Lies and Secrets

Knock knock!
The large oak door opened revealing the mystery visitor. Andre’s eyes widened curiously seeing his friend on his doorstep. “Hey Aaron, what’s going on?”
“Can I come in?” Andre nodded moving away from the door so his friend could enter. He was in the process of cleaning his room but he was glad for a break. Andre led his friend towards the kitchen. It never failed, every time Aaron came into the Butler house it was like walking through the wardrobe into Narnia or something. His eyes always got big as he took in the mansion like house. It was filled with many pictures, Mrs. Butler always took photos, always painting. “Hey Myra.” The older woman turned from the stove and smiled at the young boy.
“Hello Mr. Michaels, how are you this afternoon?” The smell of savory meat filled the air, Aaron’s stomach grumbled thinking of the large meal they were going to have when the rest of them got home. Caitlyn alone would eat the equivalent of two meals being as athletic as she is. He couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that clawed through his chest and empty stomach. Mom would be working late tonight, dad would be doing the same thing he always does… sit in his lazy-boy chair with a beer and continue watching television, no longer caring he was unemployed. Garrett wouldn’t be home till later and he would just be stuck at home doing homework hungry. Andre tried to dip his finger in the mixing bowl but she popped his hand “Don’t you touch that Mr. Andre, that’s for after dinner.”
“Every time Myra, none of that “mister” stuff, just call us by our names and it’s just a taste, you know you make the best pound cakes. Want anything Aaron?”
Yes. He shook his head and pushed his dark hair from his eyes and followed Andre, who grabbed an apple, up the stairs into his bedroom, he plopped down in the plushy chair he kept by his large window. He motioned for Aaron to do the same. Aaron carefully sat down in his desk chair, not wanting to make any indication that he was here. While their moms were old friends, it wasn’t news to anyone that Mr. Butler didn’t approve of their friendship… the Michaels were poor and “riffraff”.
“So what’s up man?”
“Um, we need to talk. It’s about Keyanna.” Andre leaned forward his eyes furrowed as he wondered just why Aaron wanted to talk about Keyanna.
“What about her?”
Aaron fidgeted. He normally was always sketching, or doing something with his hands. It was just Andre though, he shouldn’t feel so awkward, but he always felt awkward around Andre, like he didn’t belong in the same room with him, because Andre was just so much… more. Everyone thought that. That’s why Andre got away with everything.
“Well, she said she hasn’t talked to you all weekend and she’s been worried.”
“Worried? Why would she be worried about me? And why wouldn’t she just call or text me instead of telling you that?” His hazel narrowed in suspicion. Why would she be talking to Aaron about this instead of him? Her boyfriend? Isn’t that what they were supposed to do? Talk? They didn’t do anything else. Okay, let me not think like that. Keyanna is good and she’s not ready. Aaron awkwardly ran a hand through his hair, trying to not to snap at him.
“Because, you haven’t answered her. She said she’s text and called but you haven’t been around. What’s going on with you? You have been extra quiet this weekend. Nothing in the group chat, nothing on Facebook… what’s wrong?”
Andre sighed, his playful attitude slowly disappearing as he thought of what he’s been up to this weekend. His parents had been out of town, Caitlin spent the night with a teammate and Mario is away at school so he’d be home by himself but he hadn’t really been alone.
“Look, I’ll text her. It’ll all be good.” He waved his hand wanting to just squash this conversation before it made a turn he didn’t want it to take. Aaron may have been one of his best friends but Andre kept a lot of things to himself and he definitely didn’t want Aaron knowing… he might go back and tell Keyanna and he definitely didn’t need her hearing anything about him from anyone else. Not after their last conversation. Aaron’s green eyes glanced around the room, it wasn’t as clean compared to the rest of the house, but Andre’s room never was. He never allowed any of their maids in his room, he preferred to clean his own room, that’s what he said.
His eyes landed on Andre’s phone, it sat next to his laptop and it rang. It was as if everything froze, Andre’s eyes widened at the ringtone recognizing who was calling him. Aaron reached for it with the intention to toss it to the other boy.
“Leave it, they’ll call back.” But it was too late, Aaron flipped the phone over seeing the photo. He held the phone in surprise letting the phone ring. When the music silenced, his eyes turned towards Andre who turned his head away. Crap. “Put it down would you?”
“So… that’s why you’ve been MIA this weekend.” Aaron put the phone back and stood to his feet, his eyes hardening as he looked at who was supposed to be his friend. The guy who had the girl Aaron couldn’t help but to love and for some reason, for some reason he couldn’t love only her! His anger boiled in his stomach “I got to go.”
“Aaron…” He paused in the doorway, wondering why he stopped to hear what he had to say. It wasn’t anything new, he always went back to her, even while he was dating the best girl in the world. He waited. “…don’t tell her, please.”
Aaron frowned, trying to keep from reacting in a way that would cause him to turn around and flip out. He didn’t agree but he didn’t disagree and turned to leave.

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