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Movie Review: The New Mutants (2020)

Summary: Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

This will be a short review and a difficult one because it’s so hard to talk about this movie…


The Acting. Everyone was fine, I didn’t think anyone really stood out at being bad. I thought they were all good and their characters were interesting as we got to know them at a snail’s pace but it would have been nice to spend a bit more time with them. Illyana (Anya Taylor-Joy) was really interesting, a terrible person but interesting. It was nice seeing Maisie Williams (Rahne) being so quiet in a different way compared to Arya in her 180 in Game of Thrones. She was sweet and friendly to Dani. I don’t remember much about Sam (Charlie Heaton) except that accent lol but he was fine. Blu Hunt as Dani lead the film and it was nice seeing a Native actress lead a comic book film, she was fine. Henry Zaga as Berto, is the one everyone was mad about being white washed. I’m not that familiar with his character outside of what I kind of remember from X-Men Evolution but I liked his moments with Sam and his acting was fine.

A lot of potential. What’s sad about this movie is that you can see the potential in the characters and in the story. I think this might have done better as a miniseries or something but considering how it was meant to come out in 2017-2018, it was overdue for an appearance. But basically, this group of young mutants could have had a “breakfast club” type of dynamic and it’s kind of there but it doesn’t get the chance to fully blossom into that. The feel of the potential feels better towards the end after the climax. There are a few scenes here and there which prove the potential.

Horror Aspect’. I remember this movie being marketed as a horror. The first trailer I saw was very “horror-esque” and I thought that was interesting for a comic book movie. I still think it’s an interesting concept. Without disclosing where the ‘horror’ comes from, I think it’s interesting that each character has a fear they must face within themselves that pretty much comes to life in this hospital. I don’t quite recall Sam having a fear directly aimed at him, if he did, I forgot it that quick lol. They all have trauma and while I’m not asking for it to be ‘glorified’, I think the movie could have leaned into it more.

The Climax. I thought the climax was kind of cool. Without giving too much away, the culmination of fears attacks physically, and they must take a stand. It in ways reminded me of what I consider to be the best episode of Teen Titans “Haunted” where Robin was gassed by a hallucinogen and thought he was fighting Slade, man it was so good… *sighs* But this kind of made me think about that. I liked that we got to see a bit of everyone’s powers since we don’t get much of that throughout the movie. We got to see them work a little bit together. If the writing was better overall, I think it could have been a much more earned climax then ending.


The Horror Aspect. As I said, I remember the film trailer being very horror like and I think it could have leaned into that more. It didn’t have to be like scary but thriller. Each character has a fear they have to deal with and I think as soon as it started, they all should have gotten glimpses that maybe they didn’t want to share. Then it could have happened more and more over time to the point where none of them are sure what’s really going on, including Dr. Reyes. Then when the climax comes, everyone has to get over themselves and fight back. Not to mention, none of the trauma that did happen was ever really explored anyway sooooooo lol, that’s whack.

The Relationships. This movie feels like it should have a ‘breakfast club’ dynamic to it and it kind of achieves that in one particular scene. However, as a group, they don’t really bond even with what’s going on in the hospital. Sam and Berto have a moment, it was kind of nice but it would have been nice to get more of that. Rahne and Dani bond and it’s fine but some bits came out of left field lol, I saw it coming but wasn’t as seamless to me. As for Illyana, well, she didn’t really get to bond with anyone. Even the mean rotten ones get their moments in these movies. The end would have been earned more if they’d bonded a bit more, even if they weren’t all friendly.

The Writing. This movie suffers from not really being sure what it wants to be. It’s an “X-men/Comic Book” movie but also a “horror/psychological thriller” with some teen angst in there. I really think with the whole “being in a secret facility moonlighting as a hospital” and they don’t really know why they’re there is really interesting. I think what Dr. Reyes was monitoring them for was interesting, I think the horror aspect was interesting but instead of building these moments up, or really digging into these characters as people, with their fears, the things they want and what not, we just get moments of everyone talking about nothing.

Overall, this review may feel lame compared to some of my other ones, there’s a lot of reasons for that, including personal stuff but this movie is really hard to talk about without spoiling. Not to mention, it doesn’t feel like a complete movie? I know there were a lot of reshoots and then it took forever to come out and all the other stuff that was happening, so I really wish I could have seen what would have come out in 2017 when it was supposed to come out. It feels episodic but nothing really happens. The acting is fine but the characters are forgettable. While I write this overview, I literally forgot some of their names lol. But the writing could have been better, there could have been more thriller/horror/psychological stuff. It only happens a few times and it was interesting but it happened within the span of each other. I feel like the only one who really felt the effects of their scare was Illyana. Sorry, this review is meh and this movie is meh. Should have been a television series. I really think Disney should go ahead and do that portion of Disney+ that is for more mature audiences and adapt this into a series and put it there. Boom, better already lol.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Have you seen The New Mutants? What are your thoughts? It’s been so long since it was supposed to come out lol it’s hard to have high hopes right? But watch it and decide for yourself.

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