Movie Review: Zombieland 2 Double Tap (2019)


Summary: Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies, fellow survivors, and the growing pains of the snarky makeshift family.
There is a mid-credits scene and an end credits scene.
Cast and Characters.
  • Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee. He is basically the dad in the group lol, he does his own thing. He loves cars, guns, killing zombies and in this movie ELVIS. His relationship with Columbus is the same, they’re a bit antagonistic, mostly Tall to Columbus they trust each other. They are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work well together. He gets a lot of chances in this movie to be funny, to show how awesome he is, and Woody Harrelson is great! He’s so likable even when he’s being rude.
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus. Of course, you can say that Eisenberg always plays himself and maybe he does but it works for him and I like it. It was great seeing him in a movie where he’s just having fun. Columbus is a bit neurotic, but it works for him. He’s stayed alive all this time! In this, they’re all living in the white house and he and Wichita are still together. He has ideas and plans for the future and is a little upset and sarcastic when things don’t go his way, but he has every right to be how he is lol. I totally get him. I love Columbus because he’s just awkward, sweet and weird but just like everyone else, very capable.
  • Abigail Breslin as Little Rock. Wichita’s rebellious younger sister and she’s the reason why the movie happens pretty much. Her and Wichita run off and then she runs off from her sister and is just stupid lol. She’s a young adult and wants everyone to know she’s not a little kid anymore and wants to find people her own age, she feels trapped in the “kid” role and she doesn’t want that. She also is sick of the Zombieland life. Whenever we see her, she’s with Berkeley and she’s enamored because he’s cute and her age and finally! Other people who aren’t zombies! She was a little annoying and kind of stupid, but she pulls through at the end. I think her relationship with Tallahassee is cute and I totally get her reasonings but come on man, you’re in a Zombieland. Can’t be stupid.
  • Emma Stone as Wichita. Emma Stone is always a win. Wichita is the same as she was in the first one, a bit hardened and sarcastic and she still has an issue with commitment or feeling trapped in a role. She knows how to handle herself but is very protective of her younger sister as well. Her and Columbus have a cute relationship and it’s funny because he’s so weird and she’s so cool. They also have great chemistry. I like her interactions with Madison because they are so different, but I think it’s clear Emma Watson just has fun in this role, she gets to be sassy, as per usual, but she’s more of a rude sassy than her quirky sassy lol.
  • Rosario Dawson as Nevada. She joins the movie a little later, but she runs the Hound Dog Elvis motel and she’s awesome. Rosario is always awesome. She is very similar to Tallahassee in her personality but she’s much cooler than him. She’s badass and comes through in the clutch later in the film.
  • Zoey Deutch as Madison. We meet Madison at a mall and Columbus almost shoots her because she just appeared out of nowhere. But she’s a dumb blonde and that’s her joke throughout the movie and I’m perfectly fine with that. It’s hilarious to me. I’ve never seen Deutch play a role like this before and I quite enjoyed it. It worked for her, she’s funny.
Supporting Characters. We have some supporting characters we meet, some last throughout the movie and others are just cameos. Avan Jogia as Berkeley, Luke Wilson as Albuquerque and Thomas Middleditch as Flagstaff. Avan Jogia was basically a hippie type character. He was pretty annoying lol, but it worked for him. He still cute. Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch are basically the same, of Columbus and Tallahassee in how they look and act. It’s supposed to be a funny interaction and I think it was. It worked for me.
For Fans of the First One. I think it’s a given that if you loved the first one then you’ll probably love this one. This one manages to be a continuation of the cult classic Zombieland but also managing to remain fresh and feel like seeing the first one for the first time again. The characters have returned and are as we left them, just older with different people problems, not to mention, new people and zombie problems.
It’s funny. I laughed throughout the movie. Humor is subjective, as I always say whenever I mention the humor in a movie, but I laughed a lot. I also had a nice crowd in my theater so there was a lot of laughter. I think the line delivery really works for a lot of the sarcasm and these actors have a knack for being funny without trying to come off funny. Zoey Deutch’s Madison really was a scene-stealer whenever she was on screen and I really enjoyed her. It was my first time seeing her like that and she got a lot of laughs from me and the audience. Of course, Harrelson, Eisenberg and Stone work well together. Not to mention, the cameo from Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch was great too. Great funny scene. Also, Tallahassee’s entire Black Foot thing, like bruh what? lol
Awesome action sequences. Just like in the first, this one has great action scenes with the zombies. Of course, we get an opening narration with Columbus narrating and we get a nice introduction to our characters and the zombies at the White House. Great scene. Then later, the scene near the RV was awesome. Shows just how badass Wichita and Tallahassee are. The scene in the Hound Dog Hotel was great! And of course, the battle at the end had some high moments too.
High Stakes. I think this movie really showcases some high stakes in that Little Rock runs off with some Hippie and everyone is worried about her, not to mention, the zombies have evolved and are better hunters and harder to kill. Plus, people are turning around them left and right lol, I was stressed out watching this movie because I was worried about how many people were going to make it to the end. I think the movie does a good job in making those stakes feel important and make you think that they’re going to kill people you care about. The entire last act of the film was one big tense but awesome sequence.
A Real Story? Meh. In ways, the first one is kind of like this, but it feels like a series of events more than a singular movie. I know that Zombieland was supposed to be a television series before the movie and after the movie but never seemed to make it there.  I think even here, it seems like it could have been a show with how much it feels like characters go from place to place, meet new people and things happen. I find this to be very noticeable and it breaks up the flow of the film a bit.
Ending Battle. I think overall, it was okay. The entire movie is leading up to this final battle where our main four must show they’re awesome and save a bunch of other people and while the first part of the battle was great, the monster truck stuff was great, it didn’t end with the same tension or awesomeness as the first part.
Overall, I loved the first one, so I had hopes that while this one won’t be as good, I’ll love it too and true words. It’s great! It’s almost just as good as the first one because it has the same energy and feeling as the first one did, we’re just more comfortable in this world since we’ve already been introduced to it. I think it allows for viewers to just dive right back in and you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything. All the characters are still great, the returning ones we know and love, are still hilarious and work so well as a family even with their issues. The actors are having fun and they’re all great. The new characters, no matter how small or large the roles, also are great. There isn’t anyone we meet that I dislike, who are important characters. What we learn about zombie evolution is super cool and the movie is funny and it’s a fun adventure with high stakes. However, there isn’t much of a story, I mean it’s there but it’s not a focal point. Also, the end battle was underwhelming. With everything else we got beforehand, the climax fizzles. But the movie fun and if you like the first one, I’d imagine you’d also like this one.
Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars. Honestly, I would give this a higher score for pure entertainment value, but I think this is fair.
Have you seen Zombieland 2: Double Tap? What are your thoughts?
What is your favorite zombie movie?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Fan Casting: MCU X-MEN


So, as we all know, the X-men franchise in the movies has had a lot of ups and downs. A lot of ups and some downs, it really depends on how you look at it. One day I’ll watch all of them and review them (I’ve reviewed X-men: Apocalypse) but for the most part, I have liked the cast chosen to play these iconic characters.

So, when I started this post, it was last year lol and the merger between Fox and Disney wasn’t confirmed. Now that it is, I really wanted to put this out with my ideas of their casting. I think as X-men is such a large group of people that they should definitely consider really exploring the multiverse because an entire group of mutants we never knew about? I mean obviously because they didn’t exist in MCU but still lol. Also, with them now being part of the MCU, they could kind of retcon what they’ve done with Wanda and Pietro’s origins. But after Doctor Strange’s sequel, perhaps they really should do the multiverse, if Wanda breaks a hole through the universe… I mean it would be awesome. Gives the opportunity for way more heroes and villains.

Complete Restart

In my mind, when they restart, they have to restart completely. Don’t get me wrong, I looove a lot of the cast from the other movies, the older movies and the newer ones. But unfortunately, I’d only pull a few of them to come over to the MCU. Not many though. In the comics, the first group of X-men was: Scott Summers/Cyclops, Jean Grey/Marvel Girl, Hank McCoy/Beast, Bobby Drake/Iceman, and Warren Worthington III/Angel. 

I think that since we haven’t seen this particular group together, it would be nice to see them to pay homage to the comics, since they were the first X-men. They can introduce Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird and some others but I’m not going to cast everyone though.

I think in the first movie, it should be the original group or at least people we haven’t seen a lot of. So, that means NO Logan/Wolverine and NO Mystique. As much as I enjoy Logan, he’s never been my favorite X-men. Hugh Jackman really owned that character which helped me like him more. As for Mystique, Rebecca Romjin’s version was awesome and Jennifer Lawrence’s started off fine but she irritated me later. So definitely don’t need her for a while. I would even argue, we don’t need to Magneto for a little while either. I mean, he could be a looming presence but we don’t have to see him.

Sooo you’re here for my casting choices so let’s get to it! You don’t have to read anything clearly, you can just skip through the pictures. It’ll hurt my feelings but that’s okay. Oh and get used to me mentioning X-men: Evolution because I was really into that show and while I am aware of the comic book storylines, that is most of what I remember lol.

My Casting!

I’m going to cast a younger version and an older version. It just depends on where the MCU wants to start out the X-men, as teenagers/young adults or a hero whose been doing this for at least a decade and a half or something lol.

The Uncanny X-Men

Scott Summers/Cyclops. 


He is the leader of the X-men and we need to see that! We have not seen that yet and it kills me. Scott is brave, self-less, a master tactician and first-rate leader. I know he isn’t very popular with fans lol, which is fine but we haven’t had the chance to see him lead and grow in the movies and this could be that chance. He’s a leader, he’s no-nonsense and serious, dedicated and perhaps a bit of “Boy Scout” in the beginning. He can often hold a low opinion of himself and obsess over his shortcomings and failures. Socially, he has described himself as an introvert. As a leader, he is very strict and no-nonsense, demanding seriousness, dedication and skill, usually earning him the dislike of more rebellious team members. Scott also has a plethora of mental issues, bottling up his emotions and refusing to confront his issues, despite this affecting him adversely.

In the movies: James Marsden and Tye Sheridan

I really liked Tye Sheridan as Scott in X-men: Apocalypse. I don’t think they allowed him to really be the Scott that is the leader. He didn’t have much to do in Dark Phoenix other than worry about Jean lol but he wasn’t bad. James Marsden didn’t get that chance either. I’ve always liked Scott fine and he should be able to be the leader like he’s supposed to be. Of course, Tye Sheridan played him like a cool dude in his first outing and I didn’t mind that but it would also be nice to see him as the introvert he comes off as in earlier iterations. Marsden was just there unfortunately, a little smug sometimes but just there. I wouldn’t mind having Sheridan back but I think I have some better choices. FUN FACT: Kirby Morrow who voice Scott in X-men: Evolution also plays Miroku in Inuyasha. 😀

Young Scott: Graham Phillips Adult Scott: Armie Hammer









Younger: Sooo I was going to choose Nick Robinson for my younger Scott because I really like him, but Graham Phillips‘ face popped in my head. Last I saw him was in Riverdale, which I know doesn’t say much, but he played a “villainous” character and it didn’t quite work for him. Perhaps a boy scout character would work instead. He has an earnest face, I think. I know Scott has blue eyes which you don’t see most of the time, but if it is an origin story, it would be nice to flash Graham’s lovely blue eyes. But I think not only would he rock the glasses but those goggles he’d have to wear. He would be able to portray that introverted, loner personality that Scott has while also doing the “learning how to lead” aspect which would turn him confident while he’s Cyclops. Besides, Graham can come off a little awkward and it would work for Scott, make him very endearing. I think Graham could walk that fine line of being endearing and being annoying which how people view Scott anyway.

Older: I love Armie Hammer and I think he’s a great actor. I’ve seen him in many films and he can do action, especially the serious kind, if you’ve seen A Man From Uncle, regardless of your thoughts on the movie, he did a great job. Not only does he have the right physique (being tall and strong lol), but his deep voice would be a little shocking for someone who would come off so quiet. I think Armie could handle the “Boy Scout” personality of Scott, while also being an already commanding leader! Plus, Armie Hammer can skew a little older, so while he’s 32, he can present a few years older.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Nick Robinson, Ansel Elgort (meh though)

Honorable Mentions (Older):Matthew Daddario, Jeremy Sumpter, Drew Van Acker, Richard Madden

Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix


So, Jean, has a lot of positive attributes, she’s loving and she loves everyone, especially those who mean a lot to her. She is very optimistic, even with the negative things. She’s very self-sacrificing. Jean has a very determined and stubborn personality, I would consider her a second-in-command type, even a leader when it’s needed because she doesn’t take carp from anyone and doesn’t know how to stay down. Of course, everyone has a wild side and Jean has that. Plus, her powers are awesome and she’s extremely powerful. I would like to see the full extent of her powers, without the Phoenix stuff, really shown on screen.

In the Movies: Famke Janssen and Sophie Turner

So, this role they kept jumping the gun with trying to get to her phoenix stuff, which hasn’t really worked out the way it might have. Janssen was fine, she was probably the best in the Cyclops, Jean, Storm group (not counting Logan). If the writing for her was handled better then I’m sure it would have been great! I also didn’t mind Sophie Turner. She did a great job in Dark Phoenixand I wouldn’t mind casting her again but I think since we’re getting new X-men I think Jean should have a fresh start as well.

Young Jean: Zoey Deutch  Adult Jean: Bridget Regan










Younger: There are a lot of choices of Jean, especially for redhead ladies, or those who can pull it off. But I chose Zoey Deutch as I was looking at young actresses and I decided on her because I like her, she’s a good actress and she can go many ways. She can skew older or younger, make her hair a bit redder and depending on the way they decide to go with Jean, she could play it. She can definitely do the vulnerable, selfless, loving and determined personality because I’ve seen her do it and she always remains likable to me. Plus, she just hasn’t seem to be someone that people know that much and I think portraying a younger Jean, it would do that for her. I think down the line, if they do the Phoenix bit, she could handle that really well without it coming off super whiny or super crazy.

Older: So, Bridget Regan. always comes up randomly when I’m fan casting and most times when she comes up, I can’t forget her lol. I think she could do an awesome Jean Grey! I remember her from this fantasy-esque TV show (Legend of the Seeker) from some years ago and she was great. Her character would be similar to Jean just a bit softer…? lol just make her hair redder of course and I think she could handle all of the emotions and characterizations Jean goes through. If they did the Phoenix thing with an “older” Jean, she could handle it.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Lily Reinhert, Jane Levy, Holland Roden

Honorable Mention (Older): Alexandra Daddario, Evan Rachel Wood, Holland Roden

Hank McCoy/Beast


Hank is a mutant who struggle for the acceptance due to his appearance. He is an extremely smart man. A “renaissance man” who excelled in arts, letters and the sciences. Hank wrestles with demons of loneliness and rejection but he also has a lot of wit and can be a prankster. Hank is SMART but he is very loved by those around him and he loves his people hard as well. I really really love the friendship between Hank and Ororo and I want to showcase that in future films.

In the movies: Kelsey Grammar and Nicholas Hoult

So, in the first set of X-men films, Kelsey Grammar shows up in X-men: The Last Stand,  and honestly, he was perfect. I mean, he had everything that I remember Beast being in X-men: Evolution. Nicholas Hoult had a much longer outing as Hank and I liked him mostly, he could get a little annoying but he was a good friend to Charles, loyal and of course had his little romance with Mystique. I think though that Grammer’s look as the blue Beast was much better than Hoult’s because I hate every single one of Hoult’s look as Beast. Just really bad.

Young Hank: Daniel Radcliffe Adult Hank: Oscar Isaac










Younger: I thought about a lot of options for a younger Hank McCoy and I went through a few people but I really like Daniel Radcliffe for the role. For one, I think he could embody everything Beast does. He can even maintain his British accent honestly. But I think he could handle all of his emotional ups and downs and plus, the Beast makeup, whether it’s prosthetic or motion capture, I think he could wear it well. He has very expressive eyes and he would really be able to push past the makeup or the motion capture. Plus, Hank can be very funny, a bit of a prankster and Radcliffe is awkwardly funny and very likable and very endearing and he’d fit right into my group for the younger X-men. I think he’d come off as the “older” one, which is fine, it works for him and this group.

Older: I found Oscar Isaac is the best choice for the role because I looooove him first of all and I think he would kill this role. He is such a chameleon and if they do right by him this time compared to that outing as Apocalypse, he would wear the costume instead of it wearing him. He would be able to handle all of the emotions that Hank goes through with how he looks and then if they do the thing with his love. Plus, the really smart demeanor he has, while also freaking out and being animalistic, Oscar Isaac can do all that. He’d be so great at it. Man!

Honorable Mentions (Young): Alden Ehrenreich, Stephen James

Honorable Mentions (Older): Joel Egerton, Jason Clarke

Bobby Drake/Iceman


Since I’m showcasing the original group of X-men first, it’s important to show that Bobby was considered the “class clown” often making jokes and clearly the youngest of the group. The others may not appreciate him often but he would become really close to Hank, due to Hank and him connecting through pranks. At first when Bobby is turning to Iceman, he had a snow like exterior, but with the help of Cyclops he learned to increase the temperature and turn to the icy form we all know. It would be nice to see him be the most reckless with his powers, meaning he not knowing how to control it and having to learn from the others because he’s probably struggling a bit more with his powers. They always show Jean struggling which is fine but let’s have someone else who doesn’t quite have a handle on their powers either.

In the movies: Shawn Ashmore is the only version of Bobby we see in the films and he’s fine. I mean his character grows as the movies continue but not by that much, at least not that’s interesting. He’s mostly known as being Rogue’s boyfriend lol. He does some cool things, like when he finally turns fully Iceman in The Last Stand while fighting Pyro but that’s about it lol. Shawn Ashmore was fine in the role, he’s likable and cute and the boy next door and I guess that’s all that’s needed.

Young Bobby: Brandon Flynn Adult Bobby: Matt Bomer

69th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2017








Younger: Brandon Flynn is from 13 Reasons Why and he was fantastic in that, particularly in the first season and I think he’d be great for this role. I know that in recent times, Bobby has been confirmed part of the LGBT community and Brandon is as well, so it would be nice to have that reflected in Bobby’s character in the films. But outside of that, he has a great smile, so he would be able to enchant anyone, because as soon as he smiled in 13RW I was like O.O. Plus he seems to have a lighthearted energy while also coming off innocent in ways which I think works really well for Bobby. He’d have great chemistry with my pick for Hank as they should become really close friends in the group and Bobby would be able to have someone he could lean on.

Older: MATT BOMER needs to be put into everything because he’s gorgeous, talented and he’s great! That is all.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Dacre Montgomery, Charlie Rowe, Dylan Minnette, Tye Sheridan

Honorable Mentions (Older): Don’t have any, put your cast in the comments!

Warren Worthington III/Angel


Warren Worthington has a very interesting and sad life to be honest. His feathered wings began to grow from his shoulder blades while at school. At first, he thinks he’s a freak but when he learns he can fly and help people he does, particularly during a fire in his dorm. He gets recruited by Charles later. He does come off as a wealthy playboy and very outspoken, and hates being told what to do, which makes him the cause of tension in the group, particularly with Scott who is the leader, and who is also different from Warren in personality. Apparently, he also is in love with Jean for a long time. Then of course there’s a lot of stuff that happens when he dies, or when his wings get stolen and he gets the metal wings… I mean he has a lot to pull from. But I would like to see a younger Warren with this whole personality of being a playboy and then all the emotional stuff.

In the movies: Ben Foster and Ben Hardy. Honestly, both choices were good choices for the role. I think Ben Foster’s characterization was probably a bit closer to what’s known about Warren’s character but he was so underwritten and underused that it was painful. He was so good. His character was so sympathetic and emotional that his first scene as a kid, was emotional, I might have teared up a little and then his next scene as an adult was also really great. As for Ben Hardy, his Warren was a bit random in his introduction, I still want to know what he was doing in that cage fight. Was he kidnapped like Kurt? I still want to know lol. But he was extremely underused and underwritten and then he dies lol. I mean really?

Young Warren: Austin Butler Adult Warren: Dan Stevens











Younger: Austin Butler is great! Karina brought him up and I was like “Omg yes!” He’s one of the actors I will put in everything! lol but Austin has this ability to be both earnest and lovable but smug and a little douchey at the same time. He has that look and I think he would be able to walk that line for Warren. Plus, he has gorgeous blonde locks, especially if he grows it out long again. Plus, I can see right now, him going back and forth with Graham Phillips as Scott because, I think he’s taller, a little cooler and he would wear that on his sleeve. I also think he could pull off a very emotional, heart on his sleeve personality and Austin is good at that. His eyes are very expressive.

Older: Dan Stevens is about 36 right now and I know he’s on that show Legion, as a mutant, which is fine, but I don’t think those shows count in the MCU but he has that pompous look that Warren has being a rich kid, but he also has an earnestness too. Just like Austin, he can walk that fine line of what Warren needs to be and it could come off either way. I think Dan Stevens also is pretty funny and I can imagine him and Armie Hammer going back and forth too.

Honorable Mentions (Young): I don’t have any, if you do, put them in the comments!

Honorable Mentions (Older): Alex Pettyfer, Freddie Stroma, 

So, the people I have chosen for the original X-men team, I think are strong contenders in both the young and older casting.

New Recruits

Ororo Munroe/Storm

3ecbbe87f8064f96bee4863ae3abeefdFirst of all, Ororo is awesome and has an awesome backstory. She comes from a tribe of women, African priestesses, who all have white hair, blue eyes and can potentially wield magic. Her parents were killed when a plane crashed into their home, she was buried under rubble which caused claustrophobia. She was found by a gang of street urchins who took her to theOir master and she was trained in the art of thievery. She was really good at it and one day tried to pick Charles Xavier’s pockets but it didn’t go so well lol. He used his abilities to stop her. There is also a ton of other things that happen which is dope but it’s a lot to share, but she ends up joining the X-men years later when Charles had no choice but contact her when his original group was in danger. He explained to her that she was a mutant, not a Goddess, though she’ll always be a GODDESS lol.

In the movies: Halle Berry and Alexandria Shipp

I didn’t like either one of these casting choices. I don’t find Halle Berry that consistently good of an actress and Storm has always been one of my favorite superheroes/X-men and I will never forgive her, Brian Singer or the writing team in those earlier movies. She was a little better in The Last Stand but that movie was so not good lol I can’t even think of her being good. She didn’t have any of the regality or strength that Ororo has and I’m sure it was a mixture of everyone not knowing how to write her character. Besides, she was always a background character which is also ridiculous. Alexandria Shipp already had us worried because of her portrayal of Aaliyah which also has to do with writing, direction and acting. Also, it sucks that neither of these actresses could handle the African accent, they tried but then Halle Berry stopped having one going forward and Alexandria Shipp was okay but she hardly talked. I mean, either way, she was just there. I also hated the fact they wanted Mystique to be such an inspiration to Storm… for why? Stupid. UGH! UGH! *sighs* let me bring it back.

Young Ororo: Kiki Layne                   Adult Ororo: Sonequa Martin-Green










Younger: I haven’t seen If Beale Street Could Talk yet to comment on Kiki Layne’s acting ability but I think her look is perfect for Ororo. I mean, obviously it would be nice if they found an African actress, but I’m pulling from who I am aware of. She is tall and statuesque, with beautiful brown skin and I think she could at least handle all of the strength that comes from Storm, especially when it comes to using her powers, which IS MORE THAN HARNESSING LIGHTNING. I want to see her fly, I want to see her affect the weather, I want to see her lose her temper where she affects the weather but then learns she needs to leave the atmosphere to do it. I want all of it.

Older: I’ve had Sonequa Martin-Green as Storm for so long lol. I’ve been sitting on her casting for a while, I think I started this piece like earlier this year or last year lol. She’s not that much older than Kiki Layne but she has a more mature look to her, so while Kiki can pull off the younger Ororo, Sonequa could do a Storm whose been hereoing it up for some years. So, I want all that I said for young Storm, just in adult Storm lol.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Deborah Ayorinde

Honorable Mentions (Older): Aja Naomi King, Tika Sumpter

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler


There is a TON about his backstory but I’m not going to go into it because it’s sooo much. Kurt has always been my favorite X-men so I’ve liked both iterations of him we’ve seen. Now, I think an interesting thing that they haven’t done is show that he has fur. His skin isn’t blue, his body is coated in blue fur which I’ve always thought was cute, especially since Wolverine calls him “fuzzball” and what not lol. Kurt has tragedy in his background. Of course, there’s the whole thing with Mystique being his mother, so I definitely want them to talk about that. It should be a thing instead of this vague nonsense they kept doing. He ended up in the circus and during shows, the ringmaster who did not like him, kept him heavily sedated the entire time. I also believe he was a bit abusive. That helped shape Kurt into the religious man he turned into. Let’s get into all of that.

In the movies: Alan Cummings and Kodi Smit-McPhee who played Kurt in X-men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix and he was literally my favorite casting of the newer movies. Kurt is my favorite X-men and it always sucks that they bring him into the movie and he’s underused! In both movies he was underused! I hate the fact that he just randomly shows up during the cage fight and I want to know HOW THEY CAUGHT HIM because he was just there and his final fight with Angel was so lackluster, which should have been great considering how they set it up. He had a bit more to do in Dark Phoenix but not that much. But HE IS SO GOOD as Kurt, so likable and sweet and I think it would be crazy to not keep him. He’s the only actor I would really keep from those characters. They should just give him so much more to work with. They don’t have to keep the markings on his face, which is such a big part of the Fox version of Nightcrawler but it’s not necessary. As for Alan Cumming, he was fantastic for the first outing of the character. His first scene is literally the best scene in the X-men movies, fight me.

Young Kurt: Kofi Smit-McPhee or Timothee Chalamet Adult Kurt: Matthew Goode

Younger: Kodi Smit-McPhee played Kurt in X-men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix and he was literally my favorite casting of the newer movies. I really liked Kodi Smit-McPhee as Kurt. I thought he did a great job with the character, with his naivety, but his fierceness, his humor and he just embodied for me, what I’ve always loved about the character. Plus, he looked really good in the makeup for the character. I could also see his Kurt growing up into the Kurt we saw in X2. It flowed well enough for me. I liked that he was kind, because Kurt is and always has been but I also like when his survival instincts kicked in and he fought. I thought Kodi did a really good job, probably made me love Kurt even more.

Timothee Chalamet has been my other choice for Kurt if Kodi wasn’t brought back in. I really want to see him do something against type. Something he hasn’t done yet and I think this would be a great role to try out for him. I think all of the emotional stakes that Kurt has to go through he would absolutely KILL it, but I would also like to see him bring his goofy personality that I see in interviews and what not, to Kurt’s goofy personality. He seems to do well with languages, I’m not sure about accents but I’m sure he could do a German accent and I think he’d look good in the blue look for Kurt. I don’t like the idea of Kurt being full CGI because I don’t think it’s necessary, they just need to make sure whatever design they give him, works and isn’t painful. I would love to see him play in an action movie BUT Kurt is also a tragic, sensitive and emotional figure that it’s right up Timothee’s alley. Omg, I can see him doing this right now.

Older: I’ve seen Matthew Goode in a couple of things and he’s a really good actor. I chose him really because his physicality and I think he would look great! But he also has this mysterious look to him that could go either way. I think he could do a good job.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Honorable Mentions (Older): Robert Sheehan, Rami Malek, Gaspard Ulliel

Anna Marie/Rogue

4440808-6947826028-rogueShe has powers that will take other people’s life-force and their powers if they’re mutants. That is all.

In the movies: Anna Paquin was a hit or miss most of the time. The emotional moments she did well but Rogue was never the sassy and strong vixen she normally is. Of course, a lot of my knowledge is from the animated show (not the 1992 one) where she was in the “goth” phase and very Southern lol. They can do that or just go off of what she’s normally shown like in the picture above. Anyway, lol Paquin was too whiny as Rogue and we never really got to see her use her powers, she was always scared of them or whined about them. Let’s see her fight Carol and steal her powers so she can fly and be strong and stuff! lol

Young Rogue: Sofia Carson Adult Rogue Mary Elizabeth Winstead

"Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals









Younger: I almost went with one of the last two of my honorable mentions but then Sofia Carson popped into my mind. I really like her. She has an interesting voice which I think would work for Rogue. I’m not sure how Southern she sounds, or if she can do a Southern accent but I think she would be able to embody all of Rogue’s feistiness, strength, and sensuality.

Older: Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a great choice for Rogue! I think she would be able to handle her Southern accent and keep that same personality and airs that Rogue has. I know she’s slated to play Huntress in this Birds of Preymovie, but let’s just forget about that and get her to play Rogue, if they go with more seasoned heroes.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Elizabeth Gillies, Hailee Steinfeld, Katherine Langford, Billie Lourd

Honorable Mentions (Older): Lyndsy Fonseca, Candice Patton, Alexandria Daddario, Sophia Bush

Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat


I was always more familiar with her from X-Men: Evolution where she was an upbeat, sunny girl who was pretty much popular and liked by everyone because of her open personality. I really want to see a strong friendship between her and Kurt as that was one of my favorite aspects of the animated show and I know it was also part of the comics as well. Plus, if we do get a Wolverine, I definitely want the friendship we get with Kitty and Logan, along with Logan and Kurt AND Kurt, Kitty and Logan.

In the movies: Ellen Page was fine in her outings as Kitty. I was mostly familiar with X-men: Evolution’s Kitty who was super girly and kind of a valley girl so Ellen Page who wasn’t like that was kind of weird for me lol. But she was fine and likable enough, I just didn’t like the whole Bobby/Kitty thing. I don’t know, we didn’t really get the chance to spend much time with her.

Young Kitty: Sophia Lillis or Millie Bobbie Brown Adult Kitty: Emmy Rossum











Younger: So, I have two choices for a young Kitty. I think Millie Bobbie Brown is an obvious choice but I think she’d do well in the role no matter which kind of personality they decide to give her. I do think she should be a bit more upbeat, like a typical teenager instead of all these sullen, brooding teens lol. MBB seems to have that kind of personality in real life. As for Sophia Lillis, I really like her and I think she would be an interesting choice for Kitty. She would make Kitty a bit more relatable and sassier and I like that about her, besides she’s a little older than MBB. Either choice I think would work out just fine. Besides, I think both of them would be able to have a great rapport with either of my choices for Kurt, as they are older than both SL and MBB, it would hopefully come off more sibling like. Otherwise, I’d age up Kitty’s actress with casting one of my honorable mentions.

Older: Emmy Rossum is an amazing actress and as soon as I saw her photo when I was looking at brunette actresses, I was like BAM that’s Kitty. I think she would maintain that bright personality that Kitty has but also be a bit “harder” because I would think she’s experienced and been through a lot. Plus, I think she would fit into my choices of the older X-men really well and have good besties chemistry with Matthew Goode as Kurt.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Kaitlyn Dever, Maia Mitchell, Natalia Dyer

Honorable Mentions (Older): Put your choices in the comments!

Remy LeBeau/Gambit


He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Remy’s bio-kinetic charging abilities manifested early in his teens, although he kept his powers secret from his family and friends, practicing his powers away from prying eyes. Remy discovered his signature attack when he picked up a playing card that Etienne had dropped, charged it, and threw it in the Pig’s face, taking out his eye. He’s had a lot of adventures, he’s really interesting lol and we need to see more of him, I definitely would like to, especially see his relationship with Rogue. My picks for the older version of Gambit and Rogue would be soooo great together! Plus, he just looks really cool. Let this Channing Tatum nonsense GO!

In the movies: Taylor Kitsch was honestly fine in his role; it was a bad movie and bad writing. I thought he did well and I wouldn’t mind having him back.

Adult Remy: Garrett Hedlund


I thought about doing the young/older for Remy but I couldn’t think of anyone I liked as a young Remy, so I’m just casting an adult one. The younger one might have to be an unknown. If they go with the younger X-men he shouldn’t really show up that soon anyway. But I think Garrett Hedlund would be perfect, he’s tall, handsome, likable and he normally has the hair that Remy sports and he has this charm to him that I think would snare anyone. Now, I don’t particularly know how good his accent would be but I’m sure he’d be fine. I’ve liked him in every role I’ve seen him play for the most part, so Garrett for the win!

Honorable Mentions (Older): Gaspard Ulliel, Dave Franco, Ian Somerhalder, Kevin Zegers, Taylor Kitsch, Jared Padalecki, Daveed Diggs, Jared Leto

Supporting X-men

Caleb McLaughlin as Evan Daniels/Spyke

People have brought him up for Miles Morales and I disagree on that. So, if they bring in Spyke mostly from X-men: Evolution, Caleb should play him. He doesn’t have to quite have this look but still lol.

Lana Condor as Jubilation Lee/ Jubilee

She was so wasted… so bring her back.


Returning Players

These are the characters we’ve seen many times. I didn’t want to quite include them in the detailed bits above but I’ll have everyone here except for Wolverine. I don’t have anyone I really want to see play that role right now.

 Ralph Fiennes as Charles Xavier/Professor X

Obviously James McAvoy who I adore was great as was Patrick Stewart. They’ll both always be who I might think of first when I think of Charles and honestly, I wouldn’t mind having McAvoy back but I am aware that he said he would only do it in the MCU if they write good and interesting material. I’m down for it lol but I’m sure they probably won’t ask him back. I would love it if he’d come into the MCU as a different person though. BE ANOTHER HERO JAMES! *ahem*











I actually couldn’t think of anyone else once I saw a picture of Ralph Fiennes. I think he’d be a great mentor to either of my groups of X-men. He has a stern face but he also knows how to soften it when necessary. Plus, I can see him going toe to toe with Jason Isaacs in a battle of wits.

Jason Isaacs as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto

He’d be great and you know it! Both McKellen and Fassy were great as Erik but neither one of them intimidated me. I want a Magneto who would intimidate me even when he’s not on screen. I never quite felt the threat from the other two. They were great but I think Jason Isaacs would really be able to sink his hooks (hehehe). I mean this dude intimidated me as Captain Hook lol. I think he’d look great in the classic Magneto suit and go toe to toe with my Charles.










Charlize Theron as Raven Darkholme/Mystique

I don’t think they should do the scales thing again. It was cool when you first see it with Rebecca Romjin, but they should stick to her comic look. Blue skin, red flowy hair, yellow eyes and then of course clothes lol. She often wears that white outfit; she can wear that as her default but she can literally change clothes at the drop of a hat. Just no scales.









Honorable Mentions: Lena Heady, Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale

So, these are my choices for how the MCU should cast their X-men. I didn’t of course go into sooo much detail about other characters, nor did I cast everyone, or even people we meet along the way, like Colossus and Banshee etc. I think this first group I’ve chosen would be a good group to start out with because then we get to see people get development we haven’t seen like Scott, Warren, and Bobby. Hank and Jean has gotten it in the past, but I’m hoping for a different kind of development lol. I’d also hope that the additional characters like Ororo, Kurt, Rogue and Kitty would be put to much better use.

But that’s it! This took a long time to put together and I want to thank Karina for helping me when I was stuck!

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts on my Fan Casting for the MCU’s X-men and leave your casting choices in the comments!

Thanks for reading.

Movie Review: The Professor (2018)


Summary: A college professor lives his life with reckless abandon after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Johnny Depp as Richard Brown. Normally, I would include a “cast and characters” section but there were really only two people I thought stood out the most. I have always loved Johnny Depp and I will continue to love him. Yes, he has had many movie missteps but I will always think he’s talented because he is. He gets to chill in this role, be a bit more reserved but also quirky in the way Johnny Depp is. Richard is an English professor and I think it’s clear to tell that he’s a quirky dude overall, but now he’s not bound by social norms to keep his thoughts to himself, or to “follow the rules”. He’ll now do and say whatever he wants and he often expresses that’s his goal for the rest of his life, however long it will be. I quite enjoyed the first 15 or so minutes when he found out and now, he’s just soaking it in throughout the day. I thought it was some subtle acting in the beginning and then he got to freak out a bit in the pond. Some of his best moments was when he talked to his daughter at the end and the dinner sequence. I also thought Johnny Depp looked really good in this film.
Danny Huston as Peter Matthew. He’s Richard’s best friend and colleague at the college.   He seems to be the more emotional one out of the two and more touchy-feely because as soon as Richard tells him, he slides closer to him in the booth and grabs his hands and Richard is like “not atop the table Peter” lol. But Peter just loves his best friend and he often makes that clear at how much he loves him and admires him. I thought it was sweet. I also quite enjoyed the little glimpse we got into Peter’s life. His wife is a nightmare. Not as bad as Richard’s though, I hated Veronica Brown but they both were unhappy in their marriages, maybe not at first but it ended up that way. But anyway, Peter does everything he can to help and support Richard and he wins the Best Friend Award. When he breaks down in the church, I almost teared up because his reaction and him praying, and then Richard trying to console him as he cried. It was sweet really lol and I thought Danny Huston was great. I’ve seen him mostly in villain roles so it was nice to see him in a mild-mannered character.
Pretty Funny. I laughed quite a bit at this film. Mostly, it’s the stuff that Richard says because now he doesn’t have to have a filter so he says and does whatever he wants. One of my favorite scenes, I rewound it twice, was when he’s in the classroom and he tries a cigarette for the first time and can’t hold it and he coughs in the student’s face who gave it to him. That was hilarious to me and I don’t even know why. Also, most of the interactions with Richard and Peter was funny and I loved his scene in the classroom when he tells pretty much everyone to get out lol. I thought it was smart humor for the most part.
Peter and Richard’s Friendship. They were super sweet. At first, I thought it might have been a little romantic and you can read it like that if you want, but I don’t think that was the intention overall. It was just a really close and personal friendship between these two men and I liked that that was all it was. They weren’t awkward about it. I mean, sure Richard seems to be the less “intimate” of the two, and he would tease Peter about it but it was just clear they’d been friends for years. I liked how worried Peter was for Richard and how he was literally by his side. I mean, he was the first-person Richard told. He didn’t even tell his wife and daughter until the end of the movie. If anything, this relationship was the most important one.
Richard and his daughter. I found that a lot of scenes that involved Richard and his daughter were really sweet. Odessa Young plays Olivia and we don’t get a lot of time with her outside of interactions with her parents. I mean we see her with a friend, but it’s not enough to really like care about her. You care about her because Richard does and it’s clear they have a special relationship. I thought Johnny Depp and Odessa Young really played off each other well and had a really nice father/daughter chemistry. He was really supportive and tender and they have this really good emotional that made me tear up a little.
The Classroom Scenes. I wish there was way more of these scenes because they were my favorite in the film. In one of the first scenes, he embarrasses Zoey Deutch’s character because her phone rings in class. He tells her to stand up and answer it lol that was brutal and I very much enjoyed Depp’s little smile during that scene. Also, when he goes on his rant and tells students to just leave, that was also great. Anytime we went back to the school, or we went back to him interacting with the students, I was like yasss, this is what I came for and I wanted more of that.
Richard’s Wife-Veronica. I did not like her. Literally, in her first scene at the dinner table, I was like “ugh, what a jerk”. First their daughter tells them some important information and she laughs it off. Then she tells her husband some horrible stuff, and when he doesn’t react the way she wants him too, she calls him an asshole. I’m like bruh, you’re the one who’s the asshole. Gosh, I hate her. I hated her throughout the entire movie. Then at the dinner, I WANTED TO PUNCH HER IN THE FACE. The actress was good but I hate her. Horrible character. I did not feel bad for her at all.
A Tad Pretentious. I think movies that handle death have a bit of pretension about them anyway. He talks about life a lot and what they need to be doing and we get beaten over the head with it a lot. I mean, I totally get that it’s something he’s really trying to convince himself of and of course impart this information on these young people since he feels like he’s kind of wasted his life in ways, but jeez, how many times do I have to hear the exact same lesson? I got the first-time thanks.
CLASSROOM SCENES!The movie is called “The Professor” for Pete’s sake! I wanted more stuff with him interacting with the students. I’m pretty sure when I saw the trailer, it indicated that we’d get a lot more interactions with his students. I’m not expecting it to be like Dead Poet’s Society or anything like that but I don’t care about the stuff with his wife. I wanted more at the school because that stuff was the most interesting and the funniest to me.
Abrupt Ending. I don’t care for how it ended. I wasn’t particularly sure if we were going to see Richard die and I was okay with that but I didn’t expect for it to just end. Like I totally get it. He was at a crossroads and he chose not to decide. I get that and I like that BUT it just felt lame after the enjoyable experience of the rest of the movie.
Overall, I enjoyed The Professor. It’s a harmless movie. It’s short and I think it’s a nice experience, especially if you are a fan of Johnny Depp. It’s just a movie that explores a man’s life as he comes to terms that it’s going to end sooner than he thought and now he must decide what he’s going to do with that time, not to mention, he doesn’t want to be a burden to his wife and daughter AND he wants to impart some wisdom on his students. I think that’s straight-forward and I liked going on the journey with him. Johnny Depp and Danny Huston were great. The other actors in the film all do a great job as well. I think it’s pretty funny, and I loved the classroom scenes, I wish there were more. I thought the relationships between Richard and Peter, and then Richard and Olivia were some of the most interesting in the film and I wish we got to see him interact with his daughter more. Now, I did not like Richard’s wife, I hated her entirely. I mean, in ways I understand but she was a horrible person. The movie is pretentious and it does beat you over the head with literally the same lesson, just said in different ways. Also, I don’t quite like the ending. I get it, but I don’t like it. But in the end, The Professor is a fun and quirky film that I think any Johnny Depp fan would want to check out.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
Have you seen The Professor? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!
What is your favorite Johnny Depp film? Or, what do you think is his best acting role?
Edward Scissorhands is hands down my favorite Depp film and Edward is my favorite Depp character. BUT I think What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is one of his best acting roles. If you haven’t seen either of those movies, check them out.
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Movie Review: Before I Fall (2017)


Summary: February 12 is just another day in Sam’s charmed life, until it turns out to be her last. Stuck reliving her last day over and over, Sam untangles the mystery around her death and discovers everything she’s losing.
Cast and Characters. We meet a lot of people in this movie, but I won’t go into detail about all of them.
  • Zoey Deutch as Samantha Kingston. She’s the main character of the film, she wakes up on Cupid’s Day (Feb. 12) and goes about her day with her three best friends. I guess they’re popular, but they’re kind of mean to people, particularly Anna and Juliet. Sam is expecting to lose her virginity to her boyfriend that night, they go to a party and then they get into a car accident. She wakes up the next day, not understanding what’s happening and she tries to do things differently, she tries to avoid the crash because she thinks it’ll stop. But she gets some sad news and it starts over anyway. Samantha didn’t seem to fit in with her friend group, but as the movie went along, we got to see just how different they were but they fit together (they should stop being mean though) and Sam didn’t seem to fit either. I don’t know if that’s because of Zoey or not, but she’s affected very much by what’s happening and she tries to deal with it the best way she can. It was great to see her growth throughout the film. I think Zoey Deutch is definitely the standout in this film, we spend the most time with her obviously, but I think she holds the film very well. She’s likable and even when Sam is being mean, she’s still likable because it just doesn’t fit her. I think the times when she’s emotional, you really feel it from her.
Supporting Characters.
  • Erica Tremblay as Izzy Kingston. She’s not in the movie like that, but she’s great with Zoey whenever they have scenes together and she looks just like her brother Jacob Tremblay.
  • Halston Sage as Lindsay Edgecombe. She is one of Sam’s best friends, probably the “leader” and she’s the meanest of the group. With her friends, she’s not bad, she’s not like Regina George where she’s mean and fake the entire time but she’s mean to the people she’s mean to. Lindsay is that girl who will turn on you when you tell her about herself, or who will claim you did something to cover for what she did. Halston Sage is fine in her role, she manages to be both mean and sympathetic.
  • Elena Kampouris as Juliet Sykes. One of the main victims of the bullying and she’s a bit odd, and her role is minor though important and I think Elena does a good job at playing this role of a withdrawn character.
  • Logan Miller as Kent McFuller. An old friend to Sam, he throws the party that they go to and as the movie goes on, we learn more and more about him and his past with Sam. He’s very likable.
The Story. So I’m a sucker for time loop stories, I think it’s interesting to see how people handle having to repeat the same day over and over again, getting to make different choices and try to find out why it’s happening and how to beat it. It’s very interesting to me and I like how this one just happened. There wasn’t really any set up to it, it was a mystery that had to be figured out as well. Each day happened and Samantha learned a bit more every day and it was great to watch her experience different things. Of course it was bad that things were emotional for her but it was great to see how she reacted to each new day.
The Music. Adam Taylor is in charge of the music and I liked it. It was a mixture of being whimsical during some of the quiet moments, especially when Sam was allowing herself to enjoy life and the moment. Most notably the moments with her sister, or the moments at the end. I also liked that the contemporary songs weren’t just in the film, but they were what the characters were listening to which helped it sound less jarring when a random pop song or rap song popped in. There is a song though that sounded like a less impressive version of “Irreplaceable”.
The Ending. So, I don’t know if it was because I was emotional watching the last 30 minutes of the movie, but I teared up. It’s common knowledge now, if you’ve been following this blog, that I’m a crier at movies in general lol, but still! I think the ending had a lot to say in terms of understanding purpose, how to treat people, living your life to best of your ability etc. It was pretty interesting how it turned out.
Cliche/Cheesy. This is a type of story that’s been done many times. It’s Groundhog Day, Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, and any movie that has to deal with living the same day over and over again. This doesn’t really bring anything new to that genre as it still follows that same formula. Plus, it’s based on a young adult book so it has to be attached to those tropes that are found in those books. The bullying troubles, mean girls, the weird girl, stuff like that and while this movie tries to add a bit more to it, it just can’t feel original.
The Story/Message. So this is here in the cons as well, because while I like the story (I generally enjoy time loop stories), I think that it’s a bit unfortunate with how it ended. Why did it have to end that way? Why did Samantha have to be the one to make the hard choices? Perhaps the book goes into more detail about it but the movie doesn’t really help out with that and it makes the ending feel unsatisfying. It wants to be deep and stuff but since there are so many unanswered questions, it just feels cheap.
Overall, I enjoyed Before I Fall very much so. It’s a movie based on a YA book and though it’s easy to tell that, I don’t think it super dramatic like those can be sometimes. I thought the acting was good across the board but Zoey Deutch really stands out in this film, she truly manages to hold her own and her character is compelling. I think the story is interesting, I really like Time Loop stories and the ending had a lot to say in terms of character, people and life. The music is also very nice. Unfortunately this movie is a bit cliché and cheesy, while it is based on a YA book and one of the better adaptations, it still falls into that category that feels like a YA book. While I did like the story, I do think it tries too hard to hammer home certain messages that’s cheapened by the ending. There are a lot of unanswered questions that make the ending feel unsatisfying. But it’s a good movie.
Rating: 3.35 out of 5 stars.
Have you seen Before I Fall? Have you read the book? What did you think about it? Is the movie a good adaptation?
What is your favorite or the best Time Loop movie? Let me know in the comments below!
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Why Him? (2016) Review

I honestly had low expectations for this film, I mean it didn’t look all that good. Comedy films like this can go either way, so thank goodness I saw a free screening. Below are my thoughts.
Summary: A dad forms a bitter rivalry with his daughter’s young rich boyfriend.
Cast and Characters. This film has a variety of characters and all of them are likable people. I think.
  • James Franco as Laird Mayhew. This character is a trip but he’s not a jerk like the trailers portray. At least not to me. His character is an honest dude, he tells it like it is, he uses a lot of profanity but he’s pretty entertaining. I think you can tell he loves Stephanie and he really wants to impress her family, but he doesn’t really know how to do that with people who aren’t “free spirits”. It’s pretty funny the way he tries to impress them but does it wrong. This character is perfect for James Franco, he’s weird and his character is weird. There’s something about Franco that makes him likable but at the same time come off as a total douche, even if it’s unintentional which is what Laird was. Sometimes he came off as naive douche but it wasn’t on purpose. By the end of the film, he grows up a bit even though he keeps certain qualities that keep him a current and kind of unique character. Plus, that big goofy smile of his is great for this character.
  • Bryan Cranston as Ned Fleming. Bryan Cranston is a great actor, his comedic timing is fantastic and I think he’s great in this fatherly role in which he’s worried about his daughter and a bit overprotective. He doesn’t know about Laird in the beginning, and because he is very close to his daughter, he does make the attempt but after seeing who Laird is, the type of life he lives and he’s so annoyed by him and so worried about her. His overprotectiveness takes over. Similar to Steve Martin in Father of the Bride but a bit more “closed minded” than George. Cranston is really good here, probably the best actor in the film, I love how funny he is even if it’s not an obvious funny moment. I like his chemistry with his wife and his daughter and even his moments with Laird. His facial expressions, that was more funny than the obvious funny parts.
  • Megan Mullally as Barb Fleming. She is hilarious. She is most notable for her role in Will & Grace but she is very different from that role. Just like her husband, she’s a bit on the conservative side but seems to be a bit more accepting of things compared to him (as mothers in films most times are). She also loosens up a bit before Ned does. Megan is so funny, so charming in this role, she was probably my favorite character in the movie. Her expressions, the little comments she would make after a moment, were usually funnier than the funny moment.
  • Zoey Deutch as Stephanie Fleming. Ned and Barb’s daughter, she doesn’t tell her parents she’s dating Laird as she thought it’d be best for them to just meet him as he’s a unique person. She has hopes that them coming to visit her while she’s away at school would be a better way for them to get to know him. There are a few secrets she has to tell her parents, but she wants to find the right time, as she wants them to see she’s an adult and can make her own decisions. Her love for her family is evident, her love for Laird is also evident, but she also is very much wanting to be her own person. I think Zoey Deutch is cute, I liked her here and I liked her relationships with her family, her chemistry with everyone and just like the rest of her family, she’s likable and you want to root for her, for everything to go her way because she’s great.
  • Other characters. You have Keegan Michael Key as Gustav and Griffin Gluck as Scott Fleming. Keegan is funny in this role, he’s not always funny personally, but he is definitely enjoyable in this role. His random moments of tackling Laird… those were funny, or the fact that he was a voice of reason in the silly moments, those were great. Griffin Gluck is Step’s younger brother and he starts off like his parents, smart and wanting to run the business they own but as he spends time with Laird, he becomes a bit more bold. It was cute.
The story. It’s not original, but it’s cute. Considering the fact that it’s the parents meeting their daughter’s weird boyfriend, this could have gone in many different ways and I think this way is fine. It does have a nice little heart at the center of the madness, it’s all about family and love.
Stephanie Fleming. I liked her but it’s more of the fact that her character is kind of left in the background. I recognized what they were doing with her inclusion but at the same time, everyone else’s reactions to things are considered so much more important than hers are. While I understand her character, she isn’t given much to do other than complain about how her father doesn’t like her boyfriend etc. It was unfortunate.
The Humor. Obviously with comedy, it depends on the person. In my theater, laughter filled the room quite often, but I didn’t laugh at everything and neither did my friend. Some of the “gross” stuff, I Didn’t laugh at while others did etc. So this really depends on the person but to me, it was funny but not as funny as it was made out to be. Some of the humor is really juvenile or just like shock humor more than actually being funny.
Rivalry? I don’t think there was really any sort of rivarly. There could have been, probably should have been but not really. It was more along the lines of Father of the Bride instead of Monster In Law. The trailers make it seem like there is going to be some type of thing between the Cranston and Franco and while there is it’s not like… the focus to be honest.
The ending. I don’t think it was a bad ending, I think it was more or less… “overly sweet” in the way it was handled. A nice little bow was put on it and I just thought it kind of wrapped up quickly… maybe that’s just me? lol
Overall, I enjoyed Why Him? It was cute, it was funny and I think if you like this type of humor (like most of the people in the theater) you will love it. It’s a sweet film at it’s core, and while the story isn’t necessarily new it’s still nice to see. Plus, it’s a Christmas film. It won’t become a classic like Father of the Bride but it’s fun to watch with your friends.
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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Side note: At the screening, there was this lady, the ENTIRE time tapping her feet behind me and my friend’s head. Like seriously tapping. She would stop in like 30 second intervals and then pick up. THE ENTIRE MOVIE! It drove me freaking crazy. If you’re going to do stuff like that, then you need to sit on the floor so you’re not annoying the people in front of you. GAH!