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Author’s Note

Introduction to the blog.


I’m a 24 year old writer, avid reader and passionate movie watcher. This blog is extremely new to me but I always felt I should write one considering how passionate I am about the things that I love. I always talk about books, writing, television shows and movies and I finally asked myself ‘why am I not actually doing something about this instead of just talking people’s heads off?’ or I would watch/read other blogs, vlogs etc and say to myself ‘I think I can do that’ and I decided that I can and I will. I am excited to finally get started!

This blog is going to feature many things. I’m just going to write. Being a writer, I should write as much as possible at any given chance and I haven’t done that in years. It’s time for me to revisit it. Once I get into a groove, I’ll have a set schedule for when I update book reviews. I’ll also be doing movie reviews, book/movie talks, recounting interesting moments from my work at the library, and fan casting among other things. I just want to have fun and see where it takes me but the main event is my passion for books.

So, I hope this blog is read and enjoyed. There will be chances for interaction, I also plan on linking a YouTube vlog here as well so I’m so excited!

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