How to Prepare for “Captain America: Civil War”


Okay so I work at the public library and this month, my coworker Erica and I signed up to do a display for May. What comes out in May?? Oh yeah, X-men: Apocalypse comes out on the 27th and I’m definitely can’t wait to see it… But the real movie I’ve been anticipating ever since Marvel Studios announced it is *drumroll* Civil War! Not the actual one but Captain America: Civil War, lol sorry that joke was lame (not sorry).
As you can see in the photo above we are super excited for it. We’re promoting it along with Marvel graphic novels. What do you think of our display?
When I read the “Civil War” comic book, it was so intense, so horrifying, and so devastating that I had such a hard time putting it down. Normally when you get graphic novels you can read them separately, and I mean each chapter is a separate comic, but I read Civil War in one big booklet so I didn’t have to read them as separate chapters. It was so good that I was so excited for this movie that I know my friend are sick of me talking about it. There is the pro- registration side (Iron Man) and the anti-registration side (Captain America).
In the comic a group of superhero (teenagers) wannabes end up causing a lot of people including themselves to be killed in an explosion. One of the mothers of the teenagers blames the Avengers for influencing children, so the government decides to have a registration where all the heroes need to turn themselves in, reveal their secret identities, go through a military based training and be grouply placed in cities to be used when needed. This causes a rift in the hero world. It’s on a much bigger scale in the comics, The Fantastic Four is involved and they split up for the war, people die, Tony Stark includes villains on his side, he creates a robot Thor and it’s just madness. The storyline really evaluates humanity. It really digs into Steve and Tony’s mindsets and how man can be in situations where they think they are right. It’s so good.
Anyway, I didn’t want to go into so much detail because if you should just read the comic book and/or wait for the movie that comes on May 6, 2016 (whoooo!) but just as a head’s up, the movies you should watch before watching Civil War are as follows:
  • Iron Man (mainly to be introduced to Tony Stark and Iron Man)
  • Iron Man 2 (Just because it helps get more of a glimpse into Tony’s ego, as well as officially introducing War Machine and Black Widow)
  • Captain America: The First Avenger (Really important, it builds up so much for the sequel)
  • The Avengers (First time Steve and Tony meet and shows their obvious tension, as well as their great teamwork. It’s also great so everyone should watch it lol, also officially introduces Hawkeye)
  • Iron Man 3 (Another look into Tony’s psyche, and it’s part of the Iron Man movies, so you should just watch it but if you’ve seen them already, you don’t have to watch the Iron Man movies again unless you’re forgetful).
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (The Best MCU movie for me so far, haven’t seen Civil War so can’t say. It introduces us to the Winter Soldier, Falcon and it helps us understand why Steve is so hellbent on saving his best friend. It’s also so good it needs to be watched, but watch The First Avenger first)
  • The Avengers: Age of Ultron (Introduces Scarlet Witch, The Vision and it shows more growth between Steve and Tony but in the opposite directions. They may have managed to get a mutual respect in the past but that pretty much goes out the window here, at least enough, but they still work together because they have to.)
  • Ant-Man (Introduces Ant-Man and is a great heist movie, it’s fun and bring some much needed humor into Civil War).
So watch these to prepare, if you have already then you’re all set! Whooo!
Countdown: Two Days!

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