Best Movies of 2022

Hiya! I do these Best and Worst lists well into January because of laziness and the want to rewatch stuff but that doesn’t happen and I have to be real with myself and just go ahead and make the list lol. Some movies may shift around the list but I won’t come back and change the list lol, unless I revisit in the future… but anyway, sometimes it can be harder because trying to “rank them” could be difficult but I think there were a lot of good movies that came out in 2022.

So, as usual, this is my opinion and there may be some movies that were good that aren’t on the list (or as high), but maybe I just didn’t like them as much as others lol.

Best Movies are subjective. Remember that. I’m also going to include TV shows and just tack them on at the end. Ranking these movies is always the hardest part, so honestly, besides the Top 5 or even Top 2, the ranking may not even be literal.

P.S., a lot of these movies won’t have reviews but I am still determined to do that!

Honorable Mentions: Elvis, Do Revenge, Matilda the Musical, Smile, Sonic the hedgehog 2

10. The Bad Guys

This movie was super cute! I really had a good time watching it and I wasn’t really expecting much. I think all of the voice acting is good, Anthony Ramos was literally giving it all his energy as Piranha lol. I liked the friendship between the bad guys, I liked the message, I liked the story… it’s just a really fun movie! For adults and kids.

9. Everything Everywhere All At Once

This might be too low for some people but I’ve only seen it once and I think it was overhyped. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s amazing and I really liked it but I didn’t like as much as other people. I loved that it’s led by an Asian family and Michelle Yeoh is amazing, honestly the entire family was amazing. I was into their dynamic in every world but I feel like if I went into this movie not knowing anything then I might have liked it more. But I guess that’s the price you pay when social media talks something up and I’m involved with social media lol. But the cinematography is amazing, the graphics are fantastic, it’s funny, it’s emotional and I think it’s all around a good movie.

8. The Batman 

I haven’t whole heartedly liked a live action Batman movie since Batman Begins and I wasn’t sure what to expect with this but I think it’s really good. Robert Pattinson was a good choice for Bruce/Batman and I know people had some criticisms because “oh he’s too emo” but that’s literally the point. Let me what this again so I can review this movie, I had so many thoughts. I think Zoe Kravitz was great at Selena and I thought the chemistry between the two was palpable. The villains were good. Andy Serkis was grossly underused.

7. Bullet Train

This movie was so much fun, I had such a good time with this movie and that’s why it’s so high on the list. I was in my room reacting so loudly to what I was seeing on screen. I liked the characters, the actors are great and the story was super fun. It’s a fun movie. Plus, it’s always great seeing Aaron Taylor Johnson in something.

6. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Story

This was a fun ensemble movie, I like that they put Benoit with another woman of color as his “Watson” and I think they should keep making these as separate stories and not try to connect them. The only “connection” being Benoit and he should always get a woman of color as his sidekick. Love that dynamic. I think this was a fun group and the mystery was fun, also outrageous lol but I guess that’s the charm of these movies. Also should be “A Detective Benoit story” not a “Knives Out story” lol. Don’t Fantastic Beasts this “franchise”. I really wish that Kate Hudson and Katherine Hahn switched roles because I feel like Katherine plays a lot of roles like she does in this film and I’d like to see her play Kate’s role and vice versa. The movie looks good, each character has a distinct personality. Good movie.

5. Banshees of Inisherin 

This movie is quite simple lol but the acting is good from everyone. Colin Farrell is rightfully pitiful and Brenden Gleason is honestly just as bad just doesn’t think he is lol. The characters not the acting. The story is wild and in a lot of ways mean spirited but it works quite well. Barry Keoghan I think was underused but had very memorable scenes when he was there. I can see why some people might find it “slow” or “weird” but I think that’s the charm of this film because the island they live on is so small and intimate. Good movie.

4. Bodies Bodies Bodies

This movie is so much fun! I didn’t know what to expect when I watched it but I think the acting is good all around even though the characters themselves are wholly unlikable and annoying lol. Each character has a distinct personality and it’s a very “Gen Z” movie but it works. The mystery aspect was really good as was the “horror” element because you have no idea what’s going on or who to really trust or if there’s actually a villain somewhere. If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend.

3. The Woman King

So I may not have had this this high just from my first watch but I watched it again and I liked it a lot more the second time around. I think the acting is fantastic from everyone, it has humor, it’s emotional and it’s so awesome to see these women just be bad-ass. I think the standouts are Lashana Lynch and Thuso Mbedu as Izogie and Nawi respectfully (although Auntie Viola is always fantastic). But I know there’s a lot of embellishments with the history but I don’t think this movie’s intention was to be “completely the truth” and I feel like some people take historical fictional movies too serious, if anything, it should make you go and research the real people involved in this story. Anyway, I was really into it more the second time around and I think it’s worth the watch because it’s so black and I loved that. I loved the sisterhood between these women, I loved the interactions with John Bodega. I liked the little relationship that developed with Nawi and Malik. I just really like it.

2. Nope

I only saw the teaser for this movie so I had no idea what to expect going in outside of people saying things here and there but I almost went into it blind and I liked that because I feel like that works for this movie. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer were believable as siblings and I liked their dynamic and how different they were but similar at the same time. Brandon Perea was also great as Angel and a good third addition to the siblings. I loved the mystery behind this monster that’s in this movie, not to mention the intention behind the story and what the message is. It’s a horror and it definitely has horrifying moments that even months later, I still remember that one part after Jupe’s big moment. Not to mention, the monkey… Chile, this movie is so unsettling but for reasons! So good.

1 – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put this at number one BUT I think how I felt while watching and how I felt for a long time after, made this my favorite movie of the year. I don’t know if I would say it’s objectively the “best” but it’s my favorite. A lot of it probably has to do with Chadwick and how they honored him but I think Angela Bassett was such a force in this movie. Not to mention, Leticia Wright acted her ass off in this film. I didn’t particularly care for how Okoye was treated BUT some of it was a consequence of her decisions. All of the acting was good and those who weren’t as great as others, I think improved as the movie went on. Tenoch Huerta was for sure a standout as Namor (like sir.. please lol) and I get why some people were upset about pitting two groups of black and brown people but that’s the story and I think it works for what was being told. It’s funny, it’s emotional and yes it’s an MCU movie but I do feel like it felt a little different than what other MCU films came out in 2022. It’s such a great experience AND the soundtrack (both of them) are absolutely fantastic.

TV Shows I Enjoy in 2022

These are not quite ranked but… probably are kind of lol.

Alice in Borderland S2

I’m still working on a review for S1 and S2 but I think this was my favorite show of 2022. It’s so good and I love the allegories that happen in this show. I like all of the characters, even the ones I don’t really like, I kind of like them. The acting is good and the characters are all so memorable. As is the nature of the show itself. If you liked Squid Game, you’ll probably enjoy this show, I personally think AIB is better but it’s all subjective. But I love this show and I think the ending is mostly satisfying. I say mostly because of just because the nature of the show, I wish we got to see more between the characters at the end. The manga is also great so it has a good foundation. I don’t know if there’s gonna be a season 3, I don’t know if it needs it but I wouldn’t turn one down lol.

Stranger Things Season 4

I was very impressed with how good ST4 was. I thought it was the best season since S1, which is some of the best television I’ve seen. I like these characters and characters I didn’t quite like as much, I liked way more in this season. I liked the introduction of Eddie Munson and I liked him overall, I just didn’t like what they did with him in the end. It was a cop out to not kill Steve and I stand by that lol. I liked the storyline with Eleven because that was important for her to learn. My favorite storyline is the Hawkins storyline because Sadie Sink really worked her ass off in this season, I was so stressed for her. Caleb McLaughlin also really showed out this season as well. Outside of the Russian storyline, I think S4 did its job, not to mention, it was rightfully creepy as well. Good stuff.


I really liked this show. I watched it quite a few times and got something out of it each time. I think Jenna Ortega really does carry this show on her back, she’s so good as Wednesday but I think the other characters were good as well. I think there was a lot of potential in other characters that the show didn’t quite follow through on but it’s just a season 1 and here’s hoping we get that in a S2. While I had a handle on the mystery early on, I think the mystery was still a good one. I’m very interested in seeing how S2 handles and expands these characters.

Moon Knight

I loved this show. I love Oscar Isaac so I would have enjoyed him even if I didn’t enjoy the show but I think they did a great job handling this character(s) and his story. Even though it’s part of the MCU, it was nice that it was just contained to its own story. The nature of Egyptian history and lore being involved was very cool. I loved the relationship between Steven and Marc, especially later in the show. Layla was great with both Marc and Steven. Episode 5 was fantastic and really showed off Oscar Isaac’s talent as an amazing actor. I think this is my second favorite MCU show so definitely worth the watch, even if you don’t like the show, I think it’s worth of Oscar Isaac’s performance.

The Bear

This was an extremely good show. It’s short so you’re not spending hours watching a show but instead maybe 2 hours lol. It’s so chaotic and the characters all have their moments of being unlikable but I think that works because that’s how real people are. They feel like real people. I generally like everyone though even with their rough moments. I liked the dynamic between Carey and Richie because it’s almost like a love/hate relationship between them. I especially love Carey and Sydney’s dynamic and while I’m hoping for a romance, it’s really okay if they don’t do it because it can really go either way. But you root for this little struggling restaurant and this group of chaotic assholes and it just works.

The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself

Love how they changed the title of the show to “HALF BAD: The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself” instead of just TBSADH lol. But it got unjustly cancelled. But I liked it, I watched it twice. I was really interested because I want to support Jay Lycurgo but I really enjoyed the show. The three characters we follow, Nathan, Annalise and Gabriel are all likable to an extent, they also have their moments of being unlikable but I don’t think it’s so bad that there’s no coming back from it. I think the story is interesting, I wanted to see Nathan meet his dad and find out more about his history and his future. I wanted to see where they were gonna go with this “throuple” because while Nathan and Annalise had a connection, so did Nathan and Gabriel but also Gabriel and Annalise seemed to connect in a way. That was nice to see that the group was just trusting of each other. I was also interested in Nathan meeting Mercury in person because she was wild lol. Jessica was a great villain, hated her so much. I just feel like there was a lot of potential in this show.

Miss. Marvel

I really enjoyed this show! Probably because we were following a teenager in her every day, it just felt slightly different from the other properties. I think Iman Vellani did a great job as Kamala, she was sweet and likable. I enjoyed the storyline and the mystery surrounding Kamala’s powers. I enjoyed the look of the show and how they edited the show. I had some issues here and there but I overall enjoyed this show.

The Umbrella Academy

This show is frustrating because I like this show and I think S2 is still the best season and I think S3 was good but it definitely had its moments of being so annoyingly frustrating. I think the Sparrows had a lot of potential but weren’t fully realized the way they should have been. The Umbrellas are still great together and when they’re separated, I loved the Klaus and Five dynamic this season. I enjoyed the Allison and Viktor dynamic up to a certain point, but I’m not going to get into that because it gets murky and I’ll do it when I do my review. But that ending… what??? The show will end with a 6 episode Season 4, which this being the last season is fine but 6 episodes?????? Whack.

Interview with a Vampire – I haven’t finished this yet so that’s why it’s here but so good.

So I haven’t finished this show but it’s amazing. So that’s all lol.

So this is my recap of the Best of 2022! I hope you enjoyed this list and seeing what I enjoyed over the last year. Please be sure to share your thoughts and your best in the comments!

Be sure to follow for more posts like this and thanks for reading as always!

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