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Spoiler Talk: X-men: Apocalypse (2016)

Read the spoiler free review here. If you don’t to be spoiled for X-men: Apocalypse then skip right on over.
I won’t always do this type of thing for my review but there were a lot of things I wished happened in this movie or some more problems with the movie, or some questions that I didn’t want to spoil for anyone else but I needed to talk about it!!
There will also be spoilers here so you have been warned again.
  • Angel and Nightcrawler’s fight
    • In the introduction scene of Angel and Nightcrawler, Angel is in a cage match, he just knocked out the Blob and a trunk is wheeled in. Jumper cables are attached to the trunk and Kurt is thrown out into the cage. Angel tries to fight him but Kurt mostly tries to escape, he eventually fights because Angel tells him they would be killed if not. Kurt ends up teleporting Angel into the electrified cage walls, burning feathers from his wings. He is obviously hurt and angry and advances, Kurt apologizes profusely but the fight ends and they both escape.
      • They have another altercation towards the end of the film but it’s so short that I wish it was longer. Angel actively goes after Kurt, I mean revenge of course, but the fight wasn’t really a fight and it ended too quickly. Considering the irony between the two (The Angel and the Devil-as Kurt is sometimes called) it could have been something more… brutal.
  • Storm was grossly underused. I have strong feelings about Storm’s treatment in the other films, I have never been a fan of Halle Berry’s version of her, I don’t completely blame her for it, as it’s the director and writers’ faults as well but Berry doesn’t have the presence to even overpower her bad writing. Having seen Alexandra Shipp in other films where both films were bad and she wasn’t good in either, I didn’t have much faith in her and to my surprise, I kind of think she might have been able to do a good job. From what we did see of her, she obviously has leader tendencies (living on the streets and being the oldest in a group of young kids) which sets up her future and is in search of a purpose (why she admired Mystique I still don’t really understand). I think that was all a good foundation (movie-verse anyway) but it was never fully realized. She is the first Horseman chosen by Apocalypse and her powers are enhanced by him but we never really get to see what that is. When we first see her, she makes some wind, and during the last fight, she shoots some lightening and flies, that’s about it. Storm can do quite a bit, I know she’s young but since he “enhanced” her, where was her awesome magnitude of power? Storm is powerful.
    • Also, she naturally has white hair. I rolled my eyes when it turned her hair white, my sister even said “Oh so that’s how she gets white hair” and I just shook my head.
    • Ororo is from Kenya, her mother was a princess, so I want to know how she got to Egypt and what happened to her parents to make her be stealing from the streets and caring for other kids.
  • Angel was underused. I know these movies don’t necessarily follow the comics but Angel is one of the original X-men and I didn’t mind his “origins” in this film but man was he a throw away character. His actual story is really sad, and he’s the only character who actually was a Horseman but it makes more sense in the comics then it does here why he goes along with it. After Kurt ruins his wings, he struggles to fly away after chaos breaks out in the fight club and later when he’s approached by Apocalypse and is given, through a painful transformation, metal wings. So dope though. After he speaks in this scene, he doesn’t speak again. Cut to him getting his cool looking armor, which is “kind of” pulled from the comic books with a few tweaks, and he’s just one of Apocalype’s baddies. When the X-men come to save Charles from becoming the new Apocalypse, Angel and Nightcrawler fight (should have been brutal honestly), he goes after them when they try to escape in their jet but ends up “dying” when it crashes. He has a sort of healing factor so maybe he’s not dead dead but man… really? He’s an original X-men and he dies?? I hope he shows up again later.
    • Also, why exactly did he join them? Sure, the dude gave him metal wings so he can fly again but is that all? There really was no reason.
    • His origins are also unknown here, how did he end up cage fighting? Warren is from a rich family, so perhaps he was kidnapped and forced to fight like Kurt? But he just liked doing it more? Also, if that’s the case, why didn’t he try going home after he escaped the cage? Is it because his wing was damaged and he couldn’t fly? So many questions!
  • En Sabah Nur/Apocalyspe’s powers. I kind of touched on this in my review but what exactly can he do? He’s considered to be the “first” mutant and while he transfers himself into different vessels in order to be immortal, he’s able to absorbs that vessel’s powers but what exactly are those? We see him do a few things, some he does only once such as using a shield, creating his Horsemen’s armor/costumes or killing people with sand but others we see him use throughout: persuasion, teleportation, melting people into walls/grounds, power enhancement and I guess he has some form of telepathy as he’s able to sense Charles speaking with Erik and hijacks the connection. We don’t know how many lives he’s lived exactly before he’s placed into Oscar Isaac’s body (that mutant has a healing factor it seemed like) so we don’t necessarily know how many powers he’s accumulated but for people to even know about him to the magnitude they do, he has to have been around for a long time. So again, what exactly can he do? In the comics, he can change size but he only does it in his mental battle with Charles… I mean that doesn’t add anything to the script but it helps makes him more formidable and intimidating.
    • He also doesn’t do anything physically because I’m sure Oscar Isaac could not move in that costume.
  • The mall scene. I mean, why didn’t we see that?? Oh man, I would have loved to see Kurt, Scott, Julie and Jean in the mall. To see who talked Kurt into buying that Thriller jacket, or if he saw it and wanted it himself. Who paid for it? What about that “brain freeze” tv spot they showed? Did that happen in the actual movie or was that only for the spot? This would have been a great bonding moment for Scott and Jean, to help develop their relationship more. It would have allowed the audience to see more of Jubilee, she wasn’t a major player but to have her there and her not even really be there was lame. This scene would have allowed just more for these younger mutants. Seeing Kurt experience 80’s America would have been hilarious and great.
    • During their mall visit, there should have been at least a few people freaked out by Kurt. I can even imagine someone saying something rude to them, someone refusing to serve them or something. because let’s be real, everyone is not going to be tolerant.
  • Quicksilver/Magneto-Daddy issues. Okay, so we know by now that Peter is Erik’s son. He says it in the trailer, he says it to Mystique so, in the end, when they’re standing outside of his magnetic bubble thingy, we have to listen to Mystique drone about family but Erik looks at Peter and says “And you?” and Peter struggles to say something… he totally should have said something. He should have told him that he was his son, mentioned his mother so Erik would know he’s not lying. It would have given Erik more of an incentive to turn against Apocalypse after witnessing Quicksilver attempt to beat up Apocalypse and pretty much gets his leg snapped. It would have made so much more emotional sense, especially since Erik just witnessed his family again being hurt. It would have been nice to know that he legit has a blood son.
  • Mystique/Nightcrawler-Parental moments. This may not be common knowledge but Mystique is his mother and his father is Azazael (that red guy with the tail from First Class). He gets his color from his mother and his actual looks from his father. I wonder if this will ever be an actual thing in the movies. In X2 when we’re introduced to him, he only speaks to Mystique once. In this one, she actively looks for him (or at least that’s what it seems like) and when he’s thrown out of the trunk into the cage fight with Angel, her expression does make it seem like she has an emotional connection but it could have just been her reacting to the situation. I would like for it to be a thing but who knows.
    • I know one of the barriers could be her age, but technically, she’s about the same age as Charles and Erik and considering she can look like anyone, she could easily make herself look younger. But then that would call into question her relationship with Hank as in the first movie, they both looked young and Hank still looks young here, much younger than Charles and when exactly did she find the time to even have a “moment” with Azazael between First Class and Days of Future Past since he was dead by then.
  • Nightcrawler’s Origins. He’s my favorite and I want more of him. I need to know how he was caught by those people, considering his power and how fast he can move, I need to know what they did. When we see him, he’s thrown from a trunk that has jumper cables attached meaning they’re electrocuting the trunk to keep him from bamf-ing out of it. So, I want to know. He comes from the Munich Circus, it’s mentioned so did they find out his act wasn’t an “act” and kidnapped him? If so, how? If not, was he sold? Also, he has scars carved into his face, he’s a teenager, so he feels like he’s committed sin (considering his speech to Storm in X2) about what? Why didn’t anyone ask him about them? I would think Scott would have asked. Maybe he did but it’s in the Mall Scene we never saw.
  • Apocalypse’s defeat/The Climax. MAN! Okay, so this dude was hyped up so much. I mention the “anti climatic” climax in my review but I can really get into it here. He does NOTHING! He’s trying to put himself into Charles’ body in order to gain his power while his Horsemen fight the young mutants (no they’re not X-men yet, Mystique doesn’t get to make them X-men through a Mockingjay speech). Nightcrawler, after a brief fight with Angel, intervenes and he teleports everyone back onto the jet. Angel and Psylocke attempt to stop them but Jean makes the jet crash (allegedly killing Angel) after Kurt knocks himself unconscious teleporting them all at once. Apocalypse goes after Charles, Quicksilver speed punches against him, Mystique poses as Pyslocke and attempts to attack him but of course he’s smarter than that. He strangles her, Storm witnesses this, Magneto starts to fight back, Beast and Scott join in the fray while Moira and Jean are with the Professor while he mentally fights Apocalypse (we see the fight, this is the only time where Apocalypse grows in size). Apocalypse doesn’t do much but uses a shield to block their attacks to get to Charles, he melts Scott into a wall, just a little bit though, Beast saves Quicksilver and Mystique. Charles unconsciously begs Jean to help him. After him begging her a lot of times, she finally gets her life together and fights back using her phoenix power pretty much disintegrating him. So, with the help of the phoenix power, Magneto attacking with metal beams, Scott’s optic blasts and Storm’s lightening, Apocalypse is ended.
    • I mean, there are cool parts overall with this fight, I loved how it was mostly the young people who stopped him, but it just seemed to go by so quickly. He kept trying to get to Charles and I think, instead of trying to finish the ritual, he should have teleported away, and done more destruction! I mean, he just died to quickly and he’s friggin Apocalypse.
  • Jean’s Phoenix Power. Definitely didn’t bring this up in the review as it’s a major spoiler but… maybe I’m wrong but I thought Jean didn’t know she could access her phoenix power because Charles telepathically blocked them? In this movie, it seems that he understands her fear of her power, and he tells her to let go in order to use it… I mean it was cool don’t get me wrong but does that mean she’ll lose control of it later and then he’ll do the blocks? She becomes the Dark Phoenix due to losing control right? I don’t know, it confused me but it was awesome.
This is just a few more things I wanted to talk about for this movie. I stand by my rating for the movie, I can’t say this movie is as “rewatchable” as the first two, but it definitely leaves a lot of story lines open and a lot of path waiting to be explored. I hope they continue and explore them, especially with this young cast.
Please feel free to comment on this, leave your thoughts, anything I might have missed that you thought of as well. Hope you enjoyed this!

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