His Angel’s Song

Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. He was extremely nervous, but she told him, she said it would be alright. His turn was approaching and she wasn’t here. Brown eyes scanned the crowd once more but he could not find that beautiful head of twisted hair.
“Emmanuel Thomas.”
Eyes wide, the young man turned his attention from the door, she wasn’t coming. He felt dejected and did not move forward. The host of the program motioned for him to come on stage, he even repeated his name to the crowd but Emmanuel did not move. He couldn’t do this. She promised.
You have to share this song with the world. You have to play it. You have to sing Emmanuel. I promise I’ll be there when you do.
Her voice echoed in his ears. It surrounded him. Comforted him.
“Last call Emmanuel Thomas.” The Host sounded annoyed and with a exhalation, Emmanuel climbed the steps to the stage. Even if she wasn’t here, he had to do this. He couldn’t quit. Not again. He always quit things because they were too hard, because who would want to listen to him? He never felt good enough. Not anymore.
He was by no means shy, but this? Standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people? Hundreds of people who were going to hear him play a guitar and sing? Man. He was scared. He never played his guitar in front of anyone.
“Uh.” Clears throat. “Hi, I’m Emmanuel, uh, and I’m going to sing this song I wrote a long time ago. It’s called…”
Emmanuel scanned the crowd, his heart thumping, but everything slowed as he saw her, his angel, near the door, at the very back. Her beautiful brown skin glowed under the muted lights, her long twists hung around her shoulders like a lion’s mane. Everything else silenced as he stared at her.
You can do this. Sing for me Emmanuel. 
She nodded at him. Confidence poured through him. He sat back on the stool, lifted his guitar. “This song is called My Angel’s Song.” 

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