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Movie Review: Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)


Summary: After discovering a small, blue, fast hedgehog, a small-town police officer must help it defeat an evil genius who wants to do experiments on it.

I saw this movie when it came out but I got lazy with my reviews, so I watched it again this weekend so I could finally finish this review. I just have to say, I really like this movie lol.


Cast and Characters.

  • Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic. He is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with superhuman speed. He comes from a different world and had to go on the run from what looked like a bunch of Knuckles looking creatures. He ends up on earth and has basically lived his life alone in a cave. He watches humans and longs to be part of a family, to belong somewhere. But he finds ways to entertain himself. I would say Sonic would be a teenager or an older teenager in human years. At least in this movie. He particularly likes to watch Tom and Maddie and ends up in their lives by accident. But he and Tom goes on adventures, he learns a lot about what kinds of things he can do with his speed. Ben Schwartz does a great job with Sonic’s voice acting. He was quick, funny, sassy and when Sonic had to be a little emotional, he did that well too. I liked him. I can’t wait for more films. Schwartz also provided the facial motion capture for Sonic.
  • Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik. He is a mad scientist and inventor who is after Sonic’s super-speed powers for world conquest. He’s a madman and it’s hilarious to see the prequel to what his character ends up as in the animated shows and the games. I can’t wait to see that evolution. Jim Carrey is always great in roles like this where he can be what we know him to be. That zany and larger than life person. But when he needed to be, particularly towards the end, he was intimidating. Anyone who understands and controls machines can be dangerous because machines/computers are able to control the world which is what Dr. Robotnik wants to do and he can with Sonic’s powers, which is what he always wants.
  • James Marsden as Thomas Michael “Tom” Wachowski. He is the sheriff of Green Hills who wishes to join the SFPD. He befriends Sonic and aids him in his quest to stop Robotnik. Sonic refers to him as ‘The Donut Lord’. He’s just your average Joe and he’s likable. I think it’s funny that James Marsden keeps being in movies where he is acting off a little tiny creature lol. But he’s good at it so I guess it works out for him. He’s likable as Tom, I mean he reacts the way any normal person would react when he first meets Sonic lol but the fact that he helps him was great. They had a great rapport, him and Ben Schwartz lol. He also had great chemistry with Tika Sumpter as well.
  • Tika Sumpter as Maddie Wachowski. She is Tom’s wife who later helps him, and Sonic evade Robotnik. She is a veterinarian and referred to as ‘The Pretzel Lady’ by Sonic. She’s not in the movie a ton but I liked her. I liked that she supported her man with his ambitions of moving to the big city to be a big-time cop. I also liked that she helped him with Sonic without freaking out, and I loved that she made sure he acknowledged it too. I hope she gets a little more to do in the sequel if Sonic is still around her and Donut Lord.

Fun Adventure. The movie is super fun! I can’t imagine anyone going to this movie and not having fun watching it. It’s not super kiddy nor is it super intense. It’s a happy medium. I had a good time. Sonic is fun on his own and even him teaming up with Donut Lord was great too. Jim Carrey was fun to watch as Dr. Robotnik and I liked the cat and mouse game. I generally enjoy those kinds of adventures, especially when both parties are good at it. Besides, to see Sonic (who is super cute) use his speed and learn what other abilities he can do. I loved it. The climax, where the movie starts and then picks up at again, with Dr. Robotnik and Sonic traveling through different rings was pretty cool.

Thank goodness for that Redesign! SONIC IS ADORABLE and I want him to be my friend lol. I’ve always loved Sonic, I used to play his games at my babysitter’s house, I’ve seen his animated shows, particularly the one on 4KidsTV. I really liked that one. I usually always pick him in those Mario vs Sonic games lol. So, when they first showed the poster with just his outline, I was like “hmm okay, his legs seem a little long but I’ll wait” and then that trailer came out and we saw his face and it was… terrifying. Plus, the trailer was a little weird, did not fit the tone of the movie at all, my friend Karina was obsessed though lol.

Humorous. I wasn’t in a packed theater, but my crowd was good. There were some kids with their parents and couples, and then me and my friend lol. The dad in front of us was cracking up lol. But the movie is funny. It has some younger humor in there with sight gags and other silly jokes, but they also make some mature jokes. Natasha Rothwell as Maddie’s sister Rachel was hilarious, I think she’s super funny anyway so anytime she was on screen was great. Tika Sumpter has funny moments and of course Jim Carrey’s energy is always great and he’s literally walking humor, he clearly had a lot of fun. I wonder how much of his dialogue was from him.

Cat and Mouse. I thoroughly enjoy cat and mouse movies, especially when both parties are super interesting and fun to watch. Obviously with Sonic being a CGI character, a lot of his greatness comes with Ben Schwartz’s dynamic delivery and Jim Carrey’s manic energy. It really worked and their head to head during the climax was very fun and entertaining.


The Story. It’s not a bad story nor is it handled badly, it’s just very simple and honestly, I could have just watched a road trip movie with Sonic and Tom. It’s something we’ve seen many times before, strange creature on earth, crazy person is trying to find and catch it for nefarious reasons, noble human helps said amazing creature. It’s very by the book that it can come off very childish, which I guess makes sense as it is made for children (but let’s be real, us 80s and 90s babies were the ones who are the most familiar with Sonic… just saying lol). I think this is my biggest problem with the movie. I think there were some episodes of the animated show (both versions) that were more mature than the overall story in this film. I hope going forward, since a sequel is teased and I thought I read they were moving forward with one, that the stories evolve into a bit more maturity. Kids can handle it.

Overall, I really like this movie. James Marsden working off a puppet or whatever they used for a physical Sonic was great. It never came off that “oh yeah, I’m acting to air”. It was done well. Ben Schwartz was great as Sonic, he was likable, charming, funny and emotional when he had to be. Jim Carrey got to be over the top and zany which works for his character and he’s also likable yet ridiculous. They were all great. It’s such a fun adventure and the cat and mouse aspect of the movie between Tom/Sonic and Eggman was great, particularly the climax at the end of them dashing through the rings to different places. I was really into it. It’s also funny, which works for Sonic lol. Outside of the generic and childish story line, I couldn’t think of anything that I really disliked or that really stood out to me as problematic from a viewer/critic standpoint. So, while I enjoyed the adventures and the cat and mouse aspect of the story, I think it could have held a bit more weight, especially since the beginning with the Owl woman sets up some interesting ideas. But! I really did like this movie, it’s something that’s easy to watch and easy to love.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Have you seen Sonic the Hedgehog? If so, what are your thoughts? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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