The Struggle

So, I’ve been trying for a long time to figure out what to do for this daily word prompt. After quickly producing my prompt yesterday, I knew I had to make sure I look at it every day. It would be a good day to keep my creatively writing even when I want to be lazy and not do it at all. Being a writer, I know I need to write everyday but that’s definitely easier said than done. Especially since I’ve been watching Powerpuff Girls on Netflix all day. First of all, I adore this show, I’m on season 2 now and I’m reliving my childhood. It’s so awesome. But anyway, I had lots of ideas for the word saga today but none of them actually came full circle enough for me to figure out the proper way to write one.
  1. I had an idea where I was going to outline a first day of a new student. Perhaps someone who doesn’t do well with meeting new people, someone shy who has to deal with trying to be strong in school. It’d be a saga of their first day. But that didn’t go over so well.
  2. Another idea I thought about was talk about how a villain comes up with their decision to be “evil”. Maybe something about them going through whatever moment turned them evil, or maybe detail a moment where they tried to figure out something… see? The details didn’t come full circle.
  3. Then I thought about doing something about a hero and how they had to go through a bunch of trials in order to get to the end of whatever they were doing.
  4. Then a villain and a hero fighting each other.
  5. A person having a dream about going through obstacles, that mirrored their own fear or something of the like.
  6. I thought about taking a moment from a book I’ve started writing, or one I’ve finished and switch it up a bit to make it a short story or a one shot and use the word saga or put it in the title but nothing came about.
So basically, I failed to do something that wasn’t just me talking about the word. In the end, I decided to just talk about my struggle with this word today. It’s kind of funny that I saw this word around 10 am and now it’s 7:07 pm lol. But I wanted to make sure I participated.


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