Movie Review: A Fall From Grace(2020)


First movie review of the new decade! Whooo! It’s not going to be a good one lol.
Disclaimer: As you probably know from my Acrimony review, I generally do not like Tyler Perry films. I have nothing against the man. I think it’s wonderful that he has given work to black actors, a lot of them he gave them their start so I think that’s great. I also think it’s great that he wants to tell stories with black people at the forefront. My problem comes that most of the time, they are very pedestrian, stereotypical and follow the same formula. It usually always follows a black woman who was in a bad relationship with a man. Or has fallen on some hard times and she might be super mean or bitter.
I just don’t personally dig those movies, I’m sick of them. I like Diary of a Mad Black Woman and I think I Can Do Bad All By Myself is his best film. It’s been years since I’ve last seen either film so it might be different. So that’s it.
There will be spoilers for this movie because I’m sure most of y’all have watched it and if you haven’t, you really don’t care lol, I promise you you don’t. 
Summary: Disheartened since her ex-husband’s affair, Grace Waters feels restored by a new romance. But when secrets erode her short-lived joy, Grace’s vulnerable side turns violent.
It’s Wild. Kind of Enjoyable. I didn’t turn it off nor did I go “okay, I can’t do it anymore,” like I did with Acrimony. It’s not something I’ll ever watch again but I did laugh in shock at some the moments between Grace and Shannon. “Ashtray b****!” is iconic, I’m sorry lol, I cracked up. I also enjoyed the sheer craziness of this plot, especially the “twist” at the end. I believe I sat on my bed like…
I mean this movie is crazy! It’s a ride… it’s a ride. That’s all I can say because it… it’s a ride lol.
Story Potential. There’s a lot of potential in this film and in this story. It’s nothing new, I’ve seen this story done better. But I do think there’s a ton of potential because the idea of a woman being seduced by a charismatic, “good looking” younger man is always fun, especially when it turns out he’s not as great as he should be. I hate the whole “I’m going to tell you this story and it’s gonna be a flashback” thing unless it’s done well but Tyler Perry did it with his Confessions of his Marriage Counselor (which I also hated). If he didn’t want the film to be linear, sure, that’s fine. But I think there are other ways around making it not linear that doesn’t include just having Grace recount her story to someone else and her narration. I was going to write out what I would have done instead but I decided, nope, I don’t care. But I will say this, instead of starting out the way it did, it should have started like: Ringing (like the ringing in the ears sound) and a close up of Grace’s face when she smacked Shannon with that bat in her house, so we’re like “Whhha just happened”. Then have a silent montage of her getting arrested after she called the police to confess. While she’s being walked out, or being processed or whatever, they should have had her flashbacks playing in flashes with her meeting him or whatever. That’s what I got to share and that’s it.
Acting… sometimes. I think Phylicia Rashad is always good and she was good in this film. I think she was the only one who was consistently good. Her character was just the best friend to the main character and she was fine until all the twists at the end and they got crazy. Cicely Tyson is always good as well, but she was wasted in this film. Mehcad Brooks has the best line in the movie though lol “Ashtray b****!” lol I’m still laughing at that.
The Acting. For the most part, it’s so bad. I’m sure Crystal Fox is a wonderful woman and she has her moments of being okay, but when she’s being all yelly at Shannon, it just made me laugh. I didn’t believe her at all. Breesha Webb just looked scared the entire movie as Jasmine and her delivery was generally pretty bad. There’s a scene between her and Jordan where he tells her to eat her food and she says “I don’t want it! Who are you my father!? I DON’T WANT IT!” and it was so bad, I rewound the scene because I cackled so hard. Office Jordan was really bad (he was cute though lol), the two other DAs were horrible, especially the woman. Anytime she spoke, she sounded like she was talking to her homegirl and they were trying to sound “serious” or something. I don’t know, but it was really bad. It’s just so bad! It’s painful.
Stupid Characters/Decisions. First of all, everyone in this movie makes super stupid decisions! It’s annoying! I’m about to hit as many of them as I can remember. I will not watch this movie again just to clock them lol.
  1. At the beginning Jordan the worst policeman ever, is trying to prevent a woman from jumping off a roof, and there is a helicopter. Do helicopters just pop up when someone is trying to commit suicide and shine super bright lights on them? I mean… wow.
  2. Jasmine, the worse lawyer ever, tried to CHANGE the court proceedings while they were giving final statements. She kept trying to recall a witness after you already rested. GIRL! Is you or is you not a lawyer? I just could not.
  3. Did Jordan not recognize this house? Unless the woman at the beginning was at a different house when she fell, he was at Sarah’s house… right? I need someone to tell me.
  4. Sarah hits Jordan with a cast iron, it does nothing to him, but then she throws a bag of groceries at him like it was going to do something. Girl lol
  5. Jordan, the worst policeman ever, handcuffs Sarah and then JUST LEAVES HER! I know she is a senior citizen but she can still run. Should have handcuffed her to the chair or something.
  6. Did Jordan not teach Jasmine how to defend herself at all? How to get out of dangerous situations??? The fact that Shannon got the drop on her, sure, but she didn’t learn nothing from him? Then she was tied up, with rope, to a wooden chair. Girl, if you don’t rock yourself over, so that chair can break. Then KICK that door down, it opened outwards. UGH!!!
  7. Was there no missing posters for them old ladies they had down there in the basement? Also, there was a random young-ish woman down there, so I was confused about the whole scam they pulled.
  8. Also does no one do background checks on this woman before just letting her work for them? I mean at the end, Sarah somehow got out of those cuffs, got to another city and got a job at some old folks home. Do A BACKGROUND CHECK.
  9. Grace you’ve been friends with Sarah for 6-8 years??? You’ve never been in her house? You’ve never explored!? Girl lol.
  10. Jasmine took Cicely Tyson who is wandering around outside, saying she wanna go to her house, back inside the house… I would have called my husband who is a policeman to come back and let’s put this woman in the back of the cruiser. Girl is crazy.
  11. Why did Jordan find out about Sarah’s criminal history at the end? No one looked her up before? She was a witness; don’t they check them before the proceedings? I mean… just stupid.
  12. Shannon and Grace went to a Steak and Shake and had wine?? Where they do that at?
That’s all I got right now. lol
Way too many noticeable errors. This movie has to be the messiest movies to have ever movied. I mean, clearly there a ton that people have talked about it all and I’m going to mention it all over again because y’all, it’s a mess.
  1. The wigs. They’re all horrible. First of all, Mehcad Brooks is a beautiful, beautiful man… WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO HIM? That ugly wig! I feel like Jordan was wearing one too but it’s hard to say but his hair was literally the same as Shannon’s. Ugh. Grace’s wigs, maann, when she got in the shower, it didn’t look like real hair lol. Not to mention, her hair kept changing when she was in prison. I can’t lol.
  2. The dishwasher wasn’t completed lol
  3. Shannon got beat with a baseball bat, I mean, she beat his ass! Then threw him down the stairs. You trying to tell me that he got up and walked away or that Sarah helped him? And then all he had wrong with him was two black eyes (which looked so fake) and a bandage on his head? Man, he should have been in the hospital.
  4. The fact that the extra during the diner scene, clearly had food on his plate, mimed eating it but never actually ate it? Or drinking from his cup of air? Also, he would continuously stare directly into the camera, or would watch Mehcad Brooks while he would deliver his lines and it was so bad and noticeable.
Too LONG! This movie is 120 minutes long and it feels so much longer. I looked up and saw I had one hour left and I almost died. It just feels too long. It needed to be 30 minutes shorter and the production time should have been longer lol. Don’t brag about filming your movie in 5-6 days when the errors are horrible. Netflix should be ashamed of themselves for putting this movie on their service when it was clearly not finished.
Overall, I had an entire rant section but I don’t remember what I was going to rant about since I started this post a week ago lol. But this movie is bad. Sure, it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen but it’s bad and I laughed in surprise at the sheer audacity. I think it has some enjoyable moments and it’s such a ride to watch the first time because you just can’t believe what’s happening. There is a story potential, the acting is okay sometimes and it’s wild. But none of the pros outweigh the cons! I already talked pretty in length about the cons so that’s all I shall say on that. I wash my hands of this film!!
Rating: 1.89 out 5 stars.
Did you see A Fall From Grace? If so, what are your thoughts? What is your favorite Tyler Perry film?

Movie Review: Acrimony (2018)


Summary: A faithful wife, tired of standing by her devious husband, is enraged when it becomes clear she has been betrayed.
There will be spoilers because I don’t care.
Leading Characters. I don’t think any of these characters are that interesting apart from the two leads, nor do I think the acting is that great throughout the movie. I will give a shout out to Ajiona Alexus as Young Melinda, she is great with her facial expressions and you do sympathize with her.
  • Taraji is always a Win. Taraji P. Henson is a very good actress and I generally think she does a great job in her roles. I think with the writing she was given, she managed to elevate in certain places throughout the movie. The narration (while I didn’t like it) was humorous in some areas and you can tell that she was truly affected by what was going on with her. I think Taraji is very engaging to watch even when she’s playing crazy.
  • Lyriq Bent as Robert. It’s kind of weird but while the character was mostly crap, Lyriq is really good at this role. He’s this man who is down on his luck and he just keeps trying to make this battery thing work and you can tell he really wants it too, but he’s so narrow focused on his own problems that he doesn’t see what he’s doing to his wife.
The Idea of the Story. The whole woman scorned thing is okay, I mean we’ve seen it many times before and this isn’t anything different but the idea of watching this woman stand by her man for a long time and then finally let it go and the things he promised are given to someone else, all that’s fine. I wouldn’t mind it so much if the execution was good… I guess I’m getting ahead of myself.
The Narration.I won’t say I hate narration but I HATE unnecessary narration. We first see them in court and then we see Melinda in therapy and she’s talking about her feelings. We then get to see her entire backstory with Robert and Taraji is narrating it while she’s telling her therapist. I usually dislike this setup because NOW we get to hear her tell us her feelings and thoughts instead of allowing us to live in the moment! THERE WAS TOO MUCH NARRATION! Gah it was so annoying. You want me to feel bad for her but you are literally telling me in the narration that she KNEW something was up! She kept saying “Con man!” because YES I know she’s telling it from her point of view, but dang Tyler Perry, trust your audience to get that from Ajiona Alexus’ acting. There’s a part where young Melinda sees Robert’s home and they have an intimate moment and we can CLEARLY SEE that he’s affecting her with his Nina Simone and his charisma, WE DIDN’T NEED THE NARRATION TO TELL US THAT! It was super annoying.
Over the top. Sometimes things being over the top is fine but it does not work in this movie. It’s ridiculous to be honest. They wanted me to feel bad for Melinda, which I did for a little while. It wasn’t until the crazy stuff later on that I was like “nope”. I mean, in the beginning when she was younger, she found out Robert was cheating and she literally ran her jeep into his mobile home until it tipped over. She busted her face, got internal bleeding and had to get her uterus removed. I mean… why? Why couldn’t it just have been her breaking an arm or leg, or hurt her neck? I mean jeez. Then later, after she gets the divorce, she decides she wants to sue him for half of everything once he gets his battery off the ground. Look, I get it, you were there the entire time he’s been failing and you feel like you should get something, I get it, but listen, you divorced him and he gave all the money you spent on him and more. I know it’s not necessarily all that you probably deserve but it wasn’t like he divorced you after he made it big ya know? Plus, I’m sure seeing him give everything he said he was going to give you to someone else had to be upsetting, I get it. Completely. But you stalk his fiancée on Facebook and leave threatening messages and then try and sue him. I mean what? lol it doesn’t make sense and I feel no sympathy anymore. If anything, I just feel bad for you and not in a good way. If the movie wanted that then great job but if they wanted me to feel for Melinda lol psht. Just ridiculous.
The Last Two Acts. I think the first act with the young versions and up until the divorce was fine. Painful but fine. When they get a divorce and she sees that he is now living the life he always said he wanted to live she loses it. Now, I don’t mind her being upset and the whole “woman scorned” thing but wow, the movie begins to take this break neck pace where it starts to get embarrassing and my friend kept rolling over because it was so painful to watch. It was like a car wreck. It went from this woman feeling betrayed to this “misery” thing and it was just… ugh ridiculous.
The Women. I don’t know what Tyler Perry’s issue is with black women, but literally all of the women in this movie are just out of their minds. Melinda of course has her issues that come full force later in the movie and I think it’s ridiculous that no one in her life addressed it beforehand. I know the black community has a hard time with mental health but still, considering the fact that Melinda knew her father had the same issue as her, it must have been mentioned. Why not more often by other people? They all seemed to know that she had this anger issue, so why hasn’t it ever been helped before? It’s a movie, she can go to therapy. Then her sisters were just stereotypes. Brenda was the one who just knew all the answers and was constantly putting Robert down and always always in Melinda’s business. I know she’s the oldest sister and she was protective but there are boundaries ma’am and you keep crossing them. The second sister, she was so timid… I guess? She was the other extreme to the oldest sister where she was always so mellow and tried to be the peace keeper but she always sided with Brenda. Then you have the lady that Robert ends up with and at first I was like okay, because she was like “I didn’t know about Melinda” when they were younger but she for some reason, started watching all of the videos he’d sent over the years (even though he was JUST issued a restraining order from the company) and you can clearly see her falling in love with him again and I’m like… girl lol, just because he’s brilliant doesn’t mean he’s not crazy. I just can’t. The only sane one was the friend.
Bad Acting. Outside of our leads the acting was horrible. I thought the friend was fine but the sisters, the other woman and the husbands were all just bad.
Overall, this movie is so bad I could barely finish it. I wanted to give up. I knew it was going to be bad but I hoped that it wouldn’t be so terrible since the two lead actors are good at their jobs, which they are. There’s nothing wrong with telling the story of a woman who wasted her life with someone who didn’t give her everything and more that she gave. I get it. I really do. Anyone who can relate, sure, but there’s a line between you feeling like you are owed and then just going crazy. It’s just so over the top that it’s not even good or interesting storytelling. It makes the main character who we’re supposed to sympathize with look bad and as the audience, I no longer care. The acting is bad minus, the women in this movie are stereotypes and terrible. The last two acts of the film are rushed and full of bad writing. I just can’t. I’m done with this movie lol.
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars.
Have you seen Acrimony? What did you think of it? Let me know your thoughts on the movie down in the comments below. If you liked it, tell me, I’m curious.
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