Fan Casting: MCU X-MEN


So, as we all know, the X-men franchise in the movies has had a lot of ups and downs. A lot of ups and some downs, it really depends on how you look at it. One day I’ll watch all of them and review them (I’ve reviewed X-men: Apocalypse) but for the most part, I have liked the cast chosen to play these iconic characters.

So, when I started this post, it was last year lol and the merger between Fox and Disney wasn’t confirmed. Now that it is, I really wanted to put this out with my ideas of their casting. I think as X-men is such a large group of people that they should definitely consider really exploring the multiverse because an entire group of mutants we never knew about? I mean obviously because they didn’t exist in MCU but still lol. Also, with them now being part of the MCU, they could kind of retcon what they’ve done with Wanda and Pietro’s origins. But after Doctor Strange’s sequel, perhaps they really should do the multiverse, if Wanda breaks a hole through the universe… I mean it would be awesome. Gives the opportunity for way more heroes and villains.

Complete Restart

In my mind, when they restart, they have to restart completely. Don’t get me wrong, I looove a lot of the cast from the other movies, the older movies and the newer ones. But unfortunately, I’d only pull a few of them to come over to the MCU. Not many though. In the comics, the first group of X-men was: Scott Summers/Cyclops, Jean Grey/Marvel Girl, Hank McCoy/Beast, Bobby Drake/Iceman, and Warren Worthington III/Angel. 

I think that since we haven’t seen this particular group together, it would be nice to see them to pay homage to the comics, since they were the first X-men. They can introduce Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird and some others but I’m not going to cast everyone though.

I think in the first movie, it should be the original group or at least people we haven’t seen a lot of. So, that means NO Logan/Wolverine and NO Mystique. As much as I enjoy Logan, he’s never been my favorite X-men. Hugh Jackman really owned that character which helped me like him more. As for Mystique, Rebecca Romjin’s version was awesome and Jennifer Lawrence’s started off fine but she irritated me later. So definitely don’t need her for a while. I would even argue, we don’t need to Magneto for a little while either. I mean, he could be a looming presence but we don’t have to see him.

Sooo you’re here for my casting choices so let’s get to it! You don’t have to read anything clearly, you can just skip through the pictures. It’ll hurt my feelings but that’s okay. Oh and get used to me mentioning X-men: Evolution because I was really into that show and while I am aware of the comic book storylines, that is most of what I remember lol.

My Casting!

I’m going to cast a younger version and an older version. It just depends on where the MCU wants to start out the X-men, as teenagers/young adults or a hero whose been doing this for at least a decade and a half or something lol.

The Uncanny X-Men

Scott Summers/Cyclops. 


He is the leader of the X-men and we need to see that! We have not seen that yet and it kills me. Scott is brave, self-less, a master tactician and first-rate leader. I know he isn’t very popular with fans lol, which is fine but we haven’t had the chance to see him lead and grow in the movies and this could be that chance. He’s a leader, he’s no-nonsense and serious, dedicated and perhaps a bit of “Boy Scout” in the beginning. He can often hold a low opinion of himself and obsess over his shortcomings and failures. Socially, he has described himself as an introvert. As a leader, he is very strict and no-nonsense, demanding seriousness, dedication and skill, usually earning him the dislike of more rebellious team members. Scott also has a plethora of mental issues, bottling up his emotions and refusing to confront his issues, despite this affecting him adversely.

In the movies: James Marsden and Tye Sheridan

I really liked Tye Sheridan as Scott in X-men: Apocalypse. I don’t think they allowed him to really be the Scott that is the leader. He didn’t have much to do in Dark Phoenix other than worry about Jean lol but he wasn’t bad. James Marsden didn’t get that chance either. I’ve always liked Scott fine and he should be able to be the leader like he’s supposed to be. Of course, Tye Sheridan played him like a cool dude in his first outing and I didn’t mind that but it would also be nice to see him as the introvert he comes off as in earlier iterations. Marsden was just there unfortunately, a little smug sometimes but just there. I wouldn’t mind having Sheridan back but I think I have some better choices. FUN FACT: Kirby Morrow who voice Scott in X-men: Evolution also plays Miroku in Inuyasha. 😀

Young Scott: Graham Phillips Adult Scott: Armie Hammer









Younger: Sooo I was going to choose Nick Robinson for my younger Scott because I really like him, but Graham Phillips‘ face popped in my head. Last I saw him was in Riverdale, which I know doesn’t say much, but he played a “villainous” character and it didn’t quite work for him. Perhaps a boy scout character would work instead. He has an earnest face, I think. I know Scott has blue eyes which you don’t see most of the time, but if it is an origin story, it would be nice to flash Graham’s lovely blue eyes. But I think not only would he rock the glasses but those goggles he’d have to wear. He would be able to portray that introverted, loner personality that Scott has while also doing the “learning how to lead” aspect which would turn him confident while he’s Cyclops. Besides, Graham can come off a little awkward and it would work for Scott, make him very endearing. I think Graham could walk that fine line of being endearing and being annoying which how people view Scott anyway.

Older: I love Armie Hammer and I think he’s a great actor. I’ve seen him in many films and he can do action, especially the serious kind, if you’ve seen A Man From Uncle, regardless of your thoughts on the movie, he did a great job. Not only does he have the right physique (being tall and strong lol), but his deep voice would be a little shocking for someone who would come off so quiet. I think Armie could handle the “Boy Scout” personality of Scott, while also being an already commanding leader! Plus, Armie Hammer can skew a little older, so while he’s 32, he can present a few years older.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Nick Robinson, Ansel Elgort (meh though)

Honorable Mentions (Older):Matthew Daddario, Jeremy Sumpter, Drew Van Acker, Richard Madden

Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix


So, Jean, has a lot of positive attributes, she’s loving and she loves everyone, especially those who mean a lot to her. She is very optimistic, even with the negative things. She’s very self-sacrificing. Jean has a very determined and stubborn personality, I would consider her a second-in-command type, even a leader when it’s needed because she doesn’t take carp from anyone and doesn’t know how to stay down. Of course, everyone has a wild side and Jean has that. Plus, her powers are awesome and she’s extremely powerful. I would like to see the full extent of her powers, without the Phoenix stuff, really shown on screen.

In the Movies: Famke Janssen and Sophie Turner

So, this role they kept jumping the gun with trying to get to her phoenix stuff, which hasn’t really worked out the way it might have. Janssen was fine, she was probably the best in the Cyclops, Jean, Storm group (not counting Logan). If the writing for her was handled better then I’m sure it would have been great! I also didn’t mind Sophie Turner. She did a great job in Dark Phoenixand I wouldn’t mind casting her again but I think since we’re getting new X-men I think Jean should have a fresh start as well.

Young Jean: Zoey Deutch  Adult Jean: Bridget Regan










Younger: There are a lot of choices of Jean, especially for redhead ladies, or those who can pull it off. But I chose Zoey Deutch as I was looking at young actresses and I decided on her because I like her, she’s a good actress and she can go many ways. She can skew older or younger, make her hair a bit redder and depending on the way they decide to go with Jean, she could play it. She can definitely do the vulnerable, selfless, loving and determined personality because I’ve seen her do it and she always remains likable to me. Plus, she just hasn’t seem to be someone that people know that much and I think portraying a younger Jean, it would do that for her. I think down the line, if they do the Phoenix bit, she could handle that really well without it coming off super whiny or super crazy.

Older: So, Bridget Regan. always comes up randomly when I’m fan casting and most times when she comes up, I can’t forget her lol. I think she could do an awesome Jean Grey! I remember her from this fantasy-esque TV show (Legend of the Seeker) from some years ago and she was great. Her character would be similar to Jean just a bit softer…? lol just make her hair redder of course and I think she could handle all of the emotions and characterizations Jean goes through. If they did the Phoenix thing with an “older” Jean, she could handle it.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Lily Reinhert, Jane Levy, Holland Roden

Honorable Mention (Older): Alexandra Daddario, Evan Rachel Wood, Holland Roden

Hank McCoy/Beast


Hank is a mutant who struggle for the acceptance due to his appearance. He is an extremely smart man. A “renaissance man” who excelled in arts, letters and the sciences. Hank wrestles with demons of loneliness and rejection but he also has a lot of wit and can be a prankster. Hank is SMART but he is very loved by those around him and he loves his people hard as well. I really really love the friendship between Hank and Ororo and I want to showcase that in future films.

In the movies: Kelsey Grammar and Nicholas Hoult

So, in the first set of X-men films, Kelsey Grammar shows up in X-men: The Last Stand,  and honestly, he was perfect. I mean, he had everything that I remember Beast being in X-men: Evolution. Nicholas Hoult had a much longer outing as Hank and I liked him mostly, he could get a little annoying but he was a good friend to Charles, loyal and of course had his little romance with Mystique. I think though that Grammer’s look as the blue Beast was much better than Hoult’s because I hate every single one of Hoult’s look as Beast. Just really bad.

Young Hank: Daniel Radcliffe Adult Hank: Oscar Isaac










Younger: I thought about a lot of options for a younger Hank McCoy and I went through a few people but I really like Daniel Radcliffe for the role. For one, I think he could embody everything Beast does. He can even maintain his British accent honestly. But I think he could handle all of his emotional ups and downs and plus, the Beast makeup, whether it’s prosthetic or motion capture, I think he could wear it well. He has very expressive eyes and he would really be able to push past the makeup or the motion capture. Plus, Hank can be very funny, a bit of a prankster and Radcliffe is awkwardly funny and very likable and very endearing and he’d fit right into my group for the younger X-men. I think he’d come off as the “older” one, which is fine, it works for him and this group.

Older: I found Oscar Isaac is the best choice for the role because I looooove him first of all and I think he would kill this role. He is such a chameleon and if they do right by him this time compared to that outing as Apocalypse, he would wear the costume instead of it wearing him. He would be able to handle all of the emotions that Hank goes through with how he looks and then if they do the thing with his love. Plus, the really smart demeanor he has, while also freaking out and being animalistic, Oscar Isaac can do all that. He’d be so great at it. Man!

Honorable Mentions (Young): Alden Ehrenreich, Stephen James

Honorable Mentions (Older): Joel Egerton, Jason Clarke

Bobby Drake/Iceman


Since I’m showcasing the original group of X-men first, it’s important to show that Bobby was considered the “class clown” often making jokes and clearly the youngest of the group. The others may not appreciate him often but he would become really close to Hank, due to Hank and him connecting through pranks. At first when Bobby is turning to Iceman, he had a snow like exterior, but with the help of Cyclops he learned to increase the temperature and turn to the icy form we all know. It would be nice to see him be the most reckless with his powers, meaning he not knowing how to control it and having to learn from the others because he’s probably struggling a bit more with his powers. They always show Jean struggling which is fine but let’s have someone else who doesn’t quite have a handle on their powers either.

In the movies: Shawn Ashmore is the only version of Bobby we see in the films and he’s fine. I mean his character grows as the movies continue but not by that much, at least not that’s interesting. He’s mostly known as being Rogue’s boyfriend lol. He does some cool things, like when he finally turns fully Iceman in The Last Stand while fighting Pyro but that’s about it lol. Shawn Ashmore was fine in the role, he’s likable and cute and the boy next door and I guess that’s all that’s needed.

Young Bobby: Brandon Flynn Adult Bobby: Matt Bomer

69th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2017








Younger: Brandon Flynn is from 13 Reasons Why and he was fantastic in that, particularly in the first season and I think he’d be great for this role. I know that in recent times, Bobby has been confirmed part of the LGBT community and Brandon is as well, so it would be nice to have that reflected in Bobby’s character in the films. But outside of that, he has a great smile, so he would be able to enchant anyone, because as soon as he smiled in 13RW I was like O.O. Plus he seems to have a lighthearted energy while also coming off innocent in ways which I think works really well for Bobby. He’d have great chemistry with my pick for Hank as they should become really close friends in the group and Bobby would be able to have someone he could lean on.

Older: MATT BOMER needs to be put into everything because he’s gorgeous, talented and he’s great! That is all.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Dacre Montgomery, Charlie Rowe, Dylan Minnette, Tye Sheridan

Honorable Mentions (Older): Don’t have any, put your cast in the comments!

Warren Worthington III/Angel


Warren Worthington has a very interesting and sad life to be honest. His feathered wings began to grow from his shoulder blades while at school. At first, he thinks he’s a freak but when he learns he can fly and help people he does, particularly during a fire in his dorm. He gets recruited by Charles later. He does come off as a wealthy playboy and very outspoken, and hates being told what to do, which makes him the cause of tension in the group, particularly with Scott who is the leader, and who is also different from Warren in personality. Apparently, he also is in love with Jean for a long time. Then of course there’s a lot of stuff that happens when he dies, or when his wings get stolen and he gets the metal wings… I mean he has a lot to pull from. But I would like to see a younger Warren with this whole personality of being a playboy and then all the emotional stuff.

In the movies: Ben Foster and Ben Hardy. Honestly, both choices were good choices for the role. I think Ben Foster’s characterization was probably a bit closer to what’s known about Warren’s character but he was so underwritten and underused that it was painful. He was so good. His character was so sympathetic and emotional that his first scene as a kid, was emotional, I might have teared up a little and then his next scene as an adult was also really great. As for Ben Hardy, his Warren was a bit random in his introduction, I still want to know what he was doing in that cage fight. Was he kidnapped like Kurt? I still want to know lol. But he was extremely underused and underwritten and then he dies lol. I mean really?

Young Warren: Austin Butler Adult Warren: Dan Stevens











Younger: Austin Butler is great! Karina brought him up and I was like “Omg yes!” He’s one of the actors I will put in everything! lol but Austin has this ability to be both earnest and lovable but smug and a little douchey at the same time. He has that look and I think he would be able to walk that line for Warren. Plus, he has gorgeous blonde locks, especially if he grows it out long again. Plus, I can see right now, him going back and forth with Graham Phillips as Scott because, I think he’s taller, a little cooler and he would wear that on his sleeve. I also think he could pull off a very emotional, heart on his sleeve personality and Austin is good at that. His eyes are very expressive.

Older: Dan Stevens is about 36 right now and I know he’s on that show Legion, as a mutant, which is fine, but I don’t think those shows count in the MCU but he has that pompous look that Warren has being a rich kid, but he also has an earnestness too. Just like Austin, he can walk that fine line of what Warren needs to be and it could come off either way. I think Dan Stevens also is pretty funny and I can imagine him and Armie Hammer going back and forth too.

Honorable Mentions (Young): I don’t have any, if you do, put them in the comments!

Honorable Mentions (Older): Alex Pettyfer, Freddie Stroma, 

So, the people I have chosen for the original X-men team, I think are strong contenders in both the young and older casting.

New Recruits

Ororo Munroe/Storm

3ecbbe87f8064f96bee4863ae3abeefdFirst of all, Ororo is awesome and has an awesome backstory. She comes from a tribe of women, African priestesses, who all have white hair, blue eyes and can potentially wield magic. Her parents were killed when a plane crashed into their home, she was buried under rubble which caused claustrophobia. She was found by a gang of street urchins who took her to theOir master and she was trained in the art of thievery. She was really good at it and one day tried to pick Charles Xavier’s pockets but it didn’t go so well lol. He used his abilities to stop her. There is also a ton of other things that happen which is dope but it’s a lot to share, but she ends up joining the X-men years later when Charles had no choice but contact her when his original group was in danger. He explained to her that she was a mutant, not a Goddess, though she’ll always be a GODDESS lol.

In the movies: Halle Berry and Alexandria Shipp

I didn’t like either one of these casting choices. I don’t find Halle Berry that consistently good of an actress and Storm has always been one of my favorite superheroes/X-men and I will never forgive her, Brian Singer or the writing team in those earlier movies. She was a little better in The Last Stand but that movie was so not good lol I can’t even think of her being good. She didn’t have any of the regality or strength that Ororo has and I’m sure it was a mixture of everyone not knowing how to write her character. Besides, she was always a background character which is also ridiculous. Alexandria Shipp already had us worried because of her portrayal of Aaliyah which also has to do with writing, direction and acting. Also, it sucks that neither of these actresses could handle the African accent, they tried but then Halle Berry stopped having one going forward and Alexandria Shipp was okay but she hardly talked. I mean, either way, she was just there. I also hated the fact they wanted Mystique to be such an inspiration to Storm… for why? Stupid. UGH! UGH! *sighs* let me bring it back.

Young Ororo: Kiki Layne                   Adult Ororo: Sonequa Martin-Green










Younger: I haven’t seen If Beale Street Could Talk yet to comment on Kiki Layne’s acting ability but I think her look is perfect for Ororo. I mean, obviously it would be nice if they found an African actress, but I’m pulling from who I am aware of. She is tall and statuesque, with beautiful brown skin and I think she could at least handle all of the strength that comes from Storm, especially when it comes to using her powers, which IS MORE THAN HARNESSING LIGHTNING. I want to see her fly, I want to see her affect the weather, I want to see her lose her temper where she affects the weather but then learns she needs to leave the atmosphere to do it. I want all of it.

Older: I’ve had Sonequa Martin-Green as Storm for so long lol. I’ve been sitting on her casting for a while, I think I started this piece like earlier this year or last year lol. She’s not that much older than Kiki Layne but she has a more mature look to her, so while Kiki can pull off the younger Ororo, Sonequa could do a Storm whose been hereoing it up for some years. So, I want all that I said for young Storm, just in adult Storm lol.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Deborah Ayorinde

Honorable Mentions (Older): Aja Naomi King, Tika Sumpter

Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler


There is a TON about his backstory but I’m not going to go into it because it’s sooo much. Kurt has always been my favorite X-men so I’ve liked both iterations of him we’ve seen. Now, I think an interesting thing that they haven’t done is show that he has fur. His skin isn’t blue, his body is coated in blue fur which I’ve always thought was cute, especially since Wolverine calls him “fuzzball” and what not lol. Kurt has tragedy in his background. Of course, there’s the whole thing with Mystique being his mother, so I definitely want them to talk about that. It should be a thing instead of this vague nonsense they kept doing. He ended up in the circus and during shows, the ringmaster who did not like him, kept him heavily sedated the entire time. I also believe he was a bit abusive. That helped shape Kurt into the religious man he turned into. Let’s get into all of that.

In the movies: Alan Cummings and Kodi Smit-McPhee who played Kurt in X-men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix and he was literally my favorite casting of the newer movies. Kurt is my favorite X-men and it always sucks that they bring him into the movie and he’s underused! In both movies he was underused! I hate the fact that he just randomly shows up during the cage fight and I want to know HOW THEY CAUGHT HIM because he was just there and his final fight with Angel was so lackluster, which should have been great considering how they set it up. He had a bit more to do in Dark Phoenix but not that much. But HE IS SO GOOD as Kurt, so likable and sweet and I think it would be crazy to not keep him. He’s the only actor I would really keep from those characters. They should just give him so much more to work with. They don’t have to keep the markings on his face, which is such a big part of the Fox version of Nightcrawler but it’s not necessary. As for Alan Cumming, he was fantastic for the first outing of the character. His first scene is literally the best scene in the X-men movies, fight me.

Young Kurt: Kofi Smit-McPhee or Timothee Chalamet Adult Kurt: Matthew Goode

Younger: Kodi Smit-McPhee played Kurt in X-men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix and he was literally my favorite casting of the newer movies. I really liked Kodi Smit-McPhee as Kurt. I thought he did a great job with the character, with his naivety, but his fierceness, his humor and he just embodied for me, what I’ve always loved about the character. Plus, he looked really good in the makeup for the character. I could also see his Kurt growing up into the Kurt we saw in X2. It flowed well enough for me. I liked that he was kind, because Kurt is and always has been but I also like when his survival instincts kicked in and he fought. I thought Kodi did a really good job, probably made me love Kurt even more.

Timothee Chalamet has been my other choice for Kurt if Kodi wasn’t brought back in. I really want to see him do something against type. Something he hasn’t done yet and I think this would be a great role to try out for him. I think all of the emotional stakes that Kurt has to go through he would absolutely KILL it, but I would also like to see him bring his goofy personality that I see in interviews and what not, to Kurt’s goofy personality. He seems to do well with languages, I’m not sure about accents but I’m sure he could do a German accent and I think he’d look good in the blue look for Kurt. I don’t like the idea of Kurt being full CGI because I don’t think it’s necessary, they just need to make sure whatever design they give him, works and isn’t painful. I would love to see him play in an action movie BUT Kurt is also a tragic, sensitive and emotional figure that it’s right up Timothee’s alley. Omg, I can see him doing this right now.

Older: I’ve seen Matthew Goode in a couple of things and he’s a really good actor. I chose him really because his physicality and I think he would look great! But he also has this mysterious look to him that could go either way. I think he could do a good job.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Honorable Mentions (Older): Robert Sheehan, Rami Malek, Gaspard Ulliel

Anna Marie/Rogue

4440808-6947826028-rogueShe has powers that will take other people’s life-force and their powers if they’re mutants. That is all.

In the movies: Anna Paquin was a hit or miss most of the time. The emotional moments she did well but Rogue was never the sassy and strong vixen she normally is. Of course, a lot of my knowledge is from the animated show (not the 1992 one) where she was in the “goth” phase and very Southern lol. They can do that or just go off of what she’s normally shown like in the picture above. Anyway, lol Paquin was too whiny as Rogue and we never really got to see her use her powers, she was always scared of them or whined about them. Let’s see her fight Carol and steal her powers so she can fly and be strong and stuff! lol

Young Rogue: Sofia Carson Adult Rogue Mary Elizabeth Winstead

"Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals









Younger: I almost went with one of the last two of my honorable mentions but then Sofia Carson popped into my mind. I really like her. She has an interesting voice which I think would work for Rogue. I’m not sure how Southern she sounds, or if she can do a Southern accent but I think she would be able to embody all of Rogue’s feistiness, strength, and sensuality.

Older: Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a great choice for Rogue! I think she would be able to handle her Southern accent and keep that same personality and airs that Rogue has. I know she’s slated to play Huntress in this Birds of Preymovie, but let’s just forget about that and get her to play Rogue, if they go with more seasoned heroes.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Elizabeth Gillies, Hailee Steinfeld, Katherine Langford, Billie Lourd

Honorable Mentions (Older): Lyndsy Fonseca, Candice Patton, Alexandria Daddario, Sophia Bush

Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat


I was always more familiar with her from X-Men: Evolution where she was an upbeat, sunny girl who was pretty much popular and liked by everyone because of her open personality. I really want to see a strong friendship between her and Kurt as that was one of my favorite aspects of the animated show and I know it was also part of the comics as well. Plus, if we do get a Wolverine, I definitely want the friendship we get with Kitty and Logan, along with Logan and Kurt AND Kurt, Kitty and Logan.

In the movies: Ellen Page was fine in her outings as Kitty. I was mostly familiar with X-men: Evolution’s Kitty who was super girly and kind of a valley girl so Ellen Page who wasn’t like that was kind of weird for me lol. But she was fine and likable enough, I just didn’t like the whole Bobby/Kitty thing. I don’t know, we didn’t really get the chance to spend much time with her.

Young Kitty: Sophia Lillis or Millie Bobbie Brown Adult Kitty: Emmy Rossum











Younger: So, I have two choices for a young Kitty. I think Millie Bobbie Brown is an obvious choice but I think she’d do well in the role no matter which kind of personality they decide to give her. I do think she should be a bit more upbeat, like a typical teenager instead of all these sullen, brooding teens lol. MBB seems to have that kind of personality in real life. As for Sophia Lillis, I really like her and I think she would be an interesting choice for Kitty. She would make Kitty a bit more relatable and sassier and I like that about her, besides she’s a little older than MBB. Either choice I think would work out just fine. Besides, I think both of them would be able to have a great rapport with either of my choices for Kurt, as they are older than both SL and MBB, it would hopefully come off more sibling like. Otherwise, I’d age up Kitty’s actress with casting one of my honorable mentions.

Older: Emmy Rossum is an amazing actress and as soon as I saw her photo when I was looking at brunette actresses, I was like BAM that’s Kitty. I think she would maintain that bright personality that Kitty has but also be a bit “harder” because I would think she’s experienced and been through a lot. Plus, I think she would fit into my choices of the older X-men really well and have good besties chemistry with Matthew Goode as Kurt.

Honorable Mentions (Young): Kaitlyn Dever, Maia Mitchell, Natalia Dyer

Honorable Mentions (Older): Put your choices in the comments!

Remy LeBeau/Gambit


He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Remy’s bio-kinetic charging abilities manifested early in his teens, although he kept his powers secret from his family and friends, practicing his powers away from prying eyes. Remy discovered his signature attack when he picked up a playing card that Etienne had dropped, charged it, and threw it in the Pig’s face, taking out his eye. He’s had a lot of adventures, he’s really interesting lol and we need to see more of him, I definitely would like to, especially see his relationship with Rogue. My picks for the older version of Gambit and Rogue would be soooo great together! Plus, he just looks really cool. Let this Channing Tatum nonsense GO!

In the movies: Taylor Kitsch was honestly fine in his role; it was a bad movie and bad writing. I thought he did well and I wouldn’t mind having him back.

Adult Remy: Garrett Hedlund


I thought about doing the young/older for Remy but I couldn’t think of anyone I liked as a young Remy, so I’m just casting an adult one. The younger one might have to be an unknown. If they go with the younger X-men he shouldn’t really show up that soon anyway. But I think Garrett Hedlund would be perfect, he’s tall, handsome, likable and he normally has the hair that Remy sports and he has this charm to him that I think would snare anyone. Now, I don’t particularly know how good his accent would be but I’m sure he’d be fine. I’ve liked him in every role I’ve seen him play for the most part, so Garrett for the win!

Honorable Mentions (Older): Gaspard Ulliel, Dave Franco, Ian Somerhalder, Kevin Zegers, Taylor Kitsch, Jared Padalecki, Daveed Diggs, Jared Leto

Supporting X-men

Caleb McLaughlin as Evan Daniels/Spyke

People have brought him up for Miles Morales and I disagree on that. So, if they bring in Spyke mostly from X-men: Evolution, Caleb should play him. He doesn’t have to quite have this look but still lol.

Lana Condor as Jubilation Lee/ Jubilee

She was so wasted… so bring her back.


Returning Players

These are the characters we’ve seen many times. I didn’t want to quite include them in the detailed bits above but I’ll have everyone here except for Wolverine. I don’t have anyone I really want to see play that role right now.

 Ralph Fiennes as Charles Xavier/Professor X











I actually couldn’t think of anyone else once I saw a picture of Ralph Fiennes. I think he’d be a great mentor to either of my groups of X-men. He has a stern face but he also knows how to soften it when necessary. Plus, I can see him going toe to toe with Jason Isaacs in a battle of wits.

Jason Isaacs as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto

He’d be great and you know it! Both McKellen and Fassy were great as Erik but neither one of them intimidated me. I want a Magneto who would intimidate me even when he’s not on screen. I never quite felt the threat from the other two. They were great but I think Jason Isaacs would really be able to sink his hooks (hehehe). I mean this dude intimidated me as Captain Hook lol. I think he’d look great in the classic Magneto suit and go toe to toe with my Charles.










Charlize Theron as Raven Darkholme/Mystique

I don’t think they should do the scales thing again. It was cool when you first see it with Rebecca Romjin, but they should stick to her comic look. Blue skin, red flowy hair, yellow eyes and then of course clothes lol. She often wears that white outfit; she can wear that as her default but she can literally change clothes at the drop of a hate. Just no scales.









Honorable Mentions: Lena Heady, Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale

So, these are my choices for how the MCU should cast their X-men. I didn’t of course go into sooo much detail about other characters, nor did I cast everyone, or even people we meet along the way, like Colossus and Banshee etc. I think this first group I’ve chosen would be a good group to start out with because then we get to see people get development we haven’t seen like Scott, Warren, and Bobby. Hank and Jean has gotten it in the past, but I’m hoping for a different kind of development lol. I’d also hope that the additional characters like Ororo, Kurt, Rogue and Kitty would be put to much better use.

But that’s it! This took a long time to put together and I want to thank Karina for helping me when I was stuck!

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts on my Fan Casting for the MCU’s X-men and leave your casting choices in the comments!

Thanks for reading.


Spoiler Talk: X-men: Apocalypse

Read the spoiler free review here. If you don’t to be spoiled for X-men: Apocalypse then skip right on over.
I won’t always do this type of thing for my review but there were a lot of things I wished happened in this movie or some more problems with the movie, or some questions that I didn’t want to spoil for anyone else but I needed to talk about it!!
There will also be spoilers here so you have been warned again.
  • Angel and Nightcrawler’s fight
    • In the introduction scene of Angel and Nightcrawler, Angel is in a cage match, he just knocked out the Blob and a trunk is wheeled in. Jumper cables are attached to the trunk and Kurt is thrown out into the cage. Angel tries to fight him but Kurt mostly tries to escape, he eventually fights because Angel tells him they would be killed if not. Kurt ends up teleporting Angel into the electrified cage walls, burning feathers from his wings. He is obviously hurt and angry and advances, Kurt apologizes profusely but the fight ends and they both escape.
      • They have another altercation towards the end of the film but it’s so short that I wish it was longer. Angel actively goes after Kurt, I mean revenge of course, but the fight wasn’t really a fight and it ended too quickly. Considering the irony between the two (The Angel and the Devil-as Kurt is sometimes called) it could have been something more… brutal.
  • Storm was grossly underused. I have strong feelings about Storm’s treatment in the other films, I have never been a fan of Halle Berry’s version of her, I don’t completely blame her for it, as it’s the director and writers’ faults as well but Berry doesn’t have the presence to even overpower her bad writing. Having seen Alexandra Shipp in other films where both films were bad and she wasn’t good in either, I didn’t have much faith in her and to my surprise, I kind of think she might have been able to do a good job. From what we did see of her, she obviously has leader tendencies (living on the streets and being the oldest in a group of young kids) which sets up her future and is in search of a purpose (why she admired Mystique I still don’t really understand). I think that was all a good foundation (movie-verse anyway) but it was never fully realized. She is the first Horseman chosen by Apocalypse and her powers are enhanced by him but we never really get to see what that is. When we first see her, she makes some wind, and during the last fight, she shoots some lightening and flies, that’s about it. Storm can do quite a bit, I know she’s young but since he “enhanced” her, where was her awesome magnitude of power? Storm is powerful.
    • Also, she naturally has white hair. I rolled my eyes when it turned her hair white, my sister even said “Oh so that’s how she gets white hair” and I just shook my head.
    • Ororo is from Kenya, her mother was a princess, so I want to know how she got to Egypt and what happened to her parents to make her be stealing from the streets and caring for other kids.
  • Angel was underused. I know these movies don’t necessarily follow the comics but Angel is one of the original X-men and I didn’t mind his “origins” in this film but man was he a throw away character. His actual story is really sad, and he’s the only character who actually was a Horseman but it makes more sense in the comics then it does here why he goes along with it. After Kurt ruins his wings, he struggles to fly away after chaos breaks out in the fight club and later when he’s approached by Apocalypse and is given, through a painful transformation, metal wings. So dope though. After he speaks in this scene, he doesn’t speak again. Cut to him getting his cool looking armor, which is “kind of” pulled from the comic books with a few tweaks, and he’s just one of Apocalype’s baddies. When the X-men come to save Charles from becoming the new Apocalypse, Angel and Nightcrawler fight (should have been brutal honestly), he goes after them when they try to escape in their jet but ends up “dying” when it crashes. He has a sort of healing factor so maybe he’s not dead dead but man… really? He’s an original X-men and he dies?? I hope he shows up again later.
    • Also, why exactly did he join them? Sure, the dude gave him metal wings so he can fly again but is that all? There really was no reason.
    • His origins are also unknown here, how did he end up cage fighting? Warren is from a rich family, so perhaps he was kidnapped and forced to fight like Kurt? But he just liked doing it more? Also, if that’s the case, why didn’t he try going home after he escaped the cage? Is it because his wing was damaged and he couldn’t fly? So many questions!
  • En Sabah Nur/Apocalyspe’s powers. I kind of touched on this in my review but what exactly can he do? He’s considered to be the “first” mutant and while he transfers himself into different vessels in order to be immortal, he’s able to absorbs that vessel’s powers but what exactly are those? We see him do a few things, some he does only once such as using a shield, creating his Horsemen’s armor/costumes or killing people with sand but others we see him use throughout: persuasion, teleportation, melting people into walls/grounds, power enhancement and I guess he has some form of telepathy as he’s able to sense Charles speaking with Erik and hijacks the connection. We don’t know how many lives he’s lived exactly before he’s placed into Oscar Isaac’s body (that mutant has a healing factor it seemed like) so we don’t necessarily know how many powers he’s accumulated but for people to even know about him to the magnitude they do, he has to have been around for a long time. So again, what exactly can he do? In the comics, he can change size but he only does it in his mental battle with Charles… I mean that doesn’t add anything to the script but it helps makes him more formidable and intimidating.
    • He also doesn’t do anything physically because I’m sure Oscar Isaac could not move in that costume.
  • The mall scene. I mean, why didn’t we see that?? Oh man, I would have loved to see Kurt, Scott, Julie and Jean in the mall. To see who talked Kurt into buying that Thriller jacket, or if he saw it and wanted it himself. Who paid for it? What about that “brain freeze” tv spot they showed? Did that happen in the actual movie or was that only for the spot? This would have been a great bonding moment for Scott and Jean, to help develop their relationship more. It would have allowed the audience to see more of Jubilee, she wasn’t a major player but to have her there and her not even really be there was lame. This scene would have allowed just more for these younger mutants. Seeing Kurt experience 80’s America would have been hilarious and great.
    • During their mall visit, there should have been at least a few people freaked out by Kurt. I can even imagine someone saying something rude to them, someone refusing to serve them or something. because let’s be real, everyone is not going to be tolerant.
  • Quicksilver/Magneto-Daddy issues. Okay, so we know by now that Peter is Erik’s son. He says it in the trailer, he says it to Mystique so, in the end, when they’re standing outside of his magnetic bubble thingy, we have to listen to Mystique drone about family but Erik looks at Peter and says “And you?” and Peter struggles to say something… he totally should have said something. He should have told him that he was his son, mentioned his mother so Erik would know he’s not lying. It would have given Erik more of an incentive to turn against Apocalypse after witnessing Quicksilver attempt to beat up Apocalypse and pretty much gets his leg snapped. It would have made so much more emotional sense, especially since Erik just witnessed his family again being hurt. It would have been nice to know that he legit has a blood son.
  • Mystique/Nightcrawler-Parental moments. This may not be common knowledge but Mystique is his mother and his father is Azazael (that red guy with the tail from First Class). He gets his color from his mother and his actual looks from his father. I wonder if this will ever be an actual thing in the movies. In X2 when we’re introduced to him, he only speaks to Mystique once. In this one, she actively looks for him (or at least that’s what it seems like) and when he’s thrown out of the trunk into the cage fight with Angel, her expression does make it seem like she has an emotional connection but it could have just been her reacting to the situation. I would like for it to be a thing but who knows.
    • I know one of the barriers could be her age, but technically, she’s about the same age as Charles and Erik and considering she can look like anyone, she could easily make herself look younger. But then that would call into question her relationship with Hank as in the first movie, they both looked young and Hank still looks young here, much younger than Charles and when exactly did she find the time to even have a “moment” with Azazael between First Class and Days of Future Past since he was dead by then.
  • Nightcrawler’s Origins. He’s my favorite and I want more of him. I need to know how he was caught by those people, considering his power and how fast he can move, I need to know what they did. When we see him, he’s thrown from a trunk that has jumper cables attached meaning they’re electrocuting the trunk to keep him from bamf-ing out of it. So, I want to know. He comes from the Munich Circus, it’s mentioned so did they find out his act wasn’t an “act” and kidnapped him? If so, how? If not, was he sold? Also, he has scars carved into his face, he’s a teenager, so he feels like he’s committed sin (considering his speech to Storm in X2) about what? Why didn’t anyone ask him about them? I would think Scott would have asked. Maybe he did but it’s in the Mall Scene we never saw.
  • Apocalypse’s defeat/The Climax. MAN! Okay, so this dude was hyped up so much. I mention the “anti climatic” climax in my review but I can really get into it here. He does NOTHING! He’s trying to put himself into Charles’ body in order to gain his power while his Horsemen fight the young mutants (no they’re not X-men yet, Mystique doesn’t get to make them X-men through a Mockingjay speech). Nightcrawler, after a brief fight with Angel, intervenes and he teleports everyone back onto the jet. Angel and Psylocke attempt to stop them but Jean makes the jet crash (allegedly killing Angel) after Kurt knocks himself unconscious teleporting them all at once. Apocalypse goes after Charles, Quicksilver speed punches against him, Mystique poses as Pyslocke and attempts to attack him but of course he’s smarter than that. He strangles her, Storm witnesses this, Magneto starts to fight back, Beast and Scott join in the fray while Moira and Jean are with the Professor while he mentally fights Apocalypse (we see the fight, this is the only time where Apocalypse grows in size). Apocalypse doesn’t do much but uses a shield to block their attacks to get to Charles, he melts Scott into a wall, just a little bit though, Beast saves Quicksilver and Mystique. Charles unconsciously begs Jean to help him. After him begging her a lot of times, she finally gets her life together and fights back using her phoenix power pretty much disintegrating him. So, with the help of the phoenix power, Magneto attacking with metal beams, Scott’s optic blasts and Storm’s lightening, Apocalypse is ended.
    • I mean, there are cool parts overall with this fight, I loved how it was mostly the young people who stopped him, but it just seemed to go by so quickly. He kept trying to get to Charles and I think, instead of trying to finish the ritual, he should have teleported away, and done more destruction! I mean, he just died to quickly and he’s friggin Apocalypse.
  • Jean’s Phoenix Power. Definitely didn’t bring this up in the review as it’s a major spoiler but… maybe I’m wrong but I thought Jean didn’t know she could access her phoenix power because Charles telepathically blocked them? In this movie, it seems that he understands her fear of her power, and he tells her to let go in order to use it… I mean it was cool don’t get me wrong but does that mean she’ll lose control of it later and then he’ll do the blocks? She becomes the Dark Phoenix due to losing control right? I don’t know, it confused me but it was awesome.
This is just a few more things I wanted to talk about for this movie. I stand by my rating for the movie, I can’t say this movie is as “rewatchable” as the first two, but it definitely leaves a lot of story lines open and a lot of path waiting to be explored. I hope they continue and explore them, especially with this young cast.
Please feel free to comment on this, leave your thoughts, anything I might have missed that you thought of as well. Hope you enjoyed this!

Movie Review: X-men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

I don’t own the trailer.
It’s here, the end of the world is here! X-men: Apocalypse is the third movie in the newest X-men trilogy consisting of X-men: First Class, X-men: Days of Future Past and X-men: Apocalypse and I have to say that I liked it overall but unlike other Marvel movies, I didn’t leave the theater feeling as if the movie was as good as I’ve been hearing from other casual moviegoers. I haven’t read any other reviews but I think the movie was just fine. I’ll talk about why I think that below. Remember, this is my opinion of this film, if you’ve seen it and agree with me, please let me know in the comments, if you disagree, also please feel free to respond in the comments as well.
  • Cast and Characters. Of course James McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Erik Lensher are great as they have been since First Class. Jennifer Lawrence returns as Mystique, Nicholas Hoult as Beast/Hank McCoy and Rose Byrne as Moira McTaggert. We also have lots of new characters as well which I have to say I enjoyed, well for the most part anyway. I’m not going to talk about all of them here but the ones I think were standouts.
    • Michael Fassbender does his thing as Erik, he is trying to live a normal life following the events in the 70s in Days of Future Past but things do not turn out the way he would like and he becomes one of the four horseman. Fassbender plays him with such emotion and vulnerability that it’s easy to feel sorry for him. He is still a young man and still continues to battle between his rage and his sense to protect those he’s known most of his life. It’s always such a struggle and I think Fassbender does that so well.
    • James McAvoy as Charles is wonderful. I adore McAvoy and I think he has such charisma as young Charles that it’s easy to believe in him and his hope for the future of the world together with humans and mutants. He’s also funny which helps keep him a humanized character instead of just being one of the most powerful mutants in the world. Charles also goes through both physical and mental struggles as he deals with watching his old best friend fall in with Apocalypse and his want to cleanse the world of the weak. He battles mentally with Apocalypse due to his mind being strong and the fear, the strength and the hope McAvoy presents in Charles is palpable.
    • Tye Sheridan joins the cast as Scott Summers/Cyclops and I already like the actor from Mud but I think he plays Scott well. I always remember Scott being the leader of the group, strong, smart and loyal. Tye plays Scott with a charm that shows he has the chance to be a great leader once he learns to fully accept his abilities and his natural inclinations. There is also fear and vulnerability in Scott, his abilities are powerful and he has yet to completely control them but as he learns, the confidence is there. Also, he does has some nice chemistry with Sophie Turner.
    • Sophie Turner is Jean Gray and I haven’t seen her in anything (I don’t watch Game of Thrones) and while I believe she had trouble with her American accent, I enjoyed her. She’s soft and cute but she holds herself as someone who is not only afraid of their power, but someone who has yet to fully understand the vastness of what she can do. Jean is probably the one of the most powerful mutants, if not the most powerful and watching her learn how to have the chance to be there is awesome. Sophia maintains a vulnerability as Jean that is sometimes maddening because I know what she can do if she tapped into it and stop being afraid. I do think she should relax her face a bit when she’s speaking because sometimes it looks as if she’s not emoting and it doesn’t come off scared or nervous but… indifferent which I’m sure isn’t the goal.
    • Kodi Smit-Mcphee is my favorite ever: Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner and I’m so happy he was in this movie. I adored him! He’s so tall and lanky that whenever the camera panned to him, or focused on him, I kept looking at how long his neck was (lol). Kurt is awkward and funny, he’s from the circus so he hasn’t ever been to America or experience much in their culture so he’s excited to be able to experience the 80s era in the US. Which, I have to say, his outfit was definitely Michael Jackson “Thriller” era inspired. Whenever he’s afraid, even with that blue makeup on, he is able to express it well, he’s not sure his strength either and I know Nightcrawler can do some amazing things with his Bamf-ing ability. It’s interesting though with him being in this storyline and to think of him X2: X-men United and the connection. I know they “erased” those storylines in a way but still.
    • Evan Peters is great as Peter/Quicksilver. He’s funny, charming and will be a great addition if they continue to make more movies with this younger cast. There is a scene, towards the end, that I won’t spoil where he comes face to face with Magneto and it was great.
    • Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse. First, I think I might be a little biased because I love me some Oscar Isaac and I think he did well with what he had. His makeup and costume seemed very constricting, but he plays creepy and intimidating well. Even though there were like 5 voice bytes layered, his base voice, was silky and alluring which is useful for his role. He really tries to do his thing in this movie and I don’t think he was miscast because I think he could have killed it.
  • The costumes. This is set in the 80s so there is a wide variety of clothing from them to pull from which is hinted at Nightcrawler’s hair and Michael Jackson attire, Jubilee’s yellow jacket and Mystique’s crinkly hairdo. So far, this is the best Magneto costume, it actually looks like armor and a suit instead of fancy robes. Angel’s costume was very “comic book- esque”, as was Psylocke’s. The costumes at the end after the battle is over when the young heroes are in the danger room, were a nice nod to their comic book counterparts and also probably the closest to actual costumes so far. Not just black leather. I mean they’re not perfect, they could look a bit better but the nod was nice and the idea that we could see more comic book style costumes in the future makes me happy. Keep away from the spandex though.
  • Wolverine’s cameo. This is NOT a spoiler. If you’ve seen the trailers then you know he’s in it. There are times where I think they force Logan into the leading roles too much buuut when he’s kicking butt it’s the best thing ever.
  • The opening credits. This is a minor thing but of course I love the X-men theme period. It also goes through time from Apocalypse’s time to the 80s, that little tidbit was pretty nice.
  • The powers. Considering most of the abilities had by mutants are outwards, the way they are portrayed are handled well, at least some of them. Especially with the young ones not fully being able to control their powers. Showing the vastness of Charles’s telepathy, Magneto’s power being fueled by his emotions, Jean’s powers, Scott’s optic beams, Nightcrawler’s teleporting (there’s a scene towards the end where he teleports someone onto a jet and they actually show in a way, where he goes when he teleports!), and Quicksilver’s speed (another great scene).
  • The villain. What? How can he be both in pros and cons? Well… Apocalypse is here because I think his character was built up too much but when he actually came around, it was hardly what it could have been. He’s built up to be this great villain who was considered a God in his time, and while the role of “cult leader” (as Oscar Isaac says) was played nicely because his role is to appeal to the rage, loneliness and despair these people are feeling. He takes them and makes them stronger, making them think he has their best interests in mind, that part of him is fine but the idea of him being this powerful mutant, who could be the end of the world wasn’t big enough, or scary enough. It kind of reminds me of the Age of Ultron and how is “age” was more of a week, same kind of thing. Also, his motivations aren’t entirely clear. Yeah, he was lost in time, it went on without him and now he’s angry but… why exactly? He says stuff like “humans and their machines” and rejects the ideas of using machines, and stuff about people being weak but his motives aren’t made entirely clear. Especially since he manages to persuade four people to follow him.
  • Mystique being a “heroine”. I don’t know if this has to do with me getting tired of Jennifer Lawrence or not, but I don’t like the idea of Mystique being put in the forefront like she is a major player. I don’t mind her growing up with Charles and being like his sister but it’s almost like they keep trying to make her the lead when she’s not. Her character isn’t that interesting to be a leading figure. I get that they wanted to make it seem like she’s a hero as she’s the one who stopped Erik from killing the President in Days of Future Past after Charles encourages her not to the same. I mean, young Ororo looks up to her, the younger people “look up to her”, Kurt is ‘you’re her!’ when he sees her… why exactly? Because she supposedly is “mutant and proud”? If that’s true, then why she is never in her full mutant form? It’s never really explained why they look up to her like that. Is it because they saw her stop Erik? I don’t know if the turnaround of watching her attempt to do the same thing and then her stopping Erik would have that much affect. She’s just Katniss with powers, it’s annoying and I still wouldn’t follow her. I liked her version of Mystique much better in First Class.
    • As a side note, I also have to say that the blue textured body outfit doesn’t look as good on Lawrence as it did on Rebecca Romijn and now I wish they stop using that look and stick with her comic book appearance.
  • Anticlimactic. While trying to not spoil anything, the climax should have been more epic. He’s Apocalypse for goodness sake! There is a mental battle with Charles which was fine but Apocalypse was upset that his plan was ruined. However he doesn’t really do anything about it. It should have been grand, “you screw up my plans everything is going down”. Most of the damage done is by his Horsemen which I think is a cop out. I get that they’re his “followers” or “protectors during the rituals” buuut he has all these powers but we only see him use five or six of them. I kind of wish this movie was split into two, this is one of the few times it should have split.
  • Slow on the start up. By this I mean, it kind of takes a while to get some traction. To an extent that’s okay but when it starts to feel like it’s dragging in places, it doesn’t work. The first half is the part that’s dragging the most, maybe it’s because it’s trying to introduce so much but it takes a while to get moving.
  • Mutant Acceptance. Now, I know Days of Future Past erased a lot of the past movies (X2 will always be the best and forever in the timeline to me), but I can’t imagine humans being accepting of mutants just because of what happened in the 70s. If anything, that should have made it worse and made people freak out about them more. I mean, Kurt is walking around in America without a problem, no one reacts to him. They could have at least shown some people reacting in fear, curiosity, or disgust or something. Even when Scott’s power is first revealed, he’s in school, the student is just like ‘whoa’ instead of thinking about the fact that this dude just shot beams from his eyes. X-men always represented the “minorities” in their treatment as a parallel to real life, no one is that accepting just because someone did something 10 years ago. I mean, the actual mutant students are more afraid of Jean than humans are afraid of mutants as a whole. It just seemed unrealistic to me.
  • No payout. I’m not sure if that’s the best to phrase it but what I mean is, points that happen in the beginning, that may have been started, weren’t concluded, or they happened so fast it was unsatisfying. One of those being Nightcrawler and Angel’s fight and Quicksilver finally meeting Magneto and knowing he’s his father (not a spoiler, it’s in the trailer).
  • Tonal Shifts. There aren’t many. There are bright moments in the movie, a lot of it dealing with the younger kids otherwise the movie is heavy and bleak and not in an effective way.
  • Characters being underutilized. There’s a lot of characters in this movie and some of them aren’t used well. Storm, Angel and Psylocke are all victims of this, it’s unfortunate that Apocalypse’s minions are the ones who are underdeveloped and underused.
    • Storm is the first one recruited and after her introduction, she doesn’t get more talking lines, nor is her power used to it’s full potential. I know she’s young, a teenager but nowhere near close. She does more than conjure lightening and float. Also, why exactly did she choose to join Apocalypse? It’s never actually said.
    • Angel is introduced in a cool scene, he talks once, later has a small scene where he’s recruited and that’s the last time he talks and I think it’s like two or three lines. He’s cool too, his metal wings are awesome but he barely does anything. Plus, why exactly did he join Apocalypse? Because he gave him metal wings? Meh… this could have been played up more considering his introduction is tied with Nightcrawlers (keep an eye out for that spoiler talk for more on this one).
    • Psylocke seems cool (Olivia Munn is fine but she definitely isn’t a strong actress), her motivations are bit more obvious than Storm and Angel’s but still nothing, she probably does the most in the fight at the end but she still does nothing throughout the movie.
Overall, it was interesting to see that after I saw the movie, the entire theater was silent. I see a lot of movies and I have never seen the theater, especially for a superhero movie and I wasn’t surprised to be honest. I don’t think it’s “one of the best superhero movies” or anything like that because it’s the weakest out of this new X-men trilogy, which is funny because that’s kind of referenced in the movie itself. But the movie lacked the same type of gravitas that some of the previous ones had. I mean, it’s not horrible but it doesn’t reach the potential it has, nor the hype surrounding it. It’s Apocalypse but it hardly lives up to that name. The stakes aren’t high enough, they don’t hardly reach the “epicness” it should have. Some characters are underutilized, some are overused and it’s no longer interesting, while some of the powers are handled well and come across as cool, others still look cheesy. Characters who had great chemistry in previous films (Charles and Erik) barely have screen time together and when they do, it’s the same rehashed conversations.
It’s anticlimactic, the villain lacks quite a bit but I don’t blame the actor at all, the younger team members shine a bit in their own right, some more than others (Kurt) but others are background unfortunately (Jubilee). If you’re a casual moviegoer the movie may fall flat, but if you are an X-men comic fan (or a fan in general) it may sate some of your needs. Personally, the movie didn’t do very much for me but it’s worth the watch for the new cast.
Rating: 2.79 out of 5 stars.
Click here for the spoiler talk.