Book List: Black Voices in YA Fiction

With everything going on, I thought it would be nice to share some fiction books written by black authors about black characters. Obviously, we have a history of writing novels that are “urban fiction” or deal with our traumatic history, but I wanted to share novels that deal with other topics, like mental health, or LGBT, or identity or even nerd culture. I think it’s important that black people realize there are different books out there. This post is going to specifically be for young readers but that does not mean that adults can’t read these. I’m 28 and I prefer YA lol. These are also not in any order.

I’m going to continue adding books to this list and I have a few other lists that I’ll share. But I wanted to get this posted since I was supposed to have it done earlier this week. Please like, share and comment on this post, especially if you’ve read these books. I will definitely try to post reviews of the ones I’ve read (or listened to since I’ve been doing audiobooks lately).

I was going to provide summaries but it was getting on my nerves so I didn’t. If you’re interested in the book, you gotta look into it lol.

I also write YA books. I have a few short stories posted on this blog, so shameless plug, check out my short story (working title) The Heart Speaks in Whispers.

Sharon M. Draper

The Hazelwood High Trilogy

Another Trilogy- I’ve only read the first two. I discovered the third one a few years ago.

The Battle of Jericho is my favorite Sharon M. Draper book!

Also by Sharon M. Draper: Copper Sun, Romiette & Julio, Double Dutch

Jason Reynolds

Also by Jason Reynolds: The Boy in the Black Suit, For Everyone, When I Was the Greatest

Dana L. Davis

Tiffany Sly was so good I’ve read it twice. I haven’t read “The Voice In My Head” yet. If Dana reads it like she did Tiffany Sly, I will get to it faster.

Claire Kann

Renee Watson

Also by Renee Watson: Piecing Me Together, Black Enough

Kekla Magoon

Nic Stone

Kwame Alexander

Walter Dean Myers

Angie Thomas

Sharon G. Flake

Tiffany D. Jackson

Nicola Yoon

I’ve read both of these. I prefer The Sun Is Also a Star. Deals with interracial dating

Lamar Giles

Angela Johnson

Christopher Paul Curtis

Ibi Zoboi

Brandy Colbert

Elizabeth Acevedo

More Authors:

Jacqueline Woodson

Ni-Ni Simone

Eric Sewell

Mildred Taylor

Bluford High Series

Urban Underground

Stephanie Perry Moore

Kimani Tru

Kelli London

Denim Diaries by Darrien Lee

Links of more lists

I will add more to this list. I will also post a few other lists that deal with diverse characters. Keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to share this list and like and comment for more of this content!


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