Family Photos

“Just uh… wait here okay?”
Keyanna nodded as she continued to look at his house in awe. She had no idea he was so well off. He never actually said anything about it before and that car?? Why does he never drive to school? Andre Butler was just full of mystery wasn’t he? He disappeared into a backroom leaving his girlfriend to stand in their large and extravagant parlor. Keyanna couldn’t help but to gape.
“This is insane.” She whispered to herself. The room next to her was hidden behind double glass doors; one door was slightly ajar. No one was looking, so she slipped inside. It was rude, yeah, her parents taught her better yeah, but she couldn’t pass up a slightly opened door in such a big house. The house her boyfriend did not tell her he had.
Behind those doors was a large room with pictures galore. There was a large portrait of a couple at the wedding. The man was tall with broad shoulders, his hair was a dirty chestnut blond, it held a slight curl, his eyes were a sharp green and his skin held a slight tan. What? This… can’t be Andre’s father. The woman was beautiful, her blue eyes bright and youthful, her smile wide, her hair a burnt red, and she looked completely in love with the stern man beside her. Confused, she continued to look around the room. There were family pictures, a family of five, people Andre never mentioned.
A young guy, with brown skin, black curly hair who looked nothing like Andre or their “parents”. He looked older than Andre, must be an older brother. There were pictures of a young girl who resembled the couple in the wedding photos. She had the same burnt red hair, green eyes but unlike her father, they were playful, freckles was splattered across her nose. She was beautiful. In some of her photos she wore a softball uniform. In some of the older boy’s photos he wore a baseball uniform and to her surprise, a young Andre also wore a baseball uniform. He never told her he liked baseball? He didn’t seem the type.
Keyanna stared at the family photo room. It was quite amazing to be honest just how many photos there were. There were also a few that looked hand painted. She picked up a picture of a little Andre and another little boy with dark hair, wide green eyes and olive skin. Aaron? They really have been friends for a long time. 
“You must be Keyanna.” She gasped at the sudden voice, she almost dropped the frame but caught it with quick fingers. The newcomer laughed, his dark eyes sparkling with delight. “Nice reflexes.”
“S-sorry. I didn’t mean to come in here. The door was open and I-“
He waved his hand at her not worried about her apologies. “Don’t worry about it. It’s a picture room, it’s supposed to be explored.” He put his hands in his pockets and came further into the room taking in the photos himself. He wore a navy button down that was tucked into dark dress pants. “It’s almost kind of creepy seeing this room though after being away for so long. Almost like a shrine.”
“You’re the other guy in the pictures.” She stated finally realizing it. He turned towards her and grinned. It was pretty breathtaking. Just like his brother he was a heartbreaker.
“Sorry,” he said with a chuckle “I’m Mario, Andre’s older and more good looking brother.” He took her hand and kissed the top. Keyanna couldn’t help the flutter in the stomach, he made her nervous just like Andre did. What was it about Butler men? “You should probably put that picture back where you go it. My parents like to keep this room as orderly as possible.”
She sat the photo of little Andre and little Aaron down and made a mental note to ask Andre lots of questions later. “Oh yeah, no problem. So, you all played baseball?”
Mario stood next to her as she looked at Andre’s various photos, some were of him in action: running, sliding, hitting, pitching… it was all rather amazing.
“Yeah, Caitlin plays softball and she swims. She’s very sporty unlike my brother and me. Andre did it up until 7th grade I think, he never liked playing sports, at least when it’s not for fun. He’s still rather good at it though.” He picked up one of the painted ones. “My mom did this, we’re the same, both artsy whereas Caitlin is like dad in her sporty ways.”
“What is Andre like?” She was beginning to feel like she didn’t really know him. Though she wondered how much she could possibly know him in the last three months or so.
“I’m not sure. I don’t even think he knows. He’s always been good with words, he usually always runs for class president or something, I know he’s on the debate team… but I don’t think those are necessarily his choices ya know?” Keyanna frowned as she looked at what seemed to be the most recent photo of him.
“There you are, I was wondering…oh hey Mario. I didn’t know you were home.”
She turned towards him, not sure what to say. Maybe his brother was right, did Andre even know what he wanted? He was a junior, it wouldn’t be long before he would be off to college and would he even know what he would want? They never talk about it, at least he never does. They acknowledged each other and she followed them out of the room. Mario nodded to her and walked towards the back of the house.
“You never told me you were adopted.”
“It’s not something I talk about.” She asked him why but he only shrugged. “I just don’t. The same way I don’t talk about my family being…”
He took her hand and pulled her close. “Come on, my parents want to meet you.”

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