The Moonstone

She rushed through the dark forest clutching the small bright stone in her hand. Those following her were but distant footsteps her enhanced ears could hear. She pushed herself to run faster, even though speed was not an issue, who knows what sort of tricks they could produce to catch up.
The bright light from the moon barely broke the trees’ canopy. He was weak. The stone she held was his only way for survival.
Talia knew she had to return it otherwise everything, everything she fought for, everything that was sacrificed will have been for nothing. Golden brown eyes glanced up at the moon, hoping for guidance of escape from her pursuers.
“Please show me the way. I’m trying to help you.”
Her voice was but a whisper but if he was listening, if he continued to hold on, he could help.
“There she is! Quickly!”
Ugh. Moon thieves. They were the worst kind of thief. Once again she implored to the moon for help.
“I’m doing this for you, you know.” She slid to a stop as a weak beam of moonlight shone on a tall and old tree. Talia stared for a moment before she understood. The young woman dashed for the old tree, reaching out she grabbed a low hanging branch and swung herself up. The light slowly began to fade and Talia looked at the stone in her brown hand.  It continued to shine but by tomorrow night, it would be useless if not placed in the temple.
Her eyes focused below. The moon thieves came to a halt in the clearing near her hiding place. The light was gone, there was no way for them to know she’d be here. The moonstone seemed to tremble in her grasp but she held tight.
“Don’t worry. I won’t lose it.”
“Where did the girl go?” A stout man demanded to the group surrounding him. Someone made an intelligible noise causing the man to push him away in frustration. “We have to collect the moonstone from her. She cannot be allowed to reach the temple otherwise not only do we fail but we will not receive payment!”
Talia stilled her body. She was trained for things such as thing but it didn’t make her any less afraid. She lifted her eyes once more to the darkening sky and focused on the dimming jewel that brightened the night. He was fast approaching the last moon phase before entering the new moon cycle. Talia, as the Guardian… well the Guardian in training, protected the moonstone and the continued health and life of the moon. Without the moonstone, the darkening moon will never return and the moonlight, will never return.
****Hmm, I personally feel that this is not as good as it can be but as I had this idea today, I know it’s something I might be able to write more of later but this is just really rough. I kind of just wanted to churn it out so it’s not my best.****

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