Character Choices. So in any movie characters make dumb decisions, but these characters really make some dumb decisions to the point where I was like “really?” I mean I get that you want to be a hero and what not, but sometimes you gotta make the smart choice in order to make the best choice. If you don’t already have an escape route, don’t go back in the house! I mean really??? There were sooo many times where I just wanted to smack Alex and Rocky. Of course in movies like this, they fundamentally have to make stupid decisions because if they didn’t then there wouldn’t be a movie, but sometimes it’s so stupid that I can’t even imagine thinking that way.
Overall, I really liked Don’t Breathe, I quite enjoyed myself and I definitely think the movie is something to experience. Make sure it’s loud and dark. I thought all the actors did well in their respective roles and I didn’t dislike any of the characters. I thought the direction was really cool and helped feed into the tension and anticipation the movie creates in the beginning. The music really helps build the atmosphere and the tension is built up very well. The first half of the story is also very interesting as it’s a simple story. However, there are negatives. The character motivations aren’t very clear, at least not all around, the characters make really dumb decisions that are so dumb, they’re dumb by scary movie dumb standards and this movie is handled a bit better than a typical scary story. The other half the story and the twist I thought was really odd and almost a bit out of place in the film. I just didn’t like it. I got it, but I didn’t like it. But I liked the movie as a whole.
Rating: 4.15 out of 5 stars.
Have you seen Don’t Breathe? What did you think about it? Do you like suspense and thriller movies?
What is your favorite??
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Movie Review: Get Out (2017)


Summary: A young African-American man visits his Caucasian girlfriend’s mysterious family estate.
Cast and Characters. This movie has it’s special group of people and legit all of them were interesting people and I think the actors did a great job. I can only go into so much detail without spoiling the characters in the film.
  • Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington. First of all, I think he is so good looking. I thought he looked good in Sicario but anyways, he’s really good here. His character is into photography and he seems to be a chill dude. He’s a bit nervous to be meeting his girlfriend’s parents, especially in knowing that her family is white. As he in their world, he looks a bit uncomfortable but is really good at keeping it together. But he begins to feel like he’s losing it and it’s so great. I think Daniel does such a great job at maintaining a nice young man persona (which he is) as well as being uncomfortable with being around white people. The way he is during the get together, he is trying to be a team player but things are weirdly happening. He reacts the way I know I would. I also appreciate his strength in the later scenes.
  • Allison Williams as Rose Armitage. Rose is the “girl next door” girlfriend. It was interesting how she was able to stand up to the police officer who questioned Chris (even though he was driving), definitely privilege there. She has a big smile, seems really sweet and doesn’t seem to be like her weird family at all. Allison Williams works here, she has the big smile that is inviting and welcoming, and as the film progresses we get to see more and she’s great in the role.
  • Catherine Keener as Missy Armitage. She is Rose’s mother, a Psychiatrist, tries to help Chris quit smoking using hypnosis (something he is not interested in), but she seems to be diagnosing him every time they talk. It’s weird. They have an interesting run in at night. I like Catherine Keener, she has an interesting voice and she works well here, she’s very unsettling in a therapy kind of way.
  • Bradley Whitford as Dean. First of all, this guy looks so weird with facial hair, I didn’t realize who he was until today. Anyway, he’s that guy who feels the need to explain that “I would have voted for Obama for a third term”, or finds a way to try to placate Chris’s uncomfortableness. Especially in reference to Walter and Georgina. He’s that guy who a black person would roll their eyes at because they’re trying so hard. He’s also a brain surgeon. He wasn’t as bad as “unsettling” as the mother, but he was up there. I think Bradley Whitford (who I also like most times) plays the part well, the lame dad, who thinks he’s hip but it’s more annoying than anything.
  • Caleb Landry Jones as Jeremy Armitage. I think he was the weirdest. He’s Rose’s younger brother and he obviously makes Chris uncomfortable due to his assumptions, especially about him being good in and liking sports (which Chris is meh towards), or the fact that he has a great physique for MMA. He even tries to get Chris to do some moves with him (so weird). I think he was the most unsettling of them all considering how he would stand in the background, or corners just looming over everyone, not to mention, he wouldn’t do something to his hair and Caleb has really lovely red hair lol. I think Caleb was perfect in this role because he is totally weird.
  • Marcus Henderson as Walter. He is the groundskeeper of the Armitage estate. Chris sees him and Dean tries to explain that Walter helped out when his parents and that they didn’t want to let him go (same with Georgina). He is really quiet, stares oddly and when Chris goes to introduce himself, Walter talks like he’s from another time period. He also does that creepy run (you see it in the trailer). Dude is so creepy. I think Marcus Henderson plays that really well too, to be able to maintain weirdness about the character.
  • Betty Gabriel as Georgina. I only saw her in that one movie that I will not name as I hated it but she was one of the few things I liked about that movie. She’s so pretty to me but Georgina is the Armitage’s maid and she pops up out of nowhere so many times (the only time I actually jumped was because of her). She also seems to have a fascination with herself in the mirror and she interacts with Chris a bit and every time she does it’s so weird. Good job Betty, you are officially scary lol.
  • LilRel Howery as Rod Williams. He is Chris’s best friend, the funny one. He’s the one who tells Chris not to go to the country with those white people (lol) and he’s the one who solves a lot of mystery on his own. TS MUTHAF**** A lol. I liked this dude. Everyone needs to have a friend like him.
  • Lakeith Stanfield as Andre “Logan” King. I think Lakeith is a great actor, I first saw him in Short Term 12 and he was pretty great here too. We see two versions of him. That’s all I’ll say. He does a great job too.
The Direction. There are so many good shots in this film. I can’t even, especially in the last act of the film. All of the scenes that are in Chris’s head, or flashbacks to his childhood, they’re all handled so well. Jordan Peele knew what he was doing, I was pleasantly surprised. The feeling of claustrophobia presented in a lot of scenes, or unease, or uncomfortably, it all depends on the choices made by the director. Two thumbs up.
The Story. On the surface, this story is about an interracial couple going to the white family’s estate. It travels through how uncomfortable Chris feels in this situation even if he loves his girlfriend. However, there is something sinister going on and I kind of figured something along the lines of what was going on, but it ended up being a step further than what I thought. It’s scary and honestly something that in a weird way could be considered funny but it’s scary for any black person to think about happening to them.
The Imagery. While the thrill factor is there, the imagery used in the film helps boost those moments. I don’t want to go into it too much because it gives things away but the things shown really help put certain things happening into perspective.
The Horror/Thriller Factor. I wouldn’t necessarily say this movie is a horror film but more of a psychological thriller. There are few jump scares but I only really got scared once. I don’t think it’s really scary but more haunting. The scene between Chris and Missy in her office, that’s the first really unsettling scene because it’s weird. Then when Chris is meeting all of the white neighbors another time because the camera is shifting between all of the people and it’s like overwhelming for Chris and for the viewers. Then of course the entire third act… again, I wasn’t scared but more like O.O. It’s so great.
The Message. This movie is not out to offend anyone, but I’m sure it’ll make a lot of people upset. It’s just exploring the fear that black people have when being a white man’s world, which is legit. It’s extreme but that’s the point. The people in this film aren’t Neo-nazi people, or whatever, but are nice people, with nice lives etc. but they represent those people who make life uncomfortable for black people while also admiring the best parts of that person. It addresses many levels of racism.
The ending. This is really my only con and it doesn’t knock the movie down any bit for me. I think the ending is solid but it leaves so many questions unanswered. It can be argued that that’s the point, which is fine, sometimes, but I want more answers. Why would they make sure it was actually over before doing what they did? What about the other people in the wealthy neighborhood? I NEED TO KNOW!
Overall, I love Get Out and it was so surprising to me. I figured it was going to be good from the beginning but it really surprised me with how good it was. Jordan Peele created a film where the black man is not the villain, he is the victim but he is an active victim. He has created a film where it shows the fears that black people feel when surrounded by white people, as well as addressing the microagressions directed towards black people. It’s really an interesting film. The direction was great, the film looked nice and clean while including a lot of imagery that helps boost the way the film can be viewed as well as the story. It’s a very intriguing and unique story. The actors were well cast in their roles, they were fully realized. I love this film.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
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P.S. Jordan Peele is married to a white woman… is he crying for help? Do you need help Jordan? lol (I’m just kidding).

Movie Review: The Shallows

The Shallows Movie Review

I don’t own this trailer.
This review won’t be long or detailed as the movie is fine and I don’t have much to say on it. I just want to give my opinion.
  • Cast and characters. There’s really only one character in this film. Sure there are others but it’s really a one woman show.
    • Blake Lively as Nancy. Lively is the main character, she is the only character. She goes to a special beach where her mother used to surf, in Mexico I think, because she wants to be closer to her mother and spend some time alone to think. Of course, a shark happens to be in this water and she is attacked and she spends her injured time on a rock that’s just about the size of her own body. Shore is just out of reach and she would have to swim in order to get there but the shark is circling her rock and she has to survive.
      • I think Lively plays the part well. First of all, she’s beautiful and I hate her (not really), she does well to hold the fear and tension the character has to maintain throughout the movie, whether she will live or die. When she is feeling out of luck, she makes you feel emotional for her, you want her to make it. Unless you’re just a glutton for people dying in movies. Blake Lively holds her own well in this film.
  • The look. This movie is very beautiful, I was telling my friend that I thought the water was gorgeous, the way the camera would follow Nancy under the water in order for us to experience what she does in going under the waves to surf. Oh man, so beautiful. We never learn the actual name of the beach which I wish we did so I could look it up, but the water is so blue, the land beneath the water is seen so clearly and the waves, wow. It might also be stylized due to the color palette of the movie but it still looks great. Of course Blake Lively fits right in with her bikini body lol.
  • The Shark. I’m not a “thriller movie” watcher generally, this was a screening so why not. But sharks terrify me and I’m sure that not all sharks are calculating like this one was, but because it was, it made me so scared for her and for my nerves. The design of the shark was very well done.
  • The Bird. There is a seagull in this film who is on the rock with Blake Lively and I have never wanted to have a seagull for a pet as much as I wanted that one. It served as humor in certain parts because there are parts where the movie gets emotionally heavy that the bird helps level that out. I loved the bird.
  • The Suspense. Now, I’m not a person who usually sees movies like this so it may just be me, haha but man, I watched a lot of this through my fingers mainly because I don’t want jump scares or to see a shark tear people apart. But the buildup to moments, or to “fake out” moments, were done so well that I tried to prepare but still freaked out. But again, this could just be me not being one for movies like this even if they aren’t necessarily “scary”.
  • The story. Now, don’t let this turn you off but it’s a cliche story. The backstory isn’t a strong part of the film but it’s often referenced but I don’t think it was strong enough for it be a driving point. The movie isn’t very long, and the beginning takes a minute to get the movie on it’s feet so if it would have spent time building up her backstory, or the emotional weight that we’re supposed to feel for her due to her backstory then it’d be different. It’d probably be stronger but that whole part was just… throw away.
  • The other characters/actors. There is not a lot of them, outside of the guy she meets at the beginning, they were all pretty weak. It may have been like that for us to be more connected to Blake Lively’s character but meh, her family wasn’t interesting, honestly they didn’t have to be in it at all and the affect probably would have been the same. The two other surfers she meets were pretty dumb and oblivious that anything that happens to them, you just don’t care.
  • The Climax with the Shark. Now, without spoiling anything, the climax itself was really cool and tension filled but towards the end of it, something happened, that was smart on Nancy’s part but kind of dumb at the same time. For such a smart shark… you’ll get the idea if you decide to see the movie.
  • Jump Scares/Slow building. Now, the suspense and tension works just fine however, it’s the amount of jump scares that happen before it starts getting irritating. I still jumped but I was sick of jumping for no reason. It also starts off really slow, the first 30 minutes starts off slow enough to the point that the viewers just want the action to start already! Probably has to deal with a lot of random slow motion and close ups on her face and mouth lol.
Overall, The Shallows was a movie that did it’s job in entertaining the audience for the most part. The heroine of the movie is relatable enough that you want her to survive and win. The action was tension filled and suspenseful that I sat curled in my seat waiting for it all during those scenes. Blake Lively holds her own well as she is the only actor that really matters in this film, the Shark was also done well too in terms of design and the movie itself was beautiful. It also had it’s problems in a emotionally weak story, there were silly elements that dealt with the shark that probably should have been looked at once more in order to be more cohesive, the other characters could have been removed as they were unimportant and it also takes a minute before getting on it’s feet.
It’s fun, entertaining, and interesting, if you like shark movies then you should like this one. If you like thrillers then go ahead and deal with this one, it’s fine.
Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars.