Top 10s: TV Characters I Dislike (2016)

This is a Top 10 list of characters on TV that I just do (did) not like. I may not have started off disliking them but I ended up hating them, or I just always hated them. If you agree or even disagree, please leave your likes and comments below. I would love to hear from you.
CharlotteH20 Just Add Water
Oh my goodness… I hate this girl. I do not understand why she was even added. To add some competition to Cleo with Lewis? So dumb because she is so unlikeable. She shows up, already starts to flirting with him when he obviously still has feelings for Cleo and she knows it, she can see it. There was an episode where Emma tries to call Lewis, while he’s on the beach with Charlotte because they need his help, and she turns his phone off because Emma was using Cleo’s phone. I mean… who gave you the right to touch his phone? You’re not even dating him. I guess they’re dating now, and she’s all insecure about him hanging out with Cleo, she’s his best friend, they were best friends before they started dating. GAH! THEN! Lewis was going to help Cleo study for biology but Charlotte decides to intervene to make sure Lewis doesn’t help Cleo at all, she gives her all of this study work to make sure she doesn’t get any free time, so Lewis doesn’t talk to her at all. THEN! It was a full moon, and since they’re dangerous to the girls, he goes with them on a camping trip, I understand that Charlotte was a bit put out because they were supposed to hang out that night, but chick, you’ve been forcing your way into everything he does anyway, you’ll be fine if he does something with his friends without you butting it. But she throws a fit and ends up going with them. She also invites herself as Lewis’ date to an awards event he was attending… I mean what? Makes no sense. THEN! She somehow becomes his girlfriend and he just… agrees to it. He didn’t even ask her, she just somehow became his girlfriend and there was no fight from him. I don’t even think he likes her, he and Cleo obviously belong together but they’re both being idiots. Not to mention, Cleo just lets Charlotte say ridiculous stuff to her, and gives her dirty looks! JUST SAY SOMETHING!!! ARGH! I hate her!
While I was watching, all I wanted was for Cleo to go all Hybrid on her tail and punch her in the face! I WANT TO PUNCH HER IN THE FACE AND SLAP ALL THAT RED HAIR DYE OUT OF HER HAIR! *releases breath* This is an issue. I’m sure I’m not the only person who hates this character. I’m not even going to continue talking about what happened later.
Elena GilbertThe Vampire Diaries
I have not read the books yet but I kind of plan too. I didn’t start off disliking her, I actually liked her relationship with Stefan. I am NOT a Delena fan and that will never change because it’s gross, toxic and there is no real substance or chemistry there at all. Anyways, she became such a victim, such a Mary Sue because literally everyone was doing everything they could to save her. ALWAYS. My favorite character Bonnie made so many sacrifices for Elena, she lost her magic many times, she lost her mother to vampirism, she’s lost her boyfriend, who mind you, was also Elena’s younger brother, many times. She also manipulates people around her into making them feel bad to help her even if they don’t want too, because ya know, people have a choice. I don’t particularly care how she is with Damon, I think they’re worse together, I already know Damon is a horrible person, but when they’re together, they’re even worse. It always seems she’s declaring her love for him, calling him her “epic love” but she was with Stefan first (his brother) who she said was her “true love”, that doesn’t make sense. Epics usually end in tragedy. She calls people because she needs them. She’ll make stupid emotionally charged decisions that puts people in danger and she has the nerve to cry about it. Girl… shut up. I was so glad she was gone this past season, though they couldn’t let her be gone. They just had to make sure Damon couldn’t live his life without thinking about what Elena would think of him. Dude you are your own man, you are not married to this girl… get a life, grow up and be with the woman who makes you face your problems instead of making you feel bad about them and think about how to make it better for her instead of making it better for you.
Ezra FitzPretty Little Liars
Okay, listen, probably in the minority here but I cannot stand Ezra. Sure, he’s cute I guess, but it never sat well with me that he met this girl in a bar, who looks really young already (I mean I know Lucy Hale is significantly older than Aria when they were teenagers but she looks like a child), and he actually believes she’s in college. Then when we find out he’s her English teacher, they try to let it go for a while but then it’s a head dive right in there. You’re her teacher man! You are dating a minor man! I don’t care if it’s true love, you could at least wait till she turned 18! She starts off at 16 years old. It makes no sense to me, I cannot get my head around it. I’m one episode behind in the new season but they’ve been together for so long that I just ignore them. You’re an adult, why can’t you be the adult and tell this little girl that WE CANNOT BE TOGETHER! IT’S WRONG ON DIFFERENT LEVELS! Later, he just came off creepy to me, his little creepy looks, that whole thing about him having a attraction/obsession with Allison (who looks younger than Aria… I mean come on man), him writing a book about it. He is my least favorite guy on the show. He wanted to give up everything for her but she hadn’t even graduated yet. He had the nerve to try and get custody of his son who he didn’t even know, like dude you don’t even know the kid yet. I just… ugh! Everything he does, annoys me. Don’t even breathe man.
Okay, so let me be clear. There is no changing my mind on this one. I was pretty indifferent to Cas in the beginning. It was just like, hey there’s this new guy, he’s pretty cool I guess… but after season 5 when Lucifer made him explode, he should have stayed dead, I mean at least he got in a really cool line before it eh? “Hey! Assbutt!” or when he was basically the villain of season 7 and his death scene was great, it gave him his dignity back and that would have been good enough. However, I think a lot of my dislike for him came from the fans of him and of Destiel. Not all of them are horrible but I have come into contact with some horrible horrible fans of this pairing and character and it really put me off of him. You can’t force me to see what you see when I don’t. I don’t see a romantic possibility for Dean and Castiel at all, in my mind it goes completely against Dean’s character. You can’t make me love a useless character. Stop it. I’m not even going to mention that stupid trench coat scene… okay I’m going to mention it. Cas was gone for a long time and Dean brings him to the trunk of a STOLEN CAR and inside the trunk is Cas’s friggin trench coat, neatly folded and tied up with a bow. I mean… WHAT? WHY IN THE IMPALA’S NAME WOULD DEAN DO SUCH A THING!? IT’S NOT EVEN HIS CAR! I also don’t really care for the actor. That’s all I’m going to say otherwise this could get long and I don’t wanna.
Lana LangSmallville
I won’t say I despise her, that’s too strong but I did not like her. She was boring also a weak actress. The only time I actually liked her was when she was possessed by Isabelle the witch, turned into a vampire or the episode where she has to leave Clark for real because she was wearing a kryptonite suit that somehow seeped into her skin enough where if he was close to her he was affected. Sad scene but otherwise, I didn’t care about her, or any of her story lines. Her whole relationship with Lex Luthor was dumb… I didn’t understand why everyone was so enamored with her, she was pretty sure, but so boring and bland. She was always whining, always saying people were lying to her and keeping secrets but Lana was the secret master. She led Clark on FOREVER. She always said she was alone but I swear, everyone was in love with her. Chloe Sullivan was much cooler, albeit she could be annoying but much cooler.
I haven’t even finished the show so I can’t say too much but if there’s anyone in this show I absolutely despise it’s this guy and his stupid glinting glasses! The last episode I saw, I need to catch back up, is when he reanimated a lot of dead bodies, one of them being my favorite character’s father (Neji’s dad) and all I could think about was the DISRESPECT!! SUCH A DISRESPECTFUL MOVE! DISHONOR! DISHONOR ON YOU! DISHONOR ON YOUR COW!
Thea QueenArrow
This has lessened at the end of the third season but Thea is so annoying. She complains about everything. First, she is trying to be all rebellious by doing drugs etc, gets attitudes with her mom and is just being an all around brat. It’s annoying. It’s not funny, it’s not endearing and the whole set up to make her all cool and give her redemption doesn’t work for me. Yeah, she becomes part of the Arrow team which in a way, helped me to hate her less, but I still am not a fan. One of the things that annoyed me the most is that she kept complaining that people weren’t telling her the full truth and I’m like, but you keep doing stupid stuff, they don’t have to tell you anything, especially considering you are such a brat. She was upset because Oliver didn’t tell her that Malcolm was her birth father and I kept yelling at the screen for Oliver to just tell her that he literally just found out himself. It wasn’t like he was keeping this secret for years, it’d probably been a week at the most. So SHUT UP! DANG!
Jenny HumphreyGossip Girl
I actually paid her no attention when the show first started. She was just another Humphrey but it wasn’t until that she started trying to be Blair that she started getting on my nerves. Of course teenagers try to find their “group” while in school but dude, you can’t try and plot against these people when they’ve been doing it since they were in the womb. When she tried to actually take on Blair,  I remember going girl, you are going to lose and it will be brutal. It was and it was glorious. Not to mention, I hated the relationship between her and Nate, for one, Chace Crawford was in his 20s and Taylor Momsen was a teenager, I knew this and it just weirded me out. I think this is also why it didn’t continue because he was uncomfortable with it. She had the nerve to even try to manipulate other people due to her “feelings” for Nate, girl you are 14 and he is 18, shut up. What was up with her style later? I mean, I see that’s Taylor’s actual style now but… I’m personally not a fan.
Dan HumphreyGossip Girl
So irrelevant and so obvious that he’s actually Gossip Girl. That wasn’t even a mystery. He acted like he was so much better than the others because they were horrible people (which they were) but dude, you are so terrible. You literally tried to make people feel bad for their wealthy lifestyle and their choices but you were trying so hard to be apart of it while spewing pretentious nonsense. What was that whole thing with him having a threesome with his actual girlfriend and his best friend who liked him too?? That was so cringeworthy and gross. I actually didn’t mind him dating Blair because he was tolerable with her but ya know. Whatever. I also did like his friendship with Nate, and I can’t remember exactly but I feel like he did something uber shady that turned even Nate off, and Nate was the most loyal out of everyone. I mean, you turn Nate against you, you are screwed. I feel like it had something to do with that book he wrote.
The whole Humphrey family I didn’t like, their dad was annoying too.
Jo MastersonTwisted
Ugh I can’t even. She’s another one I didn’t start off disliking but ended up hating her as the show progressed. As I said before on this show, I liked the show a lot, the premise was interesting and in the beginning the characters were cool. First of all, the show was marketed to be about these three teenagers who were best friends as kids, one of them allegedly is a murderer and now he’s trying to get his life back. I mean, that’s kind of cool, not the mention the dark aspect of it, the mystery, the diverse leading cast. Lacey Porter easily being the most interesting, Danny Desai being mysterious and Jo Masterson being the girl next door which was interesting but then everything started to shift. The once amazing chemistry between Lacey and Danny got kicked in the knees and suddenly Danny is “into” Jo. Now, Jo is getting all of these romantic storylines (seriously there’s like three guys supposedly in love with her for some reason), she’s so upset at Danny and Lacey for having the audacity to be romantically involved without telling her, she is upset with Lacey for not being her friend anymore as a preteen and teenager and almost refuses to even acknowledge her attempts now… Plus she gets to be emotional about everything, she gets to rest her head on her mother’s shoulders when she’s sad, she gets to play the victim, she gets to be on screen ALL OF THE TIME, she makes everyone around her feel guilty, she whines (the actress was fine), and we’re supposed to be on her side?? I don’t know how the writers missed this one. This is one of the few times where I wish the writers listen to the vocal fans because fans were upset and voiced it. It wasn’t right what they were doing to the other two PoC characters on the show who were also leads in favor of the blonde blue eyed girl. It wasn’t fair and it didn’t help that her character became so insufferable that I pretty much hate watched the show.
I mean, I could go on and on and I soo want too but for the sake of not making this long I won’t.
Dishonorable Mentions:
Aria MontgomeryPretty Little Liars
Emily WalthamFriends
Killian JonesOnce Upon A Time
Grant WardAgents of Shield
Kim SetorriH20: Just Add Water
Axl JohnsonThe Almighty Johnsons
Rebecca SutterHow To Get Away With Murder
Prue Halliwell/Phoebe Halliwell Charmed
Bonus Characters From My Best Friend:
Mariana FosterThe Fosters
Callie FosterThe Fosters
Mayor WestFamily Guy
RogerAmerican Dad
Henry MillsOnce Upon A Time
Nathan ScottOne Tree Hill
Barbara GordonGotham
Skye (Daisy Johnson)Agents of Shield
Princess MorbucksPowerpuff Girls
EveryoneSpongebob Squarepants
Michaela PrattHow To Get Away with Murder
Nick Miller New Girl
Who are YOUR most hated television characters? Please respond in the comments below.


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  2. Oh, tell me about it for Charlotte. The thing that really made me hate her was that after she became a mermaid, she ended up with -all- the powers because she’s “special” or “the chosen one” or something. “She’s the 4th mermaid foretold by the prophecy!” And she was a bloody prodigy when she got the powers, too. No learning required. She’s almost like this oc character that splits apart a canon pairing so they can get with the character and changes the rules of the universe.


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