First Day Flirtations

She wandered around the school in a lost daze. Why was there never anyone around to help? Yeah, she understood students were in class but no stragglers? No staff willing to be nice to the new student? Those who were around just walked right by without bothering to listen if she asked a question. Man and she thought New Yorkers were rude.
Okay, well if she missed first period, maybe the teacher would understand. It was her first day after all. Maybe she shouldn’t have let Aaron walk off, she should have dragged her new friend to the front office just to make sure he could take her to her class. He probably wouldn’t have been happy about that considering his attitude but she was determined to make him her friend.
“Man seriously… how many stupid buildings does this place have?”
“Need some help?” She turned to see that guy from earlier, something with an A. She raised an eyebrow curious as to why he seemed to be walking around. He grinned as he leaned against the railing of the 100 Building before her. There was something about him that made her nervous… her stomach felt heavy and all twisty like. That couldn’t be a good thing. Especially since she just met him today.
“Nope, I think I got it.” She turned on her heel, stared at her schedule once more and began to walk away. This random building in front of her didn’t have numbers on it, maybe that’s her building. Why would they have numbers on every other building but this one? So stupid.
“Really? I’ve watched you walk by this building three times already. It was pretty funny.” Keyanna glared at him and continued walking towards the the numberless building. She could hear his feet hit the concrete as he walked down the couple of stairs.
“I’m glad that my being lost is hilarious to you.”
Andre caught up with up her walking backwards to face her. He remembered her from the bus ride this morning. She forced herself into a conversation with Aaron Michaels, his childhood friend, it was the first time he actually saw Aaron talk to someone who wasn’t already his friend and he chose not to have many. He couldn’t help but to smile and flirt both then, and now. She was cute, with her almond shaped eyes, brown skin, dark hair that hung around her shoulders and a bright smile.
“Look, I’ll do a favor. I’ll help you get to your first block? How’s that?”
Keyanna’s eyes widened as he was about to collide with a pole. He somehow caught himself by side stepping it, tripping slightly. She covered her mouth in a giggle. “Smooth.” He cleared his throat, turning around to walk beside her instead. “Shouldn’t you be in class though? I don’t want to get you in trouble.”
“Don’t worry about me, I’m junior class president, no one bothers me much. Plus, my first block is Leadership… we always roam the halls.” He took her schedule from her fingers glancing over it nodding in approval. “You got a good schedule here. Let’s see… Honors English. Yep, that’s in the back of the school in the 900 building.”
He laughed and motioned for her to follow him. Keyanna chewed on her bottom lip as she watched him walk ahead of her. Her stomach felt so funny, what the heck man? On the first day and she’s already got a crush? Pfft, never. He’s not even cute. “Hey are you coming? You’re already late.”
Okay, he’s definitely cute. His smile is everything. Seriously Keyanna?? She huffed irritated with herself and moved quickly to catch up with him.
“I’m Andre by the way and you’re Keyanna.” Oh yeah, definitely cute. She couldn’t stop herself from staring at his hazel eyes and perfect teeth.
“Yeah… we met on the bus earlier.”
“Right right, you were forcing conversation on Aaron.” She scoffed following through the outside hallways towards her class. “You weren’t making him talk to you?” He held the door open for her.
“It wasn’t like I was forcing him, he just needed someone to strike it up. Besides, I can’t help that I need to talk to the people I sit next to.” She’d always been like that. Such a fiery  personality, she loved to be around people, mostly people she liked, and when she chose her friends, in her mind, they were friends. That kid on the bus with his olive skin, green eyes and dark hair… she wanted to be his friend because he looked like he needed one. Andre said they were childhood friends on the bus but they were obviously very different people. She was different from him too… but that wouldn’t stop her.
“Well, here’s your stop. Mrs. Hamilton’s class, I had her last year, she’s cool. Started off crazy but probably the best teacher I’ve had so far.” He passed her her schedule, his fingers lingering just a bit too long on hers, there was that flutter in her stomach again. She kept the giggle lodged in her throat as she nodded her thanks. “I’ll see you around later yeah? If not, then the bus.”
He turned to leave and Keyanna watched as he disappeared out the door.
“Yeah, see ya.”

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